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Fairway Products Cut Sew Brochure


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A Brochure highlighting Fairway Products\' Cut and Sew Capabilities

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Fairway Products Cut Sew Brochure

  1. 1. Cut & Sew Capabilities
  2. 2. Gerber & CAD-Driven Die CuttingUsing our Gerber® Cutting System and its computer numerical controls (CNC),materials can be processed without tooling by loading CAD data, digitizingtemplates or patterns for cutting on cloth, fabrics, knits, foam, mesh, lightscreen, vinyl, paper, light gauge plastic sheet, felts, non-wovens and lami-nates up to 63” wide.This system compliments our extensive Die Cutting capability, by allowing usto develop patterns, prove out sizes and fit/function, and then tool up forhigh volume production, as the program warrants it.Our facility also has “traditional” lay-up and cut tables with knife cuttersused by skilled operators available for prototype, development and smallvolume projects.Slitting & Re-Rolling- Fairways Slitting and Re-Rolling systems can process woven cloth, films, vinyls, paper and non-woven fabric rolls up to 102" wide.- Slitting materials to as narrow as 15 mm on a blade type cutter that slices through the material and a 2” ID paper core to give you a slit roll of goods prepared for your needs.- Supplying slit goods 1” wide or more on individual cores that fit the customer’s needs. The yardage put ups you need for your process.- Other capabilities include re-rolling two materials together to make a two ply or bi-layer finished roll.Sewing & ConversionAt Fairway Products, we are specialists in non-apparel industrial andcommercial sewing, using heavy duty, single, multi-needle and cnc-drivensewing equipment.Our stitching methods include:- Lock stitch - Chain stitch- Overcast stitch - Safety stitch- Programmable sewing - Embroidery- Buttonholes - RF seaming (multiple wheel patterns)If we do not have the equipment to complete your product, we will modify,build or locate what is needed.- We pride ourselves in building efficient work aids, sew fixtures and guide systems to allow repeatable processes in sewing and assembly.- Sewing capabilities and materials processed include Kevlar®, engineered mesh or scrim, leather, heavy duty webbing and tapes, elastics, knits, wovens, canvas, furniture fabrics, automotive and transportation fabrics, Dymetrol®, flexible laminates, vinyl, non-wovens, plastic extrusions, die cut sheet stock and a host of other unique specialty materials.
  3. 3. Prototyping The DifferenceWe are pioneers of inspira- Small, Agile, Nimble, Smart.tion expansion. We thrive We realize not everyone needsin evaluating, developing manufacturing in the millions. Weand manufacturing yourproduct or idea. like to keep things simple. Make it here in the US and save yourself aFairway Products can guide our million headaches including quality,client’s through the entire business importing, communications, andcycle – taking our inventor’s ideas “scale” issues.from a vision to reality. We can takeyour product from cut-and-sewthrough light assembly, sourcingadditional parts, and packaging. ourteam can create just about idea,design or product.
  4. 4. Fairway Products, a division of Acme Group, has been proudly serv- ing automotive, marine, furniture, industrial and consumer clients from our Michigan based facility since 1970. As a problem solver and capability company, we produce unique non-apparel products for our customers. We started out manufacturing shop aprons for auto assembly plants, as well as applicators for paste wax, fireplace log totes and filtration bags. That was just the beginning. Fairway Products has grown over the years and today has 2 shifts and over 120 associates producing a wide array of products for an extensive customer base. Fairways modern cut, sew and assemble capabilities, combined with the synergy we have developed with our sister divisions Acme Mills, Great Lakes Filters and Ervins Group, gives us the quality oriented, cost efficient background to manufacture components, sub- assemblies and finished products to the specifications of our cus- tomers. We work with woven fabrics, non-woven, vinyl, leather, foam, laminates, molded plastic, metal stampings and even wood fiber components. We can help you develop your dreams into a prototype and guide your start-up into production - small runs to mass production. Fairway Products is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company. Our 85,000 SF modern manufacturing facility utilizes programmable CAD driven die cutting and Gerber fabric cutting machines, as well as fabric slitting and assembly that includes high speed programmable sewing machines. We also have custom designed equipment that attaches hooks or other fastening devices used on our seat suspen- sions. In addition, we have developed unique assembly fixtures and upholstery aids to produce office furniture products. Please give us a call and we’ll work together. Individuals, start-up firms or established companies -- we can help you succeed!301 Arch Ave. Hillsdale, MI 49242 | T: (517) 437-8940 | F: (517) 437-8942 |