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White paper marketing 3.0


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A clear view about how marketing is going to be in the next years..

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White paper marketing 3.0

  1. 1. Show me what you want Thinking about marketing 3.0 from asmalljob The Event marketing boutique
  2. 2. Thinking paper We live in an authentic Tsunami in Consumer preferences means the way marketing and communication they want to customize the product and/ or The technics and studies we had learn just create the product. The typical process of few years ago are not working and are un- creation by a few “illuminate” is loosing pref- usefull in today´s world. Four P´S has gone erences and the Power to create is a big and all the marketers are looking for a new emerging trend. model that helps them to achieve the objec- tives. A model that helps to continue his Cost to satisfy means the price the cus- brand and his job. The cause of all this is tomer wants to pay in order to satisfy there based in many different mega-trends that needs. It depends on the moment and on had completely change the perception of the time of satisfaction of the product or service. consumer and how you approach is based. Convenience to buy means the emotional In the meantime we all, try to find new tools buying process. Means the customer is look- that i like to call “the 2.0 Golden egg”, tools ing for experience that satisfy the moment of that are like a float in the ocean helping us to purchasing. breath and survive, nothing more... Communication means the new king of all So what is going on? marketing departments. Communication is Well, consumer attitudes and preferences the vehicle that helps companies to inter-act has change. From the typical Four P´S we and create dialogs with there communities. have switch to a consumer preferences Communications today is about how to BE in where they have the power to decide what to the Dialog and not just send a message. I buy, where, and how much they want to pay. found this analog really cleaver. So consumer is in other stage with this new - In the seventies we send VOYAGER to the four big points: deep space with a message about humans. 1.Consumer Preferences If we will do it again probably we will send an iPhone with the Facebook application 2.Cost to satisfy connected and asking for be a friend of us, create a digital profile, upload pictures and 3.Convenience to buy why not play Farm. 4.Communication Wanna know more: email me at
  3. 3. ASMALLJOB THE EVENT MARKETING BOUTIQUE Barcelona, Spain Mallorca, 303 08037 Phone 0034935199826 Check out our Blog! We Accept Briefing as a pet