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Glf Zero Landfill2


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Great Lakes Filters\' Zero Landfill Filtration Material Brochure.

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Glf Zero Landfill2

  1. 1. Zero LandfillCradle-to-CradleIndustrial RecyclingSolutions
  2. 2. We’re SolvingManufacturing’sToughestRecycling Issues.
  3. 3. NeuBond Filtration Material NeuBond is a customizable filtration medium that can function in nearly any industrial environment or application. It not only meets or exceeds all OEM quality and specification standards, it also allows the spent media to be recycled 100%. We utilize a patented process to extract the contami- nates from spent filtration materials and end up with desirable products from all of these waste streams.Zero Landfill | Filter RecyclingGreat Lakes Filters is the only company is the United States to designand manufacture a complete line of 100% landfill free and incinerationfree filters for the industrial and manufacturing marketplace. We areeliminating major waste streams and helping our customers achieveCradle-to-Cradle products. Great Lakes Filters will design a customprogram for your facility’s Zero Landfill initiatives. Paint Sludge | Powder Coat Recycling Great Lakes Filters not only recycles filtration materials, but is also recycling our clients paint and powder coat over- spray. These previously un-recyclable waste streams are historically a huge problem, and we take great pride in being able to offer our clients a patented solution. Plastic Resin It’s not a byproduct, but the main product! The primary product of our patented recycling solution is plastic resin. Although not ‘virgin’, it can be used in both injection and compression molding processes following your specifications, and can be utilized for thousands of products including pallets, dunnage, containers, etc.
  4. 4. Great Lakes Filters innovative recycling programs are tailored to our customer’s needs, allowing the product to become Cradle-to-Cradle (CTC), turning a used filter TMRECYCLABLE FILTER MEDIA media into a new reusable product. More importantly, it never sees a landfill. GLF has the capability to recycle our CTC products back into new materials. GLF also has the means to recreate our CTC products into their original form. Great Lakes Filters offers NeuBond Recyclable Filter Media for use in a variety of applications. Materials can be converted into bags, specialty parts and other configurations to meet any specifications or require- ments. Nylon, polypropylene, polyester, rayon, cellulose and other materials are available in 0.3 to 6 ounce weights. Rolls are available in widths from 7/8" to 104", lengths from 10 to 5,000 linear yards. Media is also available in sheets or die cut shapes up to 60". Non-wovens usually offer an economic and versatile alternative to woven fabrics in many applications. Contact us for a material solution for your particular application. Our filtration products: • Liquid Roll Media • HVAC Filters • Supply Air Filters • Paint Filters • Liquid Filter Bags • Filter Cartridges • Filter Elements • Absorbents
  5. 5. Filtration RecyclingGreat Lakes filters and absorbents aremanufactured per our ”Cradle-to- Waste StreamCradle” specification for 100% recyclingcapabilities. When the filter has beenused and needs replacing, Great Lakes’ Recyclingprocess can recycle the filter and thespent material into new reusableproducts. Call us today so we cancustomize a program for you.Paint and Powder CoatSludge Recycling SolutionsDetroit-based Great Lakes Filtersrecycles materials that were previ-ously considered waste at manufac-turing plants into new products,helping manufacturers achieve theirgoal of going landfill free. We arecurrently serving some of thecountry’s largest manufacturers,chemical companies and environ-mental service companies. Elimi-nate waste streams and landfillcosts. Call us today to find out how.“Great Lakes Filtersturns consumablesinto reusable products”
  6. 6. Great Lakes FiltersSince 1951, Great Lakes Filters hasbeen a pioneer in process filtrationinnovation and conversion of technicaltextiles. We are recycling leaders andexperts in providing filters, filterfabrics and filtration solutions for awide variety of industries and applica-tions. As a division of Acme Mills, aconverter of technical textiles since1917, we have access to the largestassortment of fabrics, woven andnon-woven, than any other filtrationcompany. We have the ability to workwith our clients and suppliers tocustomize textiles to meet unique andspecific requirements. Contact ustoday and let us customize a programfor you. P: 800.521.8565 | F: 517.437.8942 550 Hulet Drive • Suite 103 Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302-0322 ISO 9001:2008 Registered