Advanced Google AdWords for E-Commerce Websites


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This presentation was given by Jeff Sauer on 10/19/2012 to the Midwest Marketers Group of E-Commerce and Catalog Marketers. The presentation was held in Minneapolis and covered four major topics:
* Advanced PPC Tactics
* Self PPC Management Tips
* How to get the most out of your PPC Agency?
* How to become a better client to PPC agencies

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Advanced Google AdWords for E-Commerce Websites

  1. 1. Improving  PPC  Performance  for     E-­‐Commerce  Websites     Jeff  Sauer     Three  Deep  Marketing   @jeffalytics  @threedeep   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  2. 2. About  Three  Deep  Marketing  and  Jeff  Sauer    Manage  $5+  million  in  paid  search  spending  annually    One  of  30  companies  in  the  US  certified  in  Google  AdWords  and  Google   Analytics      Jeff  Sauer  named  2012  CIO  of  the  Year  by  the     Minneapolis/St.  Paul  Business  Journal    Inc.  5000  Fast  Growing  Company  Award  in  2010,  2011  &  2012    Developed  Online  Lead  Generation  Software  Crossfuse  in  2011/2012    Board  Member  for  MIMA  and  MnSearch   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  3. 3. ADVANCED  PPC  TACTICS  FOR   ECOMMERCE   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  4. 4. SITELINKS   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  5. 5. Adding  Sitelinks    Ad  Sitelinks  in  the  Ad  Extensions  Tab   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  6. 6. Sitelinks  Tips    Keep  your  sitelinks  short    Group  sections  of  your  site  into  their  own  ad  groups  so  you  can  get   deeper  sitelinks   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  7. 7. Optimizing  Sitelinks    Review  metrics  for  sitelinks  over  time    Use  sitelinks  with  many  click  thrus  and  conversions  in  multiple  campaigns   wherever  relevant     Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  8. 8. RATINGS  &  REVIEWS   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  9. 9. Ratings  &  Reviews    In  order  to  get  ratings  for  your  products,  you  must  first  work  to  capture   ratings  either  on  your  site  or  through  Google  Checkout      Once  you  reach  a  30  ratings  and  you  have  4  or  more  stars,  you  are  eligible   to  receive  ratings  extensions  in  your  ads      Pro  Tip:  Capture  ratings  immediately  after  the  purchase  for  best   response  quantity   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  10. 10. Ratings  &  Reviews  Tips    Using  a  third  party  survey  at  the  end  of  the  purchase  process  allows  you   to  receive  ratings  much  faster  than  relying  on  Google  Merchant  Center   reviews    The  Bizrate  survey  program  allows  you  to  capture  many  reviews  in  a  short   amount  of  time,  but  can  also  alienate  customers  if  you  choose  the  wrong   offer    There  are  no  metrics  available  to  determine  performance  of  ratings   extensions,  but     Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  11. 11. PRODUCT  LISTINGS   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  12. 12. History  of  Google  Product  Search    For  many  years,  Google  Product  Search  results  were  free  and  were   treated  as  organic  searches    Like  all  good  things,  this  has  come  to  an  end  and  you  now  must  pay  for   placement   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  13. 13. Product  Listing  Ads    In  order  to  get  product  listings  for  your  ads  you  need  to:   –  Have  a  product  feed  that  AdWords  can  access   –  Fill  out  as  many  fields  for  your  product  feed   •  Better  targeting   •  Higher  probability  for  appearing  in  specific  searches   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  14. 14. Product  Listing  Feed  Tips    Ecommerce  vendors  should  be  able  to  provide  your  product  data  in  a  feed   format  that  Google  can  understand    If  you  are  selling  clothes  or  other  specialty  products,  special  information   like  size  and  color  must  be  included  in  the  feed   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  15. 15. SELF-­‐MANAGEMENT  TIPS   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  16. 16. MATCH  TYPES   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  17. 17. Broad  vs.  Phrase  vs.  Exact  Match  Keyword:  Puppy  Mailbox    Broad  Query  –  Puppy  Mailbox:     –  Garden  with  little  dog  that’s  in  a  blue  mailbox    Modified  Broad  Query  -­‐  +Puppy  +Mailbox   –  That  little  puppy  is  in  a  blue  mailbox    Phrase  Query  –  “Puppy  mailbox”:     –  Little  puppy  mailbox  in  the  garden    Exact  Query  –  [Puppy  mailbox]:     –  Puppy  mailbox   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  18. 18. Match  Type  Tips    Use  broad  match  keywords  sparingly    For  high  volume  terms,  add  modified  broad,  phrase  and  exact  match   keywords  to  your  ad  group    Google  may  give  you  a  warning  when  the  same  keyword  appears  twice  in   a  campaign  with  a  different  match  type.  Safely  ignore  this  warning    More  keywords  are  better  than  fewer,  and  you  can  never  have  too  many   keywords    Use  the  search  query  report  to  generate  more  keywords    Aim  for  a  1  to  1  ratio  of  keywords  to  search  queries   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  19. 19. Search  Query  Reports  can  be  Revealing    Sample  Search  Query  Report  for  Broad  matched  keyword  Baby  Diapers:     Search  Term   Match  Type   Baby  changing  bibs  diapers   Broad  Match   Food  &  diapers  changing  baby   Broad  Match   Free  diaper  samples  by  mail   Broad  Match   Pampers  diapers   Broad  Match   Many  of  these   Pampers  baby  diapers  recall   Broad  Match   keywords  are   completely   Diapers  pamper  brand  shop   Broad  Match   irrelevant!   Baby  care  essen9als  diapers   Broad  Match   Number  diapers  baby  24  hour  period   Broad  Match   Pampers  diaper  recall   Broad  Match   Pampers  diapers   Broad  Match   Best  baby  diapers   Phrase  Match   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  20. 20. NEGATIVE  KEYWORDS   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  21. 21. Search  Query  Reports  &  Negative  Keywords    Broad  and  Modified  Broad  Match  Keywords  can  bring  in  visitors  for   completely  off  the  wall  searches.  For  example,  if  you  sell  replacement   windows  on  a  house,  if  you  bid  on  the  term  “windows”  you  will  receive   searchers  for  the  operating  system  if  you  are  not  careful    Add  negative  keywords  to  campaign  by  adding  –  before  each  word,  like  – xp  and  -­‐8  to  block  traffic  for  Windows  XP  and  Windows  8  operating   systems.  –microsoft  could  be  used  as  well.    Find  more  negative  keywords  by  mining  your  search  query  reports!      Negatives  help  your  CTR  as  well  as  prevents  spending  on  irrelevant  search   terms   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  22. 22. COST-­‐PER-­‐ACQUISITION  BIDDING   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  23. 23. Look  into  CPA  Bidding    If  you  use  AdWords  convesion  tracking  and  your   campaigns  have  at  least  15  conversions  per  month,   you  can  participate  in  cost  per  acquisition  (CPA)   bidding      There  are  two  ways  to  accomplish  this,  through   conversion  optimizer  or  enhanced  CPC  bidding    This  can  drive  many  more  conversions  at  a  price   below  your  target    Be  careful,  because  this  method  of  bidding  can  also   lead  to  fewer  new  customers  due  to  over-­‐efficiency     Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  24. 24. ANALYTICS  INTEGRATION   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  25. 25. Integrate  Google  Analytics  with  AdWords    Integrating  Google  Analytics  with  your  AdWords  data  can  provide  better   insight  on  your  landing  pages   –  Do  they  have  a  low  time  on  site?   –  Do  they  “bounce”  off  that  page  or  do  they  convert?   –  Do  they  navigate  to  other  pages?  Should  those  be  converted  to  landing   pages?   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  26. 26. Three  Common  Google  Analytics  Mistakes  The  three  most  common  Google  Analytics  integration  mistakes  we  see  are:    1.  Data  Sharing  not  enabled  in  Analytics  2.  Auto-­‐Tagging  not  turned  on  in  AdWords  3.  Cost  source  data  from  AdWords  not  applied  to  Analytics   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  27. 27. QUALITY  SCORES   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  28. 28. Maximize  Your  Quality  Scores    A  Quality  Score  is  Google’s  quality  indicator  for  keywords  relative  to  ads    Good  Quality  Scores  help  lower  your  cost-­‐per-­‐click  (CPC)    Keyword  +  Historical  CTR  +  Ad  Copy  +  Landing  Page  =  Quality  Score    If  your  ads  have  a  low  quality  score,  consider  breaking  your  ads  out  into   more  specific  ad  groups  and  revise  the  ad  copy   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  29. 29. INVEST  IN  LANDING  PAGES   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  30. 30. Invest  in  Landing  Pages     Sending  traffic  to  your  website  with   no  clear  direction  for  your  visitor  is   NEVER  a  good  idea     Good  landing  pages  help  your   visitor  to  make  a  good  decision,  and   quickly     A  lot  of  thought  goes  into  effective   landing  page  design   –  User  Experience   –  Creative  Design   –  Persuasive  Architecture   –  Conversion  Rate  Optimization     –  Paid  Search  Traffic   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  31. 31. PROPER  BIDDING   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  32. 32. Bidding  on  Keywords  is  an  Art      Under-­‐bidding  on  keywords  makes  it  unlikely  that  you’ll  appear  for  your   desired  keywords    Alternatively,  don’t  overbid  on  keywords  just  because  you  have  the   budget    The  ideal  scenario  involves  only  paying  the  minimum  required  by  Google   to  achieve  your  desired  results    Use  bid  strategies  to  achieve  your  goals.  Common  bid  strategies  are:   –  Lowest  cost  per  click  possible  to  achieve  click  volume   –  Most  cost  effective  clicks  to  drive  customer  conversions   –  Bid  to  achieve  highest  position  in  search  results   –  Generate  the  most  conversions  possible,  regardless  of  costs   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  33. 33. WHAT  MAKES  A  GOOD  PPC  AGENCY?   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  34. 34. SEPARATE  BRAND  VS.  NON  BRAND   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  35. 35. THEY  PROVIDE  FULLY  LOADED  COSTS   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  36. 36. WARY  OF  CHARGING  ON  %  OF  SPEND   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  37. 37. FOCUS  ON  THE  BEST  &  MOST  UNIQUE   PRODUCTS   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  38. 38. UNDERSTAND  YOUR  BUSINESS  NEEDS   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  39. 39. INDUSTRY  OR  CATEGORY  EXPERIENCE   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  40. 40. WHAT  MAKES  A  GOOD  PPC  CLIENT?   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  41. 41. CREATES  LANDING  PAGES  EASILY   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  42. 42. UNDERSTANDS  PRODUCT  INVENTORY   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  43. 43. ADDS  NEW  PRODUCTS  REGULARLY   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  44. 44. UNDERSTANDS  PRODUCT  DEMAND   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  45. 45. OFFERS  UNIQUE  PRODUCTS   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  46. 46. TEST  &  LEARN  BUDGET   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  47. 47. HAS  CLEAR  BUSINESS  OBJECTIVES   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  48. 48. DEFINED  CAMPAIGN  GOALS   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  49. 49. UNDERSTANDS  ACCOUNT  MATURITY   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  50. 50. UNDERSTANDS  ONLINE/OFFLINE   METRICS   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  51. 51. THANK  YOU!   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information