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SXSW Cultures of Advocacy

Draft SXSW Panel Picker presentation. More coming soon. Panelists from Southwest Airlines, Team One and GSD&M. This panel proposes and explores an idea called Cultures of Advocacy within the context of creative businesses. Please vote and we'll see you in March.

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SXSW Cultures of Advocacy

  1. 1. Cultures of Advocacy: People, Product and Pressing for Change SXSW Panel Picker
  2. 2. Questions to Answer • What is a Culture of Advocacy anyway? • Isn’t this someone else’s job? • What role, if any, can technology play? • How do you measure change when things are changing all the time? • What’s something I can do today that will impact tomorrow?
  3. 3. Panelists • Heather Hvidsten, Southwest Airlines • Jefferson Burruss, GSD&M • Eizabeth Brownsen, TEAM ONE