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Call chatter presentation hospitality


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Lead Generation on Steroids for Independent Hotels

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Call chatter presentation hospitality

  1. 1. The Opportunity and TheSolution!
  2. 2. What Do You Expect From YourWebsite?All of your current marketing spend is designedto drive traffic to your website!Print AdsRadio AdsTelevision AdsWeb Ads - PPCName on a Town Car/Van ShuttleAds in Travel Publications
  3. 3. Leads, Appointments & Sales• Over 80% of all sales are lost over the phone• 84% of all prospects are browsing onother hotel websites and third-partytravel sites.The importance of every visitor to yourwebsite and your property is magnified!
  4. 4. What Do You Expect From YourWebsite?Conversions?The Challenge is that a prospect is not justgoing to give up their information to youbecause you have a website!
  5. 5. In order to change the result, you needto change the method:FACT:You would never leave your front desk or phonesunattended, would you?FACT:Everyday, You Leave Your WebsiteUnstaffed!
  6. 6. Conversions occur when you deliver theright message to the right person at theright time.
  7. 7. .Solution:• Create a funnel of unparalleled quality, first-party leads.• Engage in a proactive sales approach withyour existing website visitors.• Capture the 98% of your visitors who aresimply “shopping.”• Decrease your cost per reservation.
  8. 8. What Does Success Look Like?We Deliver:• Managed Live Chats (your website)• Proactive Transient Sales• Bookings for your property• First Party Leads• Detailed Chat Transcripts• Over 50 Years of Combined Senior Level HotelLeadership
  9. 9. Tip the Scales in Your Favor!How Does It Work?
  10. 10. How Does it Work?• We Provide You with all the tools necessary to startin less than 72 Hours.• You will receive the HTML Code to place on yourwebsite to activate the Live Chat icons.• We will help you create rate codes and links toprovide our team with accurate availability anddaily rates.• We create customized messages that are central tothe success of your hotel.• We start making reservations for the missing 98%!
  11. 11. Why Does It Work?Our Keys to Success:• Understanding of Urgency• Identifying Specific Needs• Overcoming Objections• Developing a RelationshipWe tip the scales in favor of conversions by buildingrapport with each prospect and then turning the leadinto a reservation or to Sales to close a group deal.
  12. 12. Why Does It Work?
  13. 13. Why Does It Work?
  14. 14. Why Does It Work?
  15. 15. Why Does It Work?
  16. 16. Why Does It Work?
  17. 17. Getting Started!• 72 Hour Implementation Plan• Designing The Customer Experience• Understanding the System• Team Training
  18. 18. Benefits of Conversion Logix:• Created and managed 3 hotel call centers• Created and managed Live Chat center• Trained and managed hundreds ofsales/reservations professionals• Understand how to engage and create first partyleads via many different sources• 50+ years of on-site Senior level sales andmanagement experience.• The partnership that can revolutionize theindustry
  19. 19. We are a culture of disciplinedpeople having disciplinedthoughts and taking disciplinedaction.
  20. 20. Creating Solutions that willredefine an industry beginningwith you!