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Digital story project description types of position vs time graphs


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Digital story project description types of position vs time graphs

  1. 1. Digital Story Project Description #1 Types of Position vs Time Graphs Author Name(s) Jefferson Hartman This is a description of your concept and general plans for your DS project. Take into consideration challenges, problems and available resources that could affect the outcome of your project. Hand in this completed proposal by the end of the day. Story Title (working) Types of Position vs Time Graphs Story Style (creative, documentary, promotional, instructional, etc.) Instructional Target Audience: 8th grade physical science class Approximate Length of Video: 2 minutes Story Goals & Objectives - What does the video aim to teach, portray or illustrate? What effect do you want to have on the audience? Students will draw 6 types of position time graphs. Students will write and narrate a very short story for each graph. Students will connect graph shape to a real life situation. Story Description – Provide a brief description of your video Students create a minimum of six slides, each containing one type position vs time graph. Each graph is accompanied by a very short story from real life (I walked my dog at 1 m/s for 5 minutes) that describes the graph drawn. Settings & Resources – Indicate what resources might be needed. Student must either scan pictures of graphs or draw graphs using a draw program. Any additional info, comments about your project? I encourage students add elements of personal creativity. Your project should totally unique.