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WBW Subscriber Study 2013


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WBW Subscriber Study 2013

  1. 1. Who’s Blogging What is an opt-in emailnewsletter for web marketing professionals who needto know how to use the latest tools and opportunitiesto gain a competitive edge.Sent every Thursday to a subscriber base of 20K, itdoesn’t just tell subscribers what happened, but howthey can react efficiently to accomplish their marketingobjectives.Reader comments:“A great source of content that drives marketing change.”“I trust that when I open these emails, Ill learn newinformation that will help me to do my job better. ““Whos Blogging What is on my must read list of emails. Withthe fast changing climate of social media marketing andanalytics, I rely on WBW to keep me informed of the latesttrends and whats working for fellow business owners .““…a way of compiling the important industry news & updateswhile simultaneously eliminating the useless chaff, and makingavailable some great partner product offerings along the waytoo.”Who’s Blogging What 2013 Subscriber Study
  2. 2. WBW readers are planning to investin a number of new marketing resources:In which areas are you likely to invest in new tools over the next year? Social Media Email Marketing Mobile Content Management SEO Analytics Video CRM 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50%Who’s Blogging What 2013 Subscriber Study
  3. 3. 86% are highly involved in purchasing decisionsWhat role do you expect to play in the selection of new business tools? Approve/ Identify/ Authorize Recommend 41% 45% Don’t Know Not 6% Involved 8%Who’s Blogging What 2013 Subscriber Study
  4. 4. Subscribers are in busy management positionsWhat is your current job level? Director 18% Pres/VP/ C-Level 42% Manager 13% Other 27%Who’s Blogging What 2013 Subscriber Study
  5. 5. We can be your marketing partner to help deliver serious, qualified leads for your sales effort. Every Tuesday we send a dedicated sponsored email to our subscribers and it is received with the same eagerness as our Thursday newsletter. Information based approaches such as white papers and eBooks work best. Our subscribers are hungry for information and tools that will give them a competitive advantage. For more information please write to Jeff Ente, .Who’s Blogging What 2013 Subscriber Study