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EMR Usabililty


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HIMSS White Paper on EMR Usability Principles and methods of testing and rating.

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EMR Usabililty

  1. 1. EMR Usability Principles
  2. 2. People Authors ●Jeff Belden MD ●Rebecca Grayson ●Janey Barnes PhD Team Leaders ●Penn White MD ●Tiana Thomas
  3. 3. Presenter Jeff Belden MD University of Missouri Health Care ● Dept of Family and Community ● Medicine ●Information Experience Lab •
  4. 4. Paper Overview 1.What is usability? 2.What are usability principles? 3.How would one do usability evaluation and rating of software?
  5. 5. What is usability? ●Effectiveness ●Efficiency ●Satisfaction ●Specific users ●Specific set of tasks ●Particular environment
  6. 6. Usability Principles ●simplicity ●naturalness ●consistency ●minimizing cognitive load ●efficient interactions ●forgiveness ●feedback ●effective use of language ●effective information presentation ●preservation of context
  7. 7. Simplicity
  8. 8. Don't Make Me Think Technical Term: ●Minimize Cognitive Load ●Example
  9. 9. Showing Past Times ● This requires mental math
  10. 10. Showing Past Times ●This makes it easy. No math. No extra thinking load.
  11. 11. Methods of Evaluation Look at: ●Efficiency ●Effectiveness ●Patient Safety
  12. 12. Efficiency How fast can I do it? ●Time to finish task list ●Click count ●Other metrics
  13. 13. Effectiveness How well did I do it? ●How many errors? "Fast but flawed" is no good ● ●How severe were the errors? ●How often did I need to ask for help? ●How easy is it to learn?
  14. 14. Patient Safety •Does EMR protect user from making harmful errors?
  15. 15. Test Scenario Design ●objective ●repeatable ●cost‐efficient to run
  16. 16. Five-star rating ●Simple ●Familiar ●Comparative ●Not just "pass-fail"
  17. 17. Actions Recommended ●Start small ●Develop measurements ●Define the process ●5-star rating ●Improve with time ●Encourage others to do their part
  18. 18. Questions?