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Student prototype power point_jeffersonhartman

  1. 1. Hydrogen Fuel Cells Student Prototype .
  2. 2. Project Description After completing the WISE 4.0 Hydrogen Fuel Cell project students will create a PowerPoint presentation highlighting the hydrogen/oxygen reaction and hydrogen fuel cell. They must include several components: 1. Explain the reactants and products of the hydrogen/ oxygen reaction with both picture and words. 2. Provide an animation or picture of a Hydrogen Fuel with important parts labeled. 3.Explain the chemistry behind the hydrogen fuel cell. This must include the reactants and the products. 4.Compare and contrast the hydrogen/oxygen combustion and the hydrogen/oxygen reaction in a hydrogen fuel cell. Use at least one graphic organizer. 5.Compare and contrast hydrogen fuel cell chemistry to gasoline combustion. 6.Express your opinion on hydrogen fuel cell technology as it compares to gasoline combustion. Give advantages and disadvantages of each. Include at least one graphic organizer. 7.Bibliography
  3. 3. Hydrogen/Oxygen reaction H H O H energy reactants products hydrogen gas + oxygen gas water + energy 2H 2 + O 2 2H 2 O + energy O H H H H H O O
  4. 4. Fuel Cell Animation
  5. 5. chemistry of a hydrogen fuel cell The reactants (oxygen gas and hydrogen gas) and products (water and energy) of a hydrogen fuel cell are exactly the same as the normal oxygen/hydrogen reaction. The way in which the reaction happens is different. Hydrogen gas from the fuel tank enters the catalyst. The catalyst splits the hydrogen gas molecules into protons and electrons. The electrons are utilized as electricity. The protons go through the Proton Exchange Membrane. The oxygen gas from the air goes through the opposite catalyst and it is split into individual oxygen atoms. The electrons, oxygen atoms and protons rejoin to form water. Water and electricity are the products of this reaction. There is no explosive reaction involved with a hydrogen fuel cell.
  6. 6. Compare and Contrast reactants are hydrogen gas and oxygen gas products are energy and water normal oxygen/ hydrogen reaction hydrogen fuel cell specific products Include water, heat, light and sound specific products include water and electricity
  7. 7. Compare and Contrast reactants include oxygen gas and hydrogen gas hydrogen fuel cell gasoline combustion reactants include oxygen gas and gasoline. Oxygen gas is a reactant products include water and energy Energy and water are products. products include water, energy and carbon dioxide unburned fuel acts as pollution
  8. 8. Advantages and Disadvantages
  9. 9. Advantages and Disadvantages Hydrogen as energy source Advantages- efficient, renewable, non harmful byproducts Disadvantages – expensive, infrastructure does not support Fossil Fuels as energy source Advantages – infrastructure in place, easy to transport Disadvantages – harmful byproducts (CO2), nonrenewable, not efficient, oil spills are damaging to environment
  10. 10. Express Opinion I believe hydrogen fuel cell technology is _good/bad_________ because….. I believe hydrogen fuel cell technology is __good/bad________ because…..
  11. 11. Bibliography <ul><li> </li></ul><ul><li> </li></ul>