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Here is an overview for seller of my Ultimate Pre-listing Kit, with information you should know as a seller about hiring the right REALTOR to help sell your home in Carlsbad and nearby, as well as information about me and my real estate business.

If I can answer any questions about the real estate market in Carlsbad or about marketing your home to sell for top dollar and in the shortest time, please let me know.

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Sellers' Ultimate Pre-Listing Kit from Carlsbad REALTOR Jeff Dowler

  1. 1. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTSThis Seller’s Handbook is dedicated to all the clients I have had in the past,who trusted me to help them achieve their real estate goal of selling theirhome and moving to a new one, and to those yet to come.Selling a home is a team effort between homeowners and myself, and inaddition to my own experience of selling 10 homes, I have learned a greatdeal about the emotions, the concerns and the excitement facing every sellerfrom working with a broad range of clients.Each home is unique, as are its owners, and each transaction carries with it ahost of challenges and problems to solve in order to reach the close ofescrow. Working with sellers to overcome these challenges and findappropriate solutions is a big part of being a REALTOR®, one which Ienjoy immensely.The photo on the front page was taken by me at the Batiquitos Lagoon in theAviara area of South Carlsbad, a favorite place of mine to take walks in theCarlsbad area.Jeff Dowler, ABR, CRS, e-PRO, SFR, SRES, REALTORCA DRE Lic. # 01490977SOLUTIONS REAL ESTATE6005 Hidden Valley Road, Suite 280Carlsbad, CA 92011(760) 840-1360 direct/text(501) 621-8494 ~ ~ www.FirstTimeBuyerCentral.comwww.AtHomeInCarlsbad.comCopyright © by Jeff Dowler, Solutions Real Estate - Carlsbad
  2. 2. WELCOME TO MY SELLER’S ULTIMATEPRE-LISTING KIT SUMMARYYou are thinking about selling your home, or perhaps have made thatdecision, and now you have some critical decisions to make. This is aSUMMARY of my Ultimate Pre-Listing Kit.First, you need to hire the right REALTOR to help you understand thecurrent local market conditions, and determine the right listing price so yourhome will be viewed as the best value, and not help sell other homes in thearea.You will also need help with marketing, advertising, and coordinating themyriad details and pieces of paper that are part of a real estate transaction.You need someone who knows the local market trends and conditions, whohas a significant on-line presence, and who will provide you with a writtenmarketing plan.You have to get your home ready for sale, inside and out, and in showingcondition for the first open house, ON THE INTERNET.This summary will answer many questions you may have, and hopefullyconvince you that I am the right person to help you achieve your goal.Once we have a conversation I will be happy to share the complete Pre-Listing Kit with you, on-line or in hard copy if you prefer.I look forward to hearing from you.Copyright © by Jeff Dowler. All rights reserved
  4. 4. SELLERS, WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT TO YOU?Please indicate how important each of the following is to you by putting an X in the appropriate box.Your questions deserve, and will get, answers!Not importantVeryimportant0 1 2 3 4 51. Trust and honesty2. Pricing3. Showing schedule5. Buyer qualifications6. Respect for personal work and family schedule7. Open Houses (public and broker)8. Client/agent communication9. Big name brokerage10. Marketing plan (written)11. Use of technology (business and communication)12. References and testimonials13. Lockboxes and security14. Virtual tours, photos and video15. Internet advertising16. A unique URL for my home for marketing17. Property brochures18. Staging information19. Closing costs and net proceeds22. As quick a sale as possible23. Professional fee for services24. "Payday"25. Salability in todays market26. Property business cards27. Custom Homebook for my homes showings28. Single website for marketing my home29. Willingness to educate me and answer questions30. Knowing the competition and the marketIt will be very helpful to have this completed when we meet!Each persons concerns are different. This will help me understand YOURS!Pre-listing QuestionnaireCopyright by Jeff DowlerAll Rights Reserved
  5. 5. BENEFITS OF PROPER PRICINGHere are a few of the benefits of properly pricing your home to position it for a quick salein your local market.FASTER SALE:When your home sells faster, you save mortgage payments and other ownership costs(You have monthly costs even if you own the house outright!). Every day the house is onthe market is costing you $$$. A quicker sale creates less inconvenience for you. Atmarket value your home will gain exposure to more prospects who can afford the price,not just the one buyer who MAY be willing to pay a higher price.INCREASED SALEPERSON RESPONSE:When salespeople are excited about a home and its price, they make special efforts tocontact all of their buyers and encourage them to act quickly.BETTER RESPONSE FROM ADVERTISING AND SIGN CALLS:Ad calls and sign calls to REALTORS turn into showings when price is not a deterrent.Most serious prospects are well educated about asking prices (and sold prices) in theareas they are seeking. They will not waste their time on a home they consideroverpriced, and similar properties are seen as a better value in their eyes.HIGHER OFFERS ATTRACTED:Buyers fear they might lose out on a good home when it is priced right. They are lesslikely to make "low ball offers." Better pricing can attract multiple offers, too! And youwill probably avoid the “bargain hunters” who will lowball your high-priced home just tosee what price they can get.MORE MONEY TO YOU:If a home is priced correctly, the excitement of the market produces higher sale prices.You net more in actual sale price and reduced carrying costs.The RIGHT price will encourage SERIOUS offers from SERIOUS buyers who know thevalue; a HIGH price will encourage cost-cutting from tire-kickers who want a bargain!Copyright © by Jeff Dowler. All rights reserved
  6. 6. PRICE IT RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNINGYou Will Get the Best Sales Price, Within a Reasonable Time Frame, if you position itcorrectly in the market from the very beginning.The following schematic illustrates what can happen if you price your propertyincorrectly. Too high and you miss the majority of the buyers who are looking for a homein your price range; too low, and you short change yourself.LessTimeA ONE IN A HUNDRED POSSIBILITY:To find the single, unique buyer who’ll paythis price is possible,...but not orlater.A SIGNIFICANT NUMBER OF THE BESTQUALIFIED BUYERS: Price your home inthe suggested market range where a good, fairoffer may be expected in a reasonable time.MoreMoneyA FAST SALE...YOU WILL MISSTOP DOLLAR: Price your propertybelow the market. That will createmore interest, more quickly. Theresult, a faster sale.By pricing your property correctly you are more likely to get top dollar.A property priced too low may preclude the opportunity for getting top dollar.Overpricing your property discourages showings and tends to eliminate the most likelybuyers from viewing the property, especially in the first 2-3 weeks after your home goeson the market and there is the greatest amount of interest.Copyright © by Jeff Dowler. All rights reserved
  7. 7. How Much Will Buyers Pay For a Home Like YoursIt Depends… There Are Many FactorsThe amount buyers are willing to pay for a home like your will depend upon manyfactors.As part of my services, I will provide you with a professional Right Price Analysis toposition your home correctly in the market. It will evaluate recently sold homes that arecomparable as well as homes that are your present competition. This report will indicate amarket range that will allow you the opportunity to sell for top price without pricingyourself out of the market.The following chart illustrates the many factors that can impact what buyers are willingto pay for your home.Cost ReplacementFactorDepreciationMostRecentSalesConsumerConfidenceMortgageMarketStyleChangingTastesSupplyChangingDemandCompetitioninSurroundingAreasInflationCompetitionin Your AreaCopyright © by Jeff Dowler. All rights reserved
  8. 8. MAKE YOUR HOME EASY TO SELL:AVAILABILITYAre you interested in knowing how to make your home easy to sell? Its not that difficult,even in todays market. You just to need to have the right ingredients.The most obvious is MARKET POSITION. If you position it correctly, it will sell. Itmight not be the price YOU want, but the market doesnt listen to sellers, or agents. Andif the price is not right, you might as well stop reading this right now, since the rest wontmake a difference.You know, from everything you have read and heard, that the condition of your home isimportant - no clutter, de-personalized, take care of the repairs, get rid of odors, createcurb appeal, and so on. You cant change the location, so if that is an issue what you CANalter are the things just mentioned, to compensate, and the price.But here is another factor that bears more discussion, especially in a competitive marketwhere there might be 10, 20 or more homes like yours, similarly priced, that are vying forthe attention of buyers (and depending on the price range, that pool might be smallerwith all the mortgage changes going on).How AVAILABLE is your home to buyers?There are 2 components to this issue (1) exposure to the target market, and (2)availability for showings.Exposure is really your my responsibility, to be sure your home is exposed (i.e.,making it available) to the right market and in as many ways as possible. Just having it inthe MLS and putting a sign in the yard limits the availability to the right buyers. But there are a number of things you should do, or not do, to maximize yourhome’s availability to real estates and their buyers. Showing schedules, pets, andyour home’s condition are just a few of the things we’ll discuss to make sureYOUR home is really available.One last thing. You cant control this but IT’S IMPORTANT. If buyers’ agents need tocall the listing agent to tour your home, thats fine, although its even better if it’s notnecessary. But your agent needs to return the call PROMPTLY to give them access.If your agent is not responsive, well, the buyers may move on, because there are otherchoices. I RETURN ALL CALLS PROMPTLY TO MAXIMIZE YOUR HOME’SAVAILABILIT.Make it easy to sell your home, so you can get on with your life.Copyright © by Jeff Dowler. All rights reserved
  9. 9. MAKE YOUR HOME EASY TO SELL:EXPOSURE IN THE MARKETPLACEIn a competitive housing market such as ours, with many homes in your area that are likeyours in price and condition, maximizing exposure to the targeted pool of buyers isneeded so you have the best opportunity to sell your home. A large part of exposure is theresponsibility of your agent. So its important that you pick the right person...someonewho clearly demonstrates to you, in writing, a marketing plan that will provide the mostexposure for your home to todays buyers.However, all the exposure and marketing in the world will not sell your home if it isnot priced correctly. Plastering an over-priced home all over the Internet and in thepapers is only going to make your competition look like a better value...and guess whathome the buyers will purchase. The other home.Here are some things to maximize exposure to agents and buyers: Signage in the yard for drive-bys - Colorful brochures are popular and givenpeople something to look at. Advanced agents like me use cellular technology socallers can text an ID on the sign to obtain the listing information or scan the QRcode to be taken right to a website they can view on their phone while in front ofyour house Broker Open House Public Open House Identify the target buying audience and market to them The Internet - About 90% of buyers are looking on-line for homes and yourhome needs to be there, in lots of places. Internet exposure covers a very broadrange of things - agent websites, brokerage website, single property websites, webcommercials, eflyers, videos, virtual tours, listings on a multitude of real estateportals - Trulia, Zillow, Craigslist, with dozens more available. Appearance – your home must be OPEN HOUSE ready from the beginning. TheFIRST open house is on-line. Print advertising - there is debate about how successful it is, but lots of agentssell homes this way. I will show you a range of print ads that I have used forvarious homes I have sold - magazines, homes magazines, newspapers, flyers,"just listed" postcards, and more. Networking - an agent can do this within their buyer pool and with other agents(locally, regionally, nationally or internationally depending on the listing andwhere the buyer pool is), as well as neighbors, and your friends and associates Reverse Prospecting – an agent should make use of the ability to notify allagents in the MLS whose on-line clients are seeking as home with the samecriteria as yourCopyright © 2008 by Jeff Dowler. All rights reserved
  10. 10. SELLERS: DON’T SABOTAGE YOUR HOME SALESometimes sellers sabotage their home sales.Usually it’s because they are doing things unintentionally that are making it hard, if notimpossible, to sell their home in a reasonable time frame and for top dollar.And sometimes seller do not do the things they ought to do that would facilitate a sale.Here are some examples of how home sales may get sabotaged:PRICING – this is probably the biggest offender. No matter how nice the home looks, and nomatter how much marketing is done, if the price is too high the market will reject you. Youwouldnt overpay for something you see in a store that you know you can get elsewhere forless money, or if you feel it costs more than its worth, would you? Neither will today’sbuyers! And with the Internet they are pretty savvy about today’s pricing, as is their real estateagent.AVAILABILITY TO SHOW – limited showing times and days, and requiring extensivenotice for an appointment make your home tough to show.INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR CONDITION - if your lifestyle tends to result in a lot ofpersonal stuff laying around, or your home just does not look inviting inside (need for paint,need for repairs, dirty carpets, etc.), it might make buyers want to run the other direction.This is also true if there is deferred maintenance. Buyers will start subtracting dollars from apotential offer, and will become concerned that there is a lot of deferred maintenance to takecare of.CURB APPEAL - does your home encourage buyers to want to see the inside or does itmake them decide to keep on driving? Is the yard a mess? Bushes and grass not trimmed?Junk all over the yard? Will buyers see it as a place that will require a lot of elbow grease inorder to make it presentable? Would they be ashamed to be the new owners?These examples of sabotage send a message to buyers, perhaps unknowingly, that selling maynot be your objective.Copyright © by Jeff Dowler. All rights reserved
  11. 11. MARKETING:SOME COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGESHere are some of the competitive advantages I bring to the selling of yourhome. A big component of this is broad Internet exposure and the use oftechnology as well as some tried and true marketing strategies.Detailed written Marketing Plan customized for your homeExpanded Marketing Service with personal letters to seller contacts,friends and neighbors as appropriateYour Home Information QuestionnaireNeighborhood Information QuestionnaireCustomized HOMEBOOKCustomized single property website with unique URL for marketingyour home with photos, videos, virtual tours and detailed informationQR Codes for scanning by smartphonesVirtual tours, photos, slide shows and videosSignificant Internet presence with numerous listing sitesMass mailingHigh-quality informational brochureListing business cardsCopyright © by Jeff Dowler. All rights reserved
  12. 12. PROPOSED INTERNET PRESENCE FOR YOUR HOMEThis is a partial list of the websites I will use to market your home.Sandicor MLS (the San Diego County MLS) with syndication to – upgraded – listings are also syndicated to Vast, Frontdoor, HotPads,PropSmart, Yahoo! Real Estate, GoogleBase, Trulia, Oodle and (real estate network of over 320,000 professionalsnationwide)Zillow.comTrulia.comMySinglePropertyWebsites.comPropertyTube (video) (updated weekly)Custom single property website with unique (Wallstreet Journal) (with syndication)Postlets (with syndication)Copyright © by Jeff Dowler. All rights reserved
  13. 13. SELLER FORMS CHECKLISTHere are some of the forms you can expect to review and sign as part of the typicalresidential real estate transaction. Not all forms will be applicable in your situation.LISTING DOCUMENTS: Residential Listing Agreement – Agency (RLAA) Disclosure Regarding Real Estate Agency Relationships (AD-1) Disclosure & Consent for Representation of More Than One Buyer or Seller (DA) Seller’s Advisory (SA)SELLER DISCLOSURES: Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement (TDS) Seller’s Affidavit of Non-foreign Status (AS) Mold Disclosure (MD-11) Insurance Claims Disclosure (C.L.U.E. Report) Water Heater & Smoke Detector Statement of Compliance (WHSD) Seller’s Additional Disclosures (SAD) Seller’s Property Questionnaire (SPQ) Supplemental Statutory and Contractual Disclosures (SSD) Statewide Buyer and Seller Advisory (SBSA)OFFER TO PURCHASE: Residential Purchase Agreement and Joint Escrow Instructions (RPA-CA) Buyer’s Inspection Advisory (BIA) Disclosure and Consent for Representation of More than One Buyer or Seller(DA) Contingency for Sale or Purchase of Other Property (COP) if applicable Wood Destroying Pest Inspection and Allocation of Cost Addendum (WPA) Addendum to the Purchase Agreement (APA) Counter Offer No. ___ (CO-11) Use as many as neededPROPERTY INSPECTION: Agent’s Visual Inspection Checklist (AVID) (Buyer Agent also) Request for Repair No. ___ (RR) Verification of Property Condition (VP-11) (Used at final walk-through)CONTINGENCY PERIOD: Contingency Removal No. ___ (CR) Use as many as needed Extension of Time Addendum (ETA) – to extend deadlines as neededCopyright © by Jeff Dowler. All rights reserved
  14. 14. MEET MY TEAMJEFF DOWLER, Certified Residential Specialist (CRS)Visit my on-line profile at to learn more about me andmy services an background. I am happy to answer any questions at any time.ESCROW AND TITLE – Fidelity National Title CompanyTim Szucs and his team will coordinate the entire title and escrow process from start to finish,including all paperwork and buyer deposits, and ensure everything is done according to thecontract you negotiate with the buyer. If you prefer another escrow company that’s fine too(normally the seller choose the service providers for escrow and title).TRANSACTION MANAGEMENT – Jennifer Terry Provide required disclosure forms, including any pertinent regional/state Disclosures,making certain that the forms are completed in a timely manner Provide you with government mandated booklets or website links regardingEarthquake Preparedness, Environmental Hazards, Mold and Lead Based Paint. Order Home Warranty and Natural Hazard Disclosure report Ensure all required paperwork gets to the right people and there is a complete file atthe conclusion of the transaction, with copies of all documents provided to youPEST INSPECTIONThere are several firms I have used frequently but you are welcome to select any pestinspection company you prefer to perform the termite inspection and repairs, if required.HOME WARRANTY PROVIDER – First American Home BuyerProtectionNormally the seller is asked to provide the home warranty to the buyer. Generally this costsless than $400 depending on the size of the home and the desired servicesHOME INSPECTORIf you should decide you want a home inspection before you list, I have several I canrecommend or you are welcome to choose whoever you wishSOLUTIONS REAL ESTATE BROKER – Mark SchultzCopyright © by Jeff Dowler. All rights reserved
  15. 15. ABOUT MEIn early 2002, I made the decision to follow my dream of selling real estate. I took therequired real estate course in Massachusetts, passed the exam, obtained my license, and joinedRE/MAX Destiny in Cambridge, home of MIT and Harvard University.I have personally bought and sold 13 properties in 4 states (10 primary homes, 2 vacationhomes and a business condo), and have relocated a significant distance 4 times, most recentlyto California, so I understand the issues of buying, selling and relocating from the consumer’sperspective.My business experience includes 15 years in Corporate Human Resources in 4 differentindustries. In my last position, I was VP of Human Resources for an Internet advertising start-up, joining the firm as the 6themployee and helping to grow the company to 105 employees in3 offices. Most of the portfolio of business was dot com business, and when that sectorcrashed, the company was not funded again by our VCs and was sold. My wife and I thenstarted an art gallery in Cambridge which remained in business 3 years until our relocation.I joined RE/MAX Moonlight Beach in Encinitas once I received my California license in Juneof 2005, and moved to my current brokerage, Solutions Real Estate in Carlsbad, in January2011. The majority of my business now comes to me through the Internet and by referral,including clients and agents I know from around the country.MISSIONCombining old fashioned service with today’s technology to provide client-focused real estateservices, tools, education, responsiveness and guidance, and enable you to reach your uniquereal estate goals with a minimum of hassle and frustration, and have you feel you are my onlyclientTo treat all prospects, customers and clients with respect, compassion and sincerity
  16. 16. HOW WE ARE COMPENSATED FOR OUR SERVICESI believe you should know how the professionals associated with Solutions Real Estateare compensated for their services. We work for professional fees and are not paid asalary. We are independent contractors and only paid when a transaction is closed andthe title has transferred.When we earn a brokerage fee (which is always negotiable), it is first divided betweenthe real estate companies in the transaction (the brokerage that has the listing contractand the brokerage who supplies the buyer) in accordance with the terms and conditionsof the listing contract. Usually this is 50/50 but it is negotiable and something I willdiscuss with you if we work together.At Solutions Real Estate each agent pays a fee for the services the brokerage provides aswell as the cost of E and O Insurance. Even if we work at home there are fees to be paidto Solutions Real Estate for services they provide us that help us to be successful, and tohelp cover the costs of office space, equipment, technology and advertising.Like all U.S. citizens, we must pay taxes, which include State and Federal income taxes,FICA taxes and any other obligations as self-employed professionals.At Solutions Real Estate we are each responsible for all for our marketing and advertisingcosts, as well as our signage, business cards and other operating expenses. So out of theoriginal professional fee (check) we receive but a portion of that money.When we are working for you, we are investing our time to help you sell or acquire aproperty, in some cases many hours. Time is our greatest commodity. Your loyalty to usis highly regarded. A completed transaction will be mutually beneficial – you will moveinto the home of your dreams, or sell your home so you can move elsewhere, and wehave the satisfaction of helping you achieve that goal. Your satisfaction, as evidenced byreferrals of friends, neighbor, business associates and family, is the ultimate complimentand sign of gratitude you might demonstrate to us.Here at Solutions Real Estate we continually strive to provide the highest quality personalservice and offer every technological advantage you should expect. Your loyalty andbusiness are appreciated.Copyright © by Jeff Dowler. All rights reserved
  17. 17. SUCCESS STORIESHere are just a few comments from past and repeat customers!We searched online for a realtor to help us find a temporary rental home, as we planned across-country, work-related move to California with our 2 daughters. We weredisheartened by the general unwillingness to assist in finding a rental property(having nocommission incentive) and a couple of realtors actually discouraged us to move to thisarea (as if we had a choice)... UNTIL we stumbled upon a YouTube real estate video byJeff Dowler. When I contacted Jeff by phone, I couldnt believe how incredibly warm,welcoming, kind and unbelievably helpful he was!!...When we were ready to purchase ahome, we let Jeff know our criteria and were spoiled by the same amazing attentiveness,prompt response time and HONESTY we came to expect from him. Jeff treated us likewe were his only clients and made us and our daughters feel like we were visiting with anold friend, each time we met to view homes. We encountered many hurdles throughoutthe lending approval process, and Jeff masterfully navigated us through all of it withunwavering patience and professionalism. I cant say enough how much of a Gem thisman is!! Jeff is not only an extremely knowledgeable real estate expert, he is a kind,caring person with INTEGRITY. Jeff exudes warmth and compassion and has awonderfully calm, unassuming demeanor. We feel extraordinarily lucky and blessed tohave had the privilege to work with him.Melissa and Chris (relocation buyers)My husband and I were really nervous about finding and buying a home. Thank goodnesswe happened to connect with Jeff Dowler! His knowledge, skill and experience hasproven invaluable in our search for our forever home. Jeff takes the time to get to knowyou and your preferences in depth, so he doesnt waste your time showing you propertiesthat dont meet your criteria. His patience and wisdom has guided us through every stepof the purchase process, making sure we understood exactly what was happening. Jeffalso excels at communication, whether by phone, text, email - or all of the above! Mostof all, he is genuinely caring. His goal is to make sure you end up in the perfect home forYOU, and he definitely goes above and beyond the norm to achieve that. Jeff is simplythe best. Five gold stars across the board.Suzi and Bret (buyers)Jeff, being a teacher realtor, made me a prepared buyer! He kept me informed during allaspects of the entire purchase process. He was available practically 24/7. Jeff guided methrough many months of peaks and valleys with positive feedback. His friendlyprofessionalism will be shouted by me from the highest hills around San Marcos. Withdeepest appreciation and admiration.”Jackie P (buyer)“A note from Sam and me to thank you for everything you did to make the purchase ofour new home in San Marcos a breeze. We felt so blessed to have found you as ourRealtor, as we knew no one in the area; it was complete serendipity. Not only are you themost pleasant person to work with I’ve ever known, you’re absolutely the BEST realtor.You did things for us that were way beyond the normal realm of a realtor’s duties andCopyright © by Jeff Dowler. All rights reserved
  18. 18. Copyright © by Jeff Dowler. All rights reservedwe’re so grateful for your kindness and all the hard work you put into our little project.You treated us as if we were the largest sale you were ever going to make, and I know itwas tiny it the scope of San Diego sales. I hope we always stay in touch”Sam and Lillian R. (relocation buyers)“My wife and I wanted to express how much we appreciate all of your diligent hardwork. It’s been our pleasure to have worked with a true professional. From thebeginning, you were organized and had a direct marketing plan that met all our needs.Thank you again for always being available and communicating with us as if we wereyour only client.” Drs. Mark F. and Kari N. (sellers)“When my wife and I were looking to find our first property a friend referred us to JeffDowler. From the moment we met Jeff our anxieties and fears were eliminated. Jeff tookthe time to get to know us and find out what our needs were. Never once did I feel I wasworking with someone only concerned about a commission. Jeffs greatest asset I feel asa Realtor is his ability to work with his clients. We were not Jeffs only clients inBoston...but he made sure you felt like you were! Jeff is very knowledgeable,professional, and, most importantly, sincere. When you are buying arguably the biggestpurchase of your life, it becomes much easier with Jeff.” Chris and Hanna (repeat buyers and sellers)“Jeff Dowler came recommended to me by a friend [a former client of Jeffs]. Afterwatching many of my other friends and family suffer through terrible experiences ofagents out only for themselves, I was glad to finally find an agent whom someone wouldactually recommend. Jeff proved himself worthy of the accolades of my friend and thoseI bestow upon him now. When other agents would have pushed me into buying for thatjuicy commission check, Jeff actually recommended we keep looking because certainthings did not feel right about the seller. As the buying process progressed, Jeff helpedme through it step by step, picking up where lawyers and other parties slacked, keepingthings on track. For all the problems, my purchase was probably one the most stress freeexperiences of my life. I cannot say enough about how fabulous Jeff is. Jeff manifests afriendly, helpful, and truly caring professionalism. I feel like not only did I have anadvocate, but a friend.” Andrea (Buyer AND Seller)“I have met a lot of Brokers throughout my career, but none quite like you. Yoursincerity, patience and professionalism were so rare...” Jim (Vice President/Sales Associate - MajorBrokerage Firm)“You have been absolutely amazing, especially this past month. From late meetings toconstant cell calls, youve always been there for us. We really appreciate how wonderfulyouve been...” Crystal and Steve Huff (First Time Buyers)“Thanks so much for all your help through this challenging process. We appreciate howavailable and responsive you have been throughout.” Danny and Veera (First Time Buyers)Outstanding, dedicated service to YOUR needs!
  19. 19. WHAT IS A CRS?The Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) is the highest Designation awarded to salesassociates in the residential sales field. The CRS Designation recognizes professionalaccomplishments in both experience and education.Since 1977 the Council of Residential Specialists has been conferring the CRS Designationon agents who meet its stringent requirements. Currently, there are more than 30,000active CRS Designees [BUT, that only represents about 3% of all the Realtors in theUnited States.]. A CRS is like having a Ph.D. in real estate.WHY USE A CRS?Today, home buying and selling are faster, more complex, and more competitive in everyway. My goal is to make the process a little easier for you. The first step is choosing theright REALTOR®.Experience — To earn the Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) Designation, everyREALTOR® must have significant experience and volume of real estate transactions.Ethics — Every CRS Designee is required to maintain membership in the NATIONALASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® and to abide by its strict Code of Ethics.A Focus on Home Buying and Selling — To help make the home buying and sellingprocess more rewarding, every CRS Designee must have a proven track record in thebusiness, as well as advanced education in related areas like finance, technology andmarketing. Work with the top 4 percent.Technology Expertise — The training available to CRS Designees includes a strong focuson technology and its applications in the real estate business, for home searching,marketing and selling a home, daily business operations and communication.Copyright © by Jeff Dowler. All rights reserved
  20. 20. Professors have the Ph.D.Physicians have the M.D.REALTORS®have the CRS.It means your agent has earned the prestigiousCertified Residential Specialist Designation—the residential real estate industry’s most advanced “degree.”How can you tell if your real estate agent hasthe knowledge and experience you need?Look for the shield!
  21. 21. Does it cost moreto buy or sell a home with aCertified Residential Specialist?They may have more real estate experienceand more training than the average real estateagent, but Certified Residential Specialistsdon’t cost any more. In fact, their expertisemay actually save you time and money whenyou’re buying a home or increase your profitwhen you’re selling one. So when you’relooking for a real estate agent, look for aCertified Residential Specialist.