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The basics of embroidey digitizing

In this presentation we discussed about the basics of embroidery digitizing. This presentation also includes some beautiful and creative samples of embroidery digitizing.

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The basics of embroidey digitizing

  1. 1. Embroidery DigitizingEmbroidery Digitizing
  2. 2. Embroidery DigitizingEmbroidery Digitizing • The term embroidery has a vast expansion in various forms and operations. The Embroidery is used as both hobby and business • Embroidery is used in the form of hobby as hand embroidery in DIY , craft & art activities. • Embroidery has trendsetters for high quality embroidery such as embroidery digitizing & vectorizing.
  3. 3. Embroidery Digitizing –Embroidery Digitizing – Process FlowProcess Flow
  4. 4. Embroidery Digitized Samples - 1Embroidery Digitized Samples - 1
  5. 5. Embroidery Digitized Samples -2Embroidery Digitized Samples -2
  6. 6. Embroidery Digitized Samples -3Embroidery Digitized Samples -3
  7. 7. Embroidery Digitizing –Embroidery Digitizing – AdvantagesAdvantages •Embroidery digitizing improves the quality of the embroidery work. •It is affordable & efficient. •It can be done using various software available. •Also logo designs can be made more mature using absolute digitizing.
  8. 8. Embroidery Digitizing –Embroidery Digitizing – DisadvantagesDisadvantages • In this delay and priorities are out of control. • It requires very talented and skilled professionals which are hard to find. • Needed more equipment to startup. • It is more expensive with smaller orders. • It is not good with photo reproductions.
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