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Newsletter for Rotary Club of Newton

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Servgear Dec 02, 2009

  1. 1. 2009-2010 District No. 7910 ROTARY CLUB OF NEWTON Club No. 6580 719 WASHINGTON STREET BOX MS295 NEWTONVILLE, MASSACHUSETTS 02460 MEETS TUESDAYS; 12:15 P.M. BRAE BURN COUNTRY CLUB, 326 FULLER STREET, NEWTON, MA President Vice President Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms Director Director Marie Presti Laurisa Neuwirth Peter Mahler Bill Garr Dick Bowen Justin Sallaway 617-620-6948 617-291-0572 617-630-5289 617-969-5906 x116 617-969-9134 617-244-0065 President-Elect Past President Recording Secretary Newsletter Editor Director Director Jeff Tucker Marc Epstein John Hurney Scott Lewis Jeff Chin Tony Bibbo 617-340-1263 617-244-1212 617-332-7412 617-293-6371 617-965-1988 781-237-1144 THE SERVICE GEAR Volume LXXXVI No. 21 December 1, 2009 “I might have been,”torecited President Marie you t’s never too late become the person Presti, recalling novelist George Elliot, to start the meeting. Marie asked Dick Hardaway to lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance, Jim Means offered an invocation; Bill Garr and his guests led the Club in a chorus of America the Beautiful. SERGEANT-AT-ARMS Sergeant-at-Arms Bill Garr reported that 20 Rotarians were present, plus a few guests. Gary Sinclair, NCSC VP for Youth and Family Services (and a Paul Harris Fellow from Topsfield, MA) was joined by Teboho Moeno, President Marie awarded her November Rotarian of the Month award to Tony Bibbo, recognizing Tony’s hard work Director of NCSC’s new Chestnut Street Teen on behalf of the Club. His recent efforts include planning Center. Joining them were Amanda Moeno, the Gridiron Luncheon program and helping to organize Constance Mofokeng, Phakamani Pega, and the Used Instruments Drive, not to mention representing us Mbabone Shongue, all of Mr. Moeno’s South at the District PR Committee and Newton Mayor’s press African singing group. Bill Garr also welcomed conference. Marc Epstein’s wife, Annette Sergeant Garr then relinquished the podium CONTENTS Page to Bill Lowery, who shared with the Club a little ANNOUNCEMENTS 2 “potty humor” from Down East (See Page 2). SERGEANT-at-ARMS 1 THIS WEEK’S JOKE 2 HAPPY DOLLARS 4 SPEAKER/PROGRAM 5 RAFFLE 5 MEETING GREETERS NEXT MEETING: INSTRAMENT DRIVE 7 Dec. 15: John Gregorian and Paul Stone c 2009 Rotary Club of Newton Page 1
  2. 2. ANNOUNCED FROM THE PODIUM Some Potty Humor President Marie thanked today’s Greeter, My wife’s uncle had a gas station in Jim Means, just back from overseas travel. Searsport, Maine. He was quite the practical joker. The gas station didn’t have proper Birthdays: Paula Kirrane announced that restrooms, but it did have a multi-hole birthday wishes were due this month to Paul outhouse located out back, which he wired Stone and John Hurney. up with speakers connected to a microphone in the gas station. Death by Chocolate: Paula Kirrane For laughs, he would wait till some reminds us that the event committee is most in tourist went to use the outhouse, then fire up need of donated auction items. At minimum, the microphone, saying “Hey lady, could you members can contribute to the Club’s two group slide over to the next hole? We’re painting auction items: a lottery ticket tree (scratch tickets down here!” of any denomination) and/or the Boston Bruins Hockey basket. There once was a fellow named Clyde, Dictionaries: Bill Garr reported that 1,000 Who fell through the outhouse and died. dictionaries have been ordered for volunteer Clyde had a brother, Club members to deliver to every Newton 3rd who fell through the other. Grader at each elementary school. And now they’re interred, side by side. UPCOMING... Holiday Party Next Week! December 8: No Regular Tuesday Meeting at Brae Burn Our annual Newton Rotary Holiday Party slipped off the calendar last year, but December 15: Club Annual Meeting not so in 2009! Plan on some merriment at Gregorian Rugs on December 7, 6:00 to 8:00 December 22 & 29: No Regular Tuesday PM. Children and guests welcome for food, Meeting at Brae Burn: Happy Holidays! drink, and jumping on piles of rugs. Please remember to bring a gift ($10 value more or January 6, 2010: WEDNESDAY Meetings less) marked male/female/appropriate age. begin PAUL M. KERRISSEY Attorney at Law 277 Auburn Street Suite B Auburndale, MA 02466 Office: (617) 964-5800 Fax: (617) 969-9850 c 2009 Rotary Club of Newton Page 2
  3. 3. The clipping below is from this week’s Newton TAB Newspaper. Nominating Committee take note: the misidentification of Bill Garr as our Club President is assumed to be a mistake by the TAB reporter, and not a reflection of Mr. Garr’s ambitions for higher office.Or is it? Your ad could be here! Business card size ads cost only $100/year for Rotary members, $125 for non-members. The distribution list of people who see our club news grows every week. Shouldn’t they see you, and your support of our club’s good works? c 2009 Rotary Club of Newton Page 3
  4. 4. HAPPY DOLLARS President Marie was happy to collect to have bumped into a 1984 Newton North happy dollars herself, starting with Paul Stone. graduate and Rotary Club scholoarship recipi- He was happy to mark another birthday and ent while at Home Depot. (continuing the apparent bathroom theme of Bob Staulo was happy for the sunshine. the day’s meeting) recount that “Life is like Laurisa Neuwirth was proud and happy for toilet paper - it goes fast as it gets to the end.” her son Ben’s good grades: all A’s and one B. Dick Bowen had congratulations for this Jeff Tucker was happy for reasons that escaped month’s birthdays and for Tony Bibbo’s good this editor’s note pad (sorry!). work. Paula Kirrane applauded last week’s Jeff Chin was happy to survive his Luncheon and today’s guests, as did Peggy daughter’s attempt at driving on the SE Ex- Lepore. Ray Desaultels was “just happy.” pressway. Marc Epstein was happy to be joined by Bill Garr was happy that NCSC’s new wife Annette, for his mom’s birthday, and for Chestnut Street Teen Center is now open, and Tony Bibbo’s generosity. Marc was less happy for our guests, Tony Bibbo’s honors, and Jeff to report that his new dog “Hemmy” got loose Chin’s “Home & Village” show in NewTV. four days ago and has eluded recapture. Scott Lewis was happy to recite a limerick $2 Bill Lowery was happy to see our about an outhouse tragedy. Marie Presti was guests. Tony Bibbo was happy for Brookline’s happy to give Tony Bibbo his Rotarian of the underdog football team, reporting “They won Month honor. the game 18 to 6.” Tony was even more happy PAULA KIRRANE SCOTT LEWIS HOME DESIGN Uniquely Designed Cakes ADDITIONS 230 Adams Street RENOVATIONS Newton, MA 02458 NEW HOMES Tel.: (617) 969-1830 HISTORIC RESTORATION fax: (617) 969-5852 12 Bencliffe Circle Auburndale, MA 02466 (617) 293-6371 c 2009 Rotary Club of Newton Page 4
  5. 5. PROGRAM: AIDS Awareness Day Teboho Moeno “Singing for South Africa’s AIDS Orphans” South African singers (from left) Mbabane Shongue, Tebono Moeno, Phakamani Pega, and Constance Mofokeng, clap hands and sing. Teboho Moeno started his South African singing groups, then launched his group’s fund Musical Group in 2007 after learning of the raising efforts. Since 2007, they have raised plight of over 5 million children orphaned by the some $20,000 towards building a school in ravages of HIV-AIDS in that country. He was South Africa. especially taken by the work of a single woman The other main goal of his group’s efforts who cared for 51 children on her own meagre is to spread the word that “AIDS is real and income. He has personally lost several friends kills many people. ... Children are begging for and relatives to the disease. change because they have no where to go.” Toboho realized that when he got together The group’s next benefit concert will take with friends, they most enjoyed just singing place a Brown Middle School on Saturday, together. He visited with other Boston-based December 5 at 6:30 PM. (Adults $20 ea.) RAFFLE With the jackpot well over $400, a guest was asked to pick a number from the glass bowl, finding number 762. The lucky ticket was held by John Hurney, but he found only the Nine of Clubs. So we’ll be down to 33 cards next time! Could be a very Merry Christmas for someone. c 2009 Rotary Club of Newton Page 5
  6. 6. Photo (from left) , Teboho Moeno, President Marie Presti, Gary Sinclair, Constance Mofokeng, Phakamani Pega, and Mbabane Shongue. (Story page 5) c 2009 Rotary Club of Newton Page 6
  7. 7. Rotary Club of Newton Office of the Mayor of Newton Newton Public Schools ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Used Musical Instrument Drive December 7 - 12, 2009 The Rotary Club of Newton, in partnership with the Honorable Mayor, David B. Cohen, is seeking donations of used musical instruments to support the Newton Public Schools Elementary Instrumental Music Program and the establishment of a Scholarship Instrument Program for students experiencing a financial hardship ACCEPTING DONATIONS OF: BRASS INSTRUMENTS: Baritone Horns, French Horns, Trombones, Trumpets WIND INSTRUMENTS: Alto Saxophones, Clarinets, Flutes, Oboes PERCUSSION INSTRUMENTS: Drum Pads, Snare Drums and Xylophones w/stand STRING INSTRUMENTS: Cellos, String Basses, Violas & Violins (all sizes) Donations may be dropped off at the: Newton Community Service Center 492 Washington Street Monday, Dec. 7th - Friday, Dec. 11th: 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM Saturday, Dec. 12th, 9:00 AM-1:00 PM Certificate of Donation for tax purposes will be available upon request For more information or questions about this program Contact: Richard P. King, Fine Arts Coordinator, Newton Public Schools Ph#: 617-559-6149 or email: