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Tapping the visual web


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Published in: Technology, Art & Photos
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Tapping the visual web

  1. 1. Tapping the visual web Using photos, video and graphics to raise more money online video photos infographics logo design branding @jeffachen | @danielpwalls | @givemn
  2. 2. jeffachen danwalls Who we are and what we’ll cover: 1. Intro to visual branding 2. File types, web sizes and the jargon of digital photography 3. Simple tips and tools for creating compelling infographics, memes & logos 4. How to produce simple, but compelling videos with minimal equipment & budget @jeffachen | @danielpwalls | @givemn
  3. 3. GiveMN is a collaborative nonprofit venture to grow charitable giving in Minnesota and move more of it online. We do this through fundraising training and outreach, our annual Give to the Max Day event, and by providing innovative online tools to help you raise more money. GiveMN is an independent 501c3 support organization of the Minnesota Community Foundation, which is an affiliate of Minnesota Philanthropy Partners. @jeffachen | @danielpwalls | @givemn
  4. 4. Razoo provides the web platform that powers GiveMN. @jeffachen | @danielpwalls | @givemn
  5. 5. visual branding • Visual branding is what a brand feels like. Devoid of tag lines & mission statements, a brand must be able to represent itself as a snapshot. @jeffachen | @danielpwalls | @givemn
  6. 6. visual branding • Elements of visual branding: – Colors – Logo – Font – Layout @jeffachen | @danielpwalls | @givemn
  7. 7. visual branding • You can do anything. You just can’t do everything. • What are you branding? Cause? Org? Project? Campaign? @jeffachen | @danielpwalls | @givemn
  8. 8. visual branding • Align your visual branding with overall branding (voice, style, mission, etc.) @jeffachen | @danielpwalls | @givemn
  9. 9. file types | sizes Standard image files (store information about the file by identifying each pixel and it's color, the result is that if you stretch or resize the image, it looks unnatural and pixilated) • .jpeg = (Joint Photographic Experts Group) used for photos online • .tiff = (Tagged Image File Format) used mainly for photos in print materials • .png = (Portable Network Graphics) used for photos online, and the main advantage is this file type can be rendered for backgrounds to show through • .psd = (Adobe PhotoShop Document) used for sharing with other photo editors during the editing process, including for use in video editing programs, but .psd files should be saved as .jpegs or .png files for use on a published website or social network @jeffachen | @danielpwalls | @givemn
  10. 10. file types | sizes Vector image files (made up of points, lines and curves related to one another using mathematical formulas and can be scaled to any size with no loss of detail or sharpness) • .ai = (Adobe Illustrator Document) use for sharing with other graphic designers or video graphics editors, but .ai or .eps files should be saved as .jpegs or .png files for use on a published website or social network • .eps = (Encapsulated PostScript) use for sharing with other graphic designers or video graphics editors, but .ai or .eps files should be saved as .jpegs or .png files for use on a published website or social network @jeffachen | @danielpwalls | @givemn
  11. 11. file types | sizes dots per inch (dpi) • Another number you will see used in addition to the pixels dimensions is dpi. It will likely be either 72 dpi or 300 dpi. • Basic rule of thumb: 72 dpi = web & video use 300 dpi = print use @jeffachen | @danielpwalls | @givemn
  12. 12. file types | sizes @jeffachen | @danielpwalls | @givemn Standard website size is 786 pixels wide. Typically, there is a column on the right, leaving you with about 580 pixels to fill. This is a great standard width for photos, graphics or video.
  13. 13. file types | sizes @jeffachen | @danielpwalls | @givemn Photo sizes for Facebook: Cover photo = 851 x 315 pixels Profile picture = 180 x 180 pixels Tab buttons = 111 x 74 pixels
  14. 14. file types | sizes Key takeaways: 1. For online purposes, use .jpeg or .png files for your photos and graphics at 72 dpi 2. For print purposes, use .ai or .eps files OR .jpeg, .psd, .tiff files at 300 dpi 3. For photos and graphics on the web, the optimal size is 580 pixels wide (unless the photo runs the width of the site, or requires other specified dimensions) 4. For graphics, make sure you have an .ai or .eps version on file somewhere and use that version (vector graphic) to send to printers, web editors, and other creative partners 5. Whatever your use, take the time to find out the dimensions and create photos to match them @jeffachen | @danielpwalls | @givemn
  15. 15. photography Considerations for choosing a photo: – Perspective – Cropping – Your subject’s expression – The Eyes – Direction – “Negative” space @jeffachen | @danielpwalls | @givemn
  16. 16. Image tells a story Cropped properly Subjects facing in, not out Sized properly for the page
  17. 17. The eyes! Subjects facing in, not off the page
  18. 18. Good Use of Negative space to compliment with text/logos Subject facing toward the headline, not away
  19. 19. photography Considerations for choosing a profile picture or avatar: • Does it fit 180x180 pixels? • Person or logo? • Keep it simple @jeffachen | @danielpwalls | @givemn vs. vs. vs.
  20. 20. graphics • Software: Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop • Types of graphics – Organizational Logo – Event logo – Infographics – Memes @jeffachen | @danielpwalls | @givemn
  21. 21. graphics @jeffachen | @danielpwalls | @givemn
  22. 22. graphics Meme – an element of a culture (often an image or video) that may be imitated widely Memes = fun Make your own:
  23. 23. video • Equipment: web cam or phone camera • Software for editing & publishing your video: YouTube @jeffachen | @danielpwalls | @givemn Webcam: $15-$80
  24. 24. video Types of videos you can produce @jeffachen | @danielpwalls | @givemn • Thank you messages • Report on progress, impact • Testimonial • Photo slideshow • Video tour of a place or event
  25. 25. Questions? video photos infographics logo design branding @jeffachen | @danielpwalls | @givemn