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Created by Jeff Hilimire (@jeffhilimire), Chief Digital Officer at Engauge. Delivered at the eM9 Conference in Atlanta on 10/28/09. Focusing on the "Why" and the "What", practical uses, and "Do's" and "Don'ts". For more go to

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  • @HallmarkPR - The Hallmark Channel movie The National Tree has environmentalist propaganda sprinkled throughout - it was irritating & disgusting!

    For decades, my earliest memory was in the 1970's, the Hallmark Hall of Fame movies have been a part of my family's traditions. We enjoyed the stories that were about holiday cheer, romance & fun.

    This push of environmentalism steps over the line for myself and my family as consumers. We don't need Hallmark pressing the Obama presidency's policies or propaganda about climate change.

    The subtle references were sickening. People who are educated about our climate, the scientific method and how this scam has been thrust upon us through fear & intimidation, won't buy it for a second.

    It's the uneducated and the sound-bite-citizen who will buy into this garbage.

    I won't be watching another Hallmark show or the Hallmark Channel. Additionally, there are other card shops which can satisfy my card buying needs. Papyrus comes to mind.

    We may not be able to put a halt to this 'unprecedented' spending spree presidency, but we can speak through our consumer dollars to businesses that decide to endorse irresponsible policies that hurt, not just Americans, but humankind the world over.

    I hope you will consider businesses that are supporting, through subtle and subliminal messages this president's irresponsible actions and make your consumer voices heard by looking for alternatives to your spending dollars.
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Twitter: Beyond 140 Characters

  1. 1. Beyond 140 characters
  3. 3. Don’t BE this guy use #eMATLANTA 3
  4. 4. Jeff Hilimire @jeffhilimire Chief Digital Officer Engauge
  5. 5. ...huh? 5
  6. 6. Clients 6
  7. 7. TWITTER The why and the what
  8. 8. Small experiment It worked! Tweet @KevinSpacey with something like, “Give us a shout-out at the #ematlanta conference!”
  9. 9. Average age of social networkers... MySpace: 26 Facebook: 33 LinkedIn: 39 Twitter: 31 9
  10. 10. “It ain’t over till “No one goes to it’s over.” the ballparks anymore because they’re too crowded.” “It’s deja vu -- Yogi Berra all over again.” “Twitter’s not going “When you to last because “90% of the there’s too much come to a fork game is half NOISE.” in the road, mental.” -- most marketers take it.” 10
  11. 11. 11
  12. 12. actual “users”
  13. 13. One out of five internet users use Twitter or some other service to share updates about themselves.
  14. 14. What I’m thinking right now. 16% 16% Why Fletch is the best movie ever 5% Can’t believe my daughter is crawling already Digital marketing...stuff Falcons blew that game to the Cowboys 26% 37% What’s for dinner? @jeffhilimire My Facebook persona persona 15
  15. 15. We all have A.D.D. It’s time to embrace it. 16
  16. 16. Today, it’s all about snacking Twitter is the Snack King 17
  17. 17. Is Twitter really a Social Network?
  18. 18. Twitter is... ... a Broadcast medium ... a way to express yourself ... a way to share & consume information ... a new, real-time search engine ... a customer service tool ... a chat room ... a listening & analytics tool ... a traffic driver ... a way to meet new people, make new connections ... what you make of it
  19. 19. Practical uses 20
  20. 20. 21
  21. 21. Doubled sales since using Twitter
  22. 22. IBM is making a TV remote w/ Twitter built in
  23. 23. Twitter saved us from this 25
  24. 24. 26
  25. 25. Do’s and Don’ts 27
  26. 26. DON’T pretend its not happening... 28
  27. 27. Introducing Social Search 29
  28. 28. At the very least, DO listen 30
  29. 29. DON’T be this guy UT... ME TB EJU ST W W IK NO 31
  30. 30. DO participate in the conversation
  31. 31. No means no, Collective Soul!
  32. 32. DO: TEST 35
  33. 33. DON’T half a$$ it 36
  34. 34. Questions? @jeffhilimire