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Comfortspan May2012


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A description of Acme Mills\' ComfortSpan line of products

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Comfortspan May2012

  1. 1. Suspension FabricsSave Weight | Save Time | Save MoneyMay 2012
  2. 2. Acme Group• Acme Group is a collection of companies dedicated to the fabric and textile industry, and serves business-to-business customer needs. Acme Group draws on the engineering, technical experience and capabilities of Acme Mills, Fairway Products and Great Lakes Filters, other members of the collective.
  3. 3. Acme GroupMajor Markets• Automotive • Mass• Aviation Transportation• Furniture • Marine• Military • Theater and Auditorium • Industrial
  4. 4. Imagine a Suspension Fabric That’s been reinvented to suit the needs of a changing market.
  5. 5. Imagine a Suspension Fabric That minimizes or eliminates the use of foam
  6. 6. Imagine a Suspension Fabric That delivers unsurpassed customer comfort and durability
  7. 7. Imagine a Suspension Fabric That offers unparalleled design traits, and adaptability
  8. 8. Imagine a Suspension Fabric That offers incredible product space savings
  9. 9. Imagine a Suspension Fabric That meets or exceeds all industry seating standards
  10. 10. That Product… is ComfortSpan
  11. 11. Product LineSpecifications• A fabric suspension system developed in the USA by Dupont® and the Acme Mills Company• And an ergonomic, economic suspension system for all types of furniture applications
  12. 12. ProductSpecifications• The filling yarn is a Dupont Hytrel co-extruded monofilament yarn• The warp is a polyester spun yarn• Thermally bonded at each intersection Weft Warp
  13. 13. EngineeringCharacteristics• Uni-directional flexibility• Wear Resistant• Durable• Long Service Life• Can be fire retarded
  14. 14. Product Benefits• Comfortable for • Reduces the amount long periods of foam• Conforms to the body • Easy to prototype• Weight and • Simpler product space savings design• Durable • Easy to use• Creep resistant • Minimal tooling costs• No squeak or rattle issues
  15. 15. Dynaflex GreenSuspension System MBDC – Silver CertificateGeneral Description of Certification Levels: BASIC – All chemicals in product identified down to 100ppm level (0.01%) – No PVC, chloroprene, or related chemical at any concentration – All materials and chemicals assessed for toxicity to human and environmental health – Strategy developed to optimize all remaining problematic chemicals – All materials defined as technical nutrients to be recycled or biological nutrients to be composted
  16. 16. Dynaflex GreenSuspension System MBDC – Silver CertificateGeneral Description of Certification Levels: SILVER – All requirements met at BASIC level – Halogenated hydrocarbon content <100ppm – Toxic heavy metal content (Pb, Hg, Cd, Cr+6)< 100ppm – Material Reutilization score >=50 – Quantify the energy required for manufacturing (final assembly) – Characterize energy sources and develop strategy for including renewable energy – Adopt company wide water stewardship principles or guidelines
  17. 17. Data Effect of Cycling Load Vs. Deflection CS 125 9 8 Deflection (cm) 7 0 Cycles 150,000 Cycles 6 300,000 Cycles 5 4 3 22.7 68.1 113.5 Load (kg)
  18. 18. Data Creep: CS 125 Dynaflex® 8 7.5 7Deflection (cm) 6.5 6 5.5 113.5 kg Load 5 4.5 4 3.5 3 0 100 200 300 Cycles (x1000)
  19. 19. What’sOur CompanyDirection?
  20. 20. The Elimination offoam from furniture.
  21. 21. Design Concepts Seating concept utilizing Dymetrol seating surfacesFoam and springs have been completely eliminated from the seat design
  22. 22. Design Concepts• A PU-Coated Dymetrol chair won a “Intelligent Material and Design” in Interzum’s Material and Surfaces category
  23. 23. Suspension FabricsSave Weight | Save Time | Save MoneyJames Colman - CEONeil Gross - PresidentAcme Mills