Top 10 Tips For Attaining Your Dreams & Desires


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Top 10 Tips For Attaining Your Dreams & Desires

  1. 1. Jeff Klaus Inspiring You To Be Your Very Best TOP 10 TIPS FOR ATTAINING YOUR DREAMS & DESIRESBelow are the top 10 tips that if you begin this process and follow through with all of thesteps, every time, you can attain all of your dreams or anything you desire. Take thetime to create your dreams, desires and goals and then on a daily basis focus on themuntil you see them through to completion. These tips will help you be your best for yourself, your family, your friends and the world.Tip #1- Assess Your Gifts & TalentsEveryone has natural gifts and talents. If you already use them, chances are life ispretty fulfilling. If you don’t or haven’t used them in awhile, I encourage you to getacquainted with them. You were made with very special purposes to fulfill while you arehere on earth and given your special gifts and talents to help fulfill those purposes. Theworld needs what you have to offer. No one can do what you are “called” to do, but you.If you are having a hard time finding your gifts and talents there are tests you can takethat will help you find them OR you can think back to the times when you lose all trackof time because you absolutely love what you are doing. Those are clues to your giftsand talents. Use these strengths to help attain your dreams and desires.Tip #2- Decide To DecideMany times we have too much going on in our lives that it is difficult to make one moredecision. We have the usual items we need to check off of our daily “to do” list. That’s agiven. I’m referring to “the big” decisions that we have put off because we haveperceived them as too uncomfortable, too difficult or simply not the right timing. If youfeel it is the right time and worthy of doing or achieving, I encourage you to at leastdecide to decide. You may not be fully ready to start the process of fulfilling your dreamsand desires just yet, but when you are, you will have already started on the right track.Tip #3- Write Down What You Want To AccomplishThere are many books on goal setting and most tell you to make a dream board or writeyour goals down where they are visible. It’s true. There is something about you seeingand reading what it is that you have decided is important enough for you to pursue. Inyour mind, it becomes a fact even if you don’t see the results yet. It will bring you onestep closer to you desired outcome. Make sure to put them in place where you seethem often throughout the day. Jeff Klaus * *
  2. 2. Tip #4- Ask For GuidanceOften times, it is uncomfortable, prideful or even embarrassing to ask for help. You canget so caught up in doing everything on your own and by yourself that you may getdisheartened and give up on your dreams and desires. Don’t let this be the case foryou. Put these emotions aside. It’s likely you need the assistance from God, a mentor,co-worker, spouse or the expertise of a friend in order to accomplish your goal andthat’s OK. Others need your gifts and talents as well, so take advantage of theirs andreturn the favor some day.Tip #5- Focus On The Ends Not The MeansOnce you have a goal in mind and have a general idea of what it is that you want toaccomplish (the end), you might get stumped by the “how tos” and the “what ifs” (themeans). The means can keep you from taking the first step. Make a decision simply toget moving toward your goal. I suggest that you take at least 15 minutes a day (twice aday if needed) to focus or meditate on the end itself. See and experience yourself, inyour mind, with what it feels like when you do achieve your goal. Things will many timeswork out without you knowing the who, what, when, where and whys of it all.Tip #6- You Must Take Action & CreateFocusing on the ends is not all. Action is key. Action is creating. You are the creator ofyour future. Your destiny is in your hands. By your choices, you create your desired orundesired outcomes. It is good to “see” yourself attaining your dreams and desires, butyou must create your next step, any step as long as it is toward your goal. Withoutcreating and taking action, your goals will not come about. Action involves faith andbelief. The faith and belief that you can accomplish or even begin something you desire.“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.Tip #7- Have Your “How To List”I use the “how to list” term lightly. You do not necessarily need to get caught up inhaving a list of actions that you must take and in any specific order as the end all to yourlist of steps or actions. During your 15 minutes of meditation on your goals, ideas willbegin to pop into your head on what actions you should take next or who might be agood connection to assist you or even a book that you may need just at the right time.Write these down and make sure you take these specific actions as well.Tip #8- AllowDon’t get caught up in actions only. It’s tempting to strive harder to “make” it happen orto spend more time on attaining your desired outcome. You might think that it willhappen faster or that it will ensure completion. Resist this temptation. Allowing yourgoals to happen is very important. It seems contrary to our thinking, but it truly is Jeff Klaus * *
  3. 3. natural. While meditating on your goals, other ideas and next steps will begin to flow toyou, but that’s not all. At these moments, remember to allow. Because your goal ismeant to be and you have asked for guidance, you can now allow many actions tohappen on their own and they will. Assistance will come in ways you couldn’t have seenor known about. Allow.Tip #9- Help OthersNow that you are getting results and things are happening towards your goal, be sure totake time to help others out or help them to accomplish their goals as well. When youchoose to give, it will come back to you. Whether it is as simple as a smile, a small gooddeed or major giving of your time, energies or even money. It is a universe principle thatworks. “Give and it shall be given unto you.”Tip #10- Stay Positive - You Get What You Focus OnHave you ever noticed when someone is in an especially good mood? You can feel itcan’t you? The same is true for a bad mood. It’s because we are beings with energyflowing through us. The world is full of energy as well. We can sense this energy. Whenyou are positive thinking and feeling, your energy or vibrational patterns are high. Theopposite is true. When you are negative thinking or feeling, your vibrational energy islow. You will attract whichever way you are thinking or feeling. It’s possible, just by thenature of your goal, that it may take awhile to complete. It’s also possible that you maybegin to tire before you see the end result. Be sure to stay positive, because- you getwhat you focus on. If you begin to have negative feelings or energy because it may betaking longer than you expected, negative things will begin to happen. This isn’t scary,just true. Be sure to stay positive and if your’re having a hard time, ask for help.Bonus Tip- Be ThankfulYou have a gazillion things for which to be thankful. If you stop and think about it longenough, you will find there are more and more reasons for you to be thankful no matterwhat’s going on in your life. Being thankful is not only helpful for you but also helpful forothers. It can be contagious. Everyone appreciates a “thank you”. It puts a good vibe inthe air. It puts you in the right mood to stay positive as well. Be thankful for for as muchas you can as often as you can throughout each and every day.About the Author:Jeff Klaus is passionate about inspiring you to be your very best. Visit his website and get more tips like these and many more. Jeff Klaus * *