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Reseller Success Program Lr


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Reseller Success Program Lr

  1. 1. Unlock your profit potential with support from the Draper Group! Reseller Success Program
  2. 2. Why Sell Projection Screens? What’s Your Screen Attachment Ratio? If your ratio of screen sales to projector unit sales isn’t in the 60% to 70% range you are missing a huge opportunity. It’s worth your time to calculate your ratio. Our Reseller Success Program is designed to help you increase your sales and improve your ratio and make you more money! Your Profit Center will Benefit! Projection Screens are an accessory item. Few customers “shop” for the lowest screen price. This means your potential for profit is extremely high (25% to 30%). Making it con- venient to add a screen to their purchase is key to adding these sales and with Draper’s Screen Attach- ment Tool we have made it simple! Why Draper? Satisfied Customers are Repeat Customers! Many of Draper is a family owned, U.S. based manufactur- your customers don’t realize they need a screen to ing company that has been in business since 1902. go with their projector. Many times they use a wall We’re known for ethical business practices, product instead of a screen. They lose more than half the innovation and excellent service. Draper is the 2nd brightness and contrast doing this. Helping them largest manufacturer of projection screens in the choose a screen gives them a better end result, world with manufacturing facilities in North Amer- making them a better satisfied customer. ica, Europe and Asia. Put our global approach to business and our more than a century of experience to work for you. Innovation. With more patents listed in the last ten years than all our major competitors combined, we lead the way in innovation. We continue to invest a tremendous amount of resources into research and development, looking for new technologies that integrate seamlessly with today’s most advanced presentation environments. Multi-brand Approach. The Draper brand is rec- ognized worldwide for quality and innovation. Recently, we introduced a line of AV products called AccuScreens® as an entry level product line for price sensitive markets and applications. Comprehensive Product Solutions. With over 6,000 SKUs, we have the solution to fill your customer’s Our comprehensive needs. At the same time, we realize that such a broad product offering can be overwhelming for Reseller Success Program you and your customer. You can get started with as enables you to provide your few as 14 SKUs and as your customers’ needs grow customers the expert product and you can expand your product line. We are here to installation advice that helps help you every step of the way. your bottom line!
  3. 3. Reseller Success Program Features Draper supports your sales efforts by providing a variety of programs and incentives that enhance your ability to make the sale and increase your bottom line. If you need additional help, don’t hesitate to contact us. We want you to have what you need to succeed! Program Growth Features Program Support Features Market Development Funds (MDF). Discretionary Distribution. Draper has established relationships with marketing assistance funds are available for many of the largest channel distributors that include approved activities. readily available EDI feeds and product inventory. If you use a distributor with whom we don’t currently Instant Rebates for promoting and selling a wide va- have a relationship, we will consider establishing one. riety of Draper and AccuScreen® products (offered Currently we have relationships with: Tech Data, to Authorized Resellers only). International Computer Graphics (ICG), Ingram Micro, Petra and DBL. Volume Incentive Rebates (VIR) - growth based re- bate programs for qualifying partners. Certified Technology Specialists (CTS). Our en- Sales Support Tools. We supply you with many sup- tire sales team, including port tools like images suitable for your web site or Product Managers, Re- printed materials, brochures and other printed me- gional Sales Managers, dia and use of our exclusive Screen Attachment Tool and Inside Sales Experts for your web site. are CTS certified. Where-To-Buy. We can include you in the “Where- Toll Free Hotline. Reseller To-Buy” area of our web site where we have over Partners will have access 100,000 visitors per month. to our CTS team via our toll free hotline dedicated Pay-per-Click Advertising. We use pay-per-click to serving you Monday advertising to help drive business to our site, where thru Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST. you can be listed as Where-to-Buy! Live Chat. Have a technical question? Chat one on Bundling Programs. We’ll help you identify the one with an AV expert who can quickly provide the right product and the right pricing incentive to put right solution, answer questions or supply you with together a bundle with a screen or mount (or both) needed resources. to make your bundling promotion a success. Product and Technology Training. As a partner we are available to train your staff at your facility or at our state of the art facilities in Spiceland, Indiana. Catalog and Website Support. Our experienced team can help you flag specific products and de- velop a plan to position projection screens and re- lated products on your website. To become a Draper Reseller visit Dealer: Hi-Fidelity, Lubbock, TX Photography © Graham Hobart, Dallas, TX
  4. 4. Need more information? Are you an IT Online Reseller and have Questions? Call: Scott Cash, CTS 765-987-7999 ext: 355 Fax: 866-637-5612 Are you a Retail or Consumer Online Reseller and have questions? Call: Bob Hadsell, ISF, CTS 765-987-7999 ext: 428 Draper is a member of the U.S. Green Fax: 866-637-5612 Building Council (USGBC), the nation’s foremost coalition of leaders from every Have questions about Distribution? Call: sector of the building industry working to promote buildings that are environmen- Eric Swim, CTS tally responsible, profitable and healthy places to live and work. USGBC has 765-987-7999 ext: 298 Fax: 866-637-5612 more than 6,400 member organizations and a network of more than 80 regional What is CTS? Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) – infoComm’s chapters united to advance its mission certification for audiovisual professionals who have demonstrat- of transforming the building industry to ed knowledge and comprehension of the science and technol- sustainability. ogy used in communications including audio, video, display and The U.S. Green Building Council’s core systems. By demonstrating they know how things work, a CTS is able purpose is to transform the way build- to apply these fundamentals to new technologies and applications ings and communities are designed, as they develop. Certified individuals adhere to a Code of Ethics built and operated, enabling an envi- and maintain their status through continued education. Certifica- ronmentally and socially responsible, tion demonstrates commitment to professional growth in the audio- healthy, and prosperous approach that visual industry. improves the quality of life. Visit: for more information or call 1-800-238-7999. 411 S. Pearl St., Spiceland, IN 47385 USA  765-987-7999  fax 765-987-7142 Copyright © 2007 Draper, Inc. Form Reseller07