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Ingles 6ano-ef9


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Ingles 6ano-ef9

  1. 1. ENGLISH EXERCISES1) Complete with verb to be and match: (is/ am/ are)(a) What’ ____ your name?(b) Where ____ you from?(c) What’____ your last name?(d) How old ___ he?(e) Where ___ she from?(f) How old ___ you?( ) Oliveira( ) She ___ from Italy.( ) I ___ Twelve.( ) Dianna( ) I ____ from Brazil.( ) He ____ fourteen.2) Complete the box:3) Leia com atenção o diálogo abaixo:Kelly- Hi, I’m Kelly!What’s your name?Nick – I am Nick.Kelly- Nice to meet you, Nick.Nick –Nice to meet you too, Kelly.Kelly-Where are you from, Nick?Nick – I am from Florida, USA. And you?Kelly- I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.Nick – How old are you?Kelly-I am fourteen years old. And you?Nick – I am thirteen.Kelly- See you later, Nick.Nick – See you later, Kelly.First name: ________________________________ Last name: ________________________Middle name: _____________________________ Age: ___________Nationality: ______________________________ telephone: ________________________Address: __________________________________________________________________
  2. 2. 4) Complete the dialogue according to the text: (complete o diálogo de acordo com o texto):a) _______________ is your name?b) _______________ Nick.c) Where are ______________?d) I am ___________ Florida, USA. And you?e) _______________ Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.5) Complete a tabela com as informações sobre Nick e Kelly que você viu lá no diálogo.NickKelly6) Answer the questions about you:a) What’s you name? ___________________________________________________b) Where are you from? ___________________________________________________c) How old are you? ___________________________________________________d) Can you speak Japanese? ___________________________________________________e) Is your father a doctor? ___________________________________________________f) When is your English class? ___________________________________________________g) What’s your favorite color? ___________________________________________________h) What do you do on the weekend? ___________________________________________________7) Escreva um parágrafo falando sobre você. Não poderá faltar as seguintes informações:a) nomeb) de onde você é...c) idaded) cor do cabeloe) cor dos olhosf) o que você sabe fazerBrazilian – American – girl – boy – younger – older – Florida – Rio de Janeiro – thirteen – fourteen___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. 3. 8) Enumere a 2ª coluna de acordo com a 1ª:(a) I am a student(b) You are Peter(c) She is a girl(d) He is Bob(e) It is a pen(f) We are teachers(g) They are boys( ) Você é Peter.( ) Isto é uma caneta.( ) Eles são garotos.( ) Ele é Bob.( ) Ela é uma menina.( ) Eu sou um estudante.( ) Nós somos professoras.9) Look at the pictures and practice the dialogs.This este, esta, istothat aquele, aquela, aquilo1. A: What’s this?B: It’s a ruler.2. A: What’s that?B: It’s a bed.3. A: What’s ______?B: It’s a _______.4. A: What’s ______?B: It’s a _______.5. A: What’s ______?B: ___________________6. A: __________________?B: __________________.
  4. 4. 10) Fill in the blanks with this, his, or her.a) This is my brother. His name’s John.b) ______ is my sister. ______ name’s Carol.c) This is my father. _____ name’s Mike.d) ______ is my friend. _______ name’s Mariana.e) ______ is my friend. _______ name’s Bill.11) Look at the pictures and write about the people.1. Her name’s Catthy.She’s from the United States.She’s American.2. _________________________________________________________________________3. _______________________ 4. _______________________________________________ ________________________________________________ _______________________
  5. 5. 12) Fill in the blanks with the correct nationality.a) He’s from China. He’s Chinese.b) We’re from Spain. We’re ___________________.c) I’m from Mexico. I’m ______________________.d) They’re from England. They’re __________________.e) You’re from Australia. You’re ___________________.f) She’s from Argentina. She’s _____________________.13) Match the opposites. Write the answer on the line.(c) 1. boy___ 2. black___ 3. tall___ 4. heavy___ 5. womana. manb. shortc. girld. thine. white14) Fill in the blanks. Use is or are.a. Her book ____________ on the desk.b. The shorts ____________ on the bed.c. Where ______________ my pens?d. My pencil sharpener ____________ on the chair.e. Your cap _____________ under the desk.15) Fill in the blanks. Use a or an.a. My father is ___________ plumber.b. She is __________ electrician.c. Is Maria ____________ teacher?d. My friend is ____________ actor.e. My mother isn’t __________ farmer.f. Is your father ____________ artist?
  6. 6. 16) Complete the text with verb to be:a) are/ are/ is/ is/ are/ amb) am/ are/ are/ is/ are/ isc) are/ are/ are/ is/ are/ amd) are/ are/ is/ is/ am/ am17) Are you good at Math? Choose the correct answers:•25 – 14= _______•36 – 20 = _______•5 + 43 = _______•13 + 14 = _______a) twelve/ twenty- six/ forty- eight/ seventeenb) eleven/ sixteen/ thirty-eight/ twenty-sevenc) eleven/ sixteen/ forty- eight/ twenty-sevend) twenty/ sixty/ forty-eight/ thirty-seven18) Choose the best answer for this question:“Are you American?”a) No, she is not. She is Japanese.b) Yes, you are.c) Yes, I am not.d) No, I am not. I’m Brazilian.19) How old are you?a) I’m Teresa.b) I’m fine, thanks.c) I’m thirty-two.d) I’m from the USA.20) Choose the correct nationalities or countries:a) Japan/ English/ American/ Russia/ Brazilianb) Japan/ American/ English/ Russia/ Brazilianc) Japanese/ England/ the USA/ Russian/ Brazild) Japanese/ English/ England/ Russia/ BrazilianSusan and Peter ___________ brothers. They ______ from Canada.Their mother Jane ______ a nurse. Their father ____________ a doctor at health hospital.They ________ good students at Ibituruna School. I ________Susan’s friend.Akira is Japanese. He is from _____________________.Bárbara is from the USA. She is __________________________.Robert and Tony are from England. They are _____________________.Oscar is Russian. He is from __________________.Janine is from Brazil. She is ____________________.