Everything you need to know about Give to the Max Day 2012


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Whether it's your first year participating in Give to the Max Day or your fourth, this webinar will bring you up to speed on all the ins and outs of this year's event. This includes:
*Prize grant amounts, golden tickets and competition structure
*How to get your page ready for the big day
*Ways to get involved with offline events happening throughout the day
*And, strategies to consider to raise more money in the 24 hour event period.
It's EVERYTHING you need to know about Give to the Max Day 2012!

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  • Video contest: Contest entries due by Nov. 13 min. max lengthA panel of youth and the Youthprise staff will judge the contest. Special consideration will be given to videos that:Are created and submitted in partnership with your organization and youth Feature youth that participate in the organizations programs and servicesDemonstrate innovative ways to engage and empower young people to make positive community change Winning Videos: Two grand prizes of $5,000 2nd Place: $2,500 3rd Place: $1,000 4th & 5th Place: $500 AFP “Most Creative Give to the Max Day Campaign Award”Give us a snapshot of your creative approaches to fundraising for Give to the Max Day to be considered for the Most Creative Give to the Max Fundraising Campaign Award. Submit your completed entry by Friday, October 26.The winning entry will be announced on Give to the May Day, received one of GiveMN live stream slots and will be recognized in all post Give to the Max Day outreach efforts. In addition, the Most Creative Give to the Max Fundraising Campaign Award along with a $500 check will be presented to the winning organization at the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Minnesota Chapter National Philanthropy Day luncheon on November 16 at the Minneapolis Marriott City Center. The winner will be offered two complimentary tickets to the luncheon and must have a representative present to receive the award.  
  • Colleges and universities include all institutions of higher education—we will include seminaries, law schools, medical schools and vet schools.
  • November 7th would be the absolute cut-off date for admin access and setting up matching grants!STRESS GETTING DONORS TO GIVE THROUGHOUT THE DAY TO INCREASE CHANCES OF $1000 PRIZEMATCHING GRANTS: HAVE TO GET IN START TIME/END TIME SOMEWHERE – 12:00 a.m. – 11:59 p.m. on November 15
  • Talk about the GTMD landing page and what it will look like for the day of the event
  • Creating a Project page is the same process as creating a Fundraiser page. The difference lies in who is creating the page. If you are an admin, the page created with be a project of your nonprofit. If you are not an admin, you will be prompted to create a fundraising page for a nonprofit.
  • Creating a Project page is the same process as creating a Fundraiser page. The difference lies in who is creating the page. If you are an admin, the page created with be a project of your nonprofit. If you are not an admin, you will be prompted to create a fundraising page for a nonprofit.
  • Donations pass through the GiveMN portal – GiveMN does not receive or handle the funds.Credit card transactions are processed by US Bank on behalf of Razoo. GiveMN and Razoo have secured a rate of 2.9% and will continue to subsidize transaction fees.Razoo sends a receipt to the donor for the online donation. Razoo vets organization then disburses the funds.
  • Replace with current metrics of demographics.
  • Everything you need to know about Give to the Max Day 2012

    2. 2. Chat & Raise Hand Mute - *6 Unmute - *7If you lose your internet connection, you can rejoin by clicking on the link sent to you via email Be sure to call in via phone for audio: U.S. & Canada: 866.740.1260 Access Code: 3254294
    3. 3. GiveMN is a collaborative venture to grow charitable giving in Minnesota and move more of it online.GiveMN is an independent 501c3 support organizationof the Minnesota Community Foundation, which is an affiliate of Minnesota Philanthropy Partners. 3
    4. 4. Give to the Max Day began in 2009 as a launch event for GiveMN.The event has grown into an annual fundraising event for thousands of Minnesota nonprofits and is the largest one-day fundraising event in the world. 4
    5. 5. Who is GiveMN? 5
    6. 6. Who is GiveMN? 6
    8. 8. A Brief History of Give to the Max Day 2010 Results 2011 Results Total Dollars Given: $10M Total Dollars to MN Nonprofits: $13.4M Total Number of Donors: 42,624 Total Number of Donors: 47,534 Average Gift Size: $188 Average Gift Size: $227 # of Nonprofits Benefitting: 3,663 # of Nonprofits Benefitting: 3,978 Average Gifts per nonprofit: $2,741 Average Gifts per nonprofit: $2,720• Give to the Max Day has made GiveMN/Razoo one of the leading online giving portals (Razoo has facilitated over $100M in donations, half of which is through GiveMN.org!)• 66 % of the 5,755 Give to the Max Day donors surveyed prefer to give online vs. check• Give to the Max Day involved significantly more nonprofits and more donors than similar community-based events 8
    9. 9. What’s NEW With Give to the Max Day 2012? SMALL – MEDIUM – …and ALL! Leaderboard 1: All Nonprofits except Colleges & Universities Leaderboard 2: Medium Nonprofits (budgets over $100,000 & under $1 million) Nonprofits must register for this category Leaderboard 3: Small Nonprofits (budgets under $100,000) Nonprofits must register for this category Leaderboard 4: Colleges and Universities “Mobilize the Power of Youth” Video Contest sponsored by Youthprise “Most Creative Give to the Max Day Campaign Award” Public schools can now fundraise on GiveMN and will have their own hourly Golden Tickets in addition to hourly nonprofit Golden Tickets, as well as one $10,000 Golden Ticket! 9
    10. 10. What’s NEW With Give to the Max Day 2012?  LEADERBOARDS – awarded based on most dollars raisedLeaderboard #1 – All nonprofits (except colleges & universities)•1st: $12,500 prize grant 2nd: $5,000 prize grant 3rd: $2,500 prize grantLeaderboard #2 – Medium-sized nonprofits (revenue under $1M; over $100K)• 1st: $12,500 prize grant 2nd: $5,000 prize grant 3rd: $2,500 prize grantLeaderboard #3 – Small nonprofits (revenue under $100K)• 1st: $12,500 prize grant 2nd: $5,000 prize grant 3rd: $2,500 prize grantLeaderboad #4 – Colleges and universities• 1st: $12,500 prize grant 2nd: $5,000 prize grant 3rd: $2,500 prize grant 10
    11. 11. What’s the SAME With Give to the Max Day 2012? LIVE EVENT from the MALL OF AMERICA  Livestream coverage by The UpTake from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.  Leverage TV and media opportunities throughtout the day.  Live interviews with nonprofits  Register for the scheduling “lottery” online  Live performances by great musicians, artists Sign up on the Give to the Max Day Home page at: http://givemn.razoo.com/p/gtmd 11
    12. 12. What’s The Same With Give to the Max Day 2012? THEME – “The Great Minnesota Give Together” MATCHING – We again encourage your organization to offer a match on Give to the Max Day. Nonprofits that secure matching funds will be highlighted on GiveMN.org so donors have the chance to double their donation. NONPROFIT GOLDEN TICKETS - Throughout the event, an individual donor will be randomly chosen every hour to win a “Golden Ticket.” An additional $1,000 will be given to the charity that received the donor’s original donation. One name will be randomly selected from throughout the event and announced the next day at the AFP luncheon to win their nonprofit a $10,000 Golden Ticket! TRANSACTION FEES –GiveMN’s transaction processing fee is 2.9%. This rate is one of the lowest of any fundraising websites and has been made possible thanks to a partnership between US Bank and GiveMN’s technology partners Razoo.com SOCIAL MEDIA BONANZA – We’ll be using Twitter, Facebook & YouTube to provide updates, highlight great donor/NPO stories, promote live events 12
    13. 13. Give to the Max Day Web Page LEADERBOARD – We will be showcasing all four leaderboards throughout the event MATCHING GRANTS – We will have a prominent link to all those nonprofits who have an active matching grant available for Give to the Max Day 2012 NONPROFIT & SCHOOLS GOLDEN TICKETS – We will use the web page, as well as social media and our blog, to announce hourly “Golden Tickets” winners; one schools donor and one nonprofit donor. 13
    14. 14. Media – 154M Impressions in 2011 Public Service Announcements (PSA) – TV commericals 1) Famous Minnesota singers Stokley Williams and OSO singing about Give to the Max Day 2) Minnesota Celebrity Athletes talking about Give to the Max Day. We’re hoping to air these videos on TPT and other television stations. You can use the PSAs on your website too. TV/Radio/Print – working with Metro and Greater Minnesota media to cover event and feature the “Golden Ticket” winners Nonprofit Toolkit – Email, direct mail, letter to the editor, press release templates; communication tips; social media guide 14
    15. 15. How does GiveMN work?• All 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organizations are listed on GiveMN• Information is downloaded from the IRS database from an organization’s 990• Over 26,000 nonprofits in Minnesota and over 1.2M nonprofits in the United States are listed on GiveMN 15
    16. 16. What is the benefit for Minnesotans?• Account tracks all online donations on GiveMN – provides giving history, account summary and an opportunity to set up recurring donations 16
    17. 17. How do I make the most of GTMD? Claim Admin Access (If you haven’t already) Set a goal (how does this fit in your year-end giving plan?) Edit Your GiveMN Page & Add Photos or a Video Find a Match and Offer a Matching Grant Engage Your Advocates Create a Communications Plan Social Media Outreach (#GTMD12) Create a Thank You Video or Customize a Thank You Message 17
    18. 18. 18
    19. 19. Matching grants on GiveMN•Anyone can list and promote at matching grant. Set the matching grant total, the effective dates and list who is providing the match.•GiveMN identifies matching grants with a special icon and thermostat. 19
    20. 20. 20
    21. 21. Tips for Matching Grant Success Clearly communicate to donors that they must look for the x2 money icon to ensure their donation is being matched. Ask board members or others to put up a matching gift as their way of contributing – and then ask them to promote to their friends/colleagues If you have multiple matching opportunities, keep an eye on them. You will want to close a page once the match has been met so that donors only contribute to current matching opportunities Consider sending out 3 update emails staggered throughout Give to the Max Day – providing an update on your progress and encouraging donors to give throughout the day Use the match to create a sense of urgency/excitement as part of your social media outreach Offline donations can be added under the “Donations” tab, but don’t count towards the Give to the Max Day leaderboard 21
    22. 22. Creating a Project PageIf you are an admin, your fundraising page will be created as a project.
    23. 23. Which page is best for GTMD?PROS/CONS OF USING YOUR PROS/CONS OF USING AORGANIZATION PAGE PROJECT PAGE• Simple and avoids • Allows you to track donors confusion for donors to for a specific event (i.e. have just one page to GTMD) donate on. • Funds raised totals (thermostat and banner• No “funds raised” totals on search page) • Can create more clutter, one more page to maintain and send out to donors Choose which works best based on your organization’s needs and capacity.
    24. 24. Introducing Scheduled Donations Starting Thursday, Nov. 8 donors can log onto GiveMN and schedule donations for Give to the Max Day. Donations will be deducted from their credit card on Nov. 15 and are eligible for all prize categories.
    25. 25. Communication Inventory Web Page Email  Personalize your communications Social Media  Facebook  Google +  Pinterest  YouTube  Twitter  Your blog 25
    26. 26. Social Media Twitter  Hashtag is #GTMD12  Use Twitter throughout the event to encourage donations, show how donations help your mission and share donor stories Facebook  Facebook surpassed email in driving of visitors to GiveMN.org on Give to the Max Day 2011  Use Facebook to connect w/ donor on and prior to Give to the Max Day. Share your nonprofit’s story, share stories of those you have helped, interact throughout the day  Consider having a staff member dedicated to your Facebook page for the event YouTube  Visit GiveMN’s YouTube channel for how-to videos, promotional videos  Create/promote your own videos on Give to the Max Day and spread those videos using Twitter and Facebook  Create a customized thank you video 26
    27. 27. Customizing a Thank You Message Thank You Video  Videos pop up immediately after a donor makes a donation. Thank you message  Add a few lines of text to make the thank you email more personal.  Consider adding special thank you messages for Give to the Max Day 27
    28. 28. 28
    29. 29. Connect offline events Flyers/Handouts/QR Codes  Create flyers or handouts using Give to the Max Day logos and your GiveMN page QR code Giving stations  Set up computers for your supporters to make donations on Give to the Max Day Mobile pledges and donations  Encourage supporters to use their smartphones to visit givemn.org and make a mobile donation or pledge Local “Golden Tickets”  Consider hosting local drawings where people register after they’ve made a donation and pick a name randomly from that list to win extra money for their cause 29
    30. 30. How do I get started? 30
    31. 31. What happens when a donor makes a donation?• The organization’s administrator immediately receives an email notification which includes the donation amount and the donor’s contact information (if it is not an anonymous gift).• The organization’s administrator may access their organization’s donor report online at anytime. Report includes donor name, amount, date, donor address, email, designation, source and recurring gifts.• The donor immediately receives an email from Razoo/GiveMN which is their IRS receipt . While the email thanks the donor, it is a thank you from Razoo/GiveMN, not from the organization. We strongly encourage the organization to follow up with a thank you note shortly thereafter.• Donations are paid out the 10th of each month for the prior month’s donations. 31
    32. 32. What is the cost?• Enabled by our strong partnership with U.S. Bank, GiveMN will apply a flat, simple 2.9 percent on donations to cover transaction costs – one of the lowest rates available to most nonprofits and organizations.• There are no hidden or other required charges. No subscription fees. No setup costs.• We offer Minnesota nonprofits great features and make it clear how we work and how we can help. 32
    33. 33. Transaction Process 33
    34. 34. Some great examples from 2011St. Olaf Collegeo Sent out emails to alumni a week prioro Hosted a big "oles to the max" set up in the student center with QR codes, the leaderboard, candy, and laptopso Mobilized their alumni volunteer fundraisers via email to do “social fundraising” via Facebook and emailo Won $15,000 top prize on the college leaderboard 34
    35. 35. Some great examples from 2011Wild Cat Sanctuaryo Informed donors via eNewsletter well ahead of GTMDo Created videos about the animalso Used the “suggested donation” amounts to show impacto Won $5,000 by placing 4th on the small nonprofits leaderboard 35
    36. 36. Some great examples from 2011The Convent and Academy of the Visitationo Gave out coffee during drop off at the start of schoolo Flash mob during lunch at schoolo Created stickers for students to take home to create awareness about givingo Built a sense of community around the dayo Won $5,000 by placing 4th on the main leaderboard 36
    37. 37. Some great examples from 2011Interfaith Outreach and Community Partnerso Two of their donors put up a $150,000 gift match during Give to the Max Day Sleep Out campaign.o Won $15,000 prize by placing 1st on the main leaderboardo Won a $1,000 Golden Ticket during the 10 p.m.-11 p.m. hour 37
    38. 38. Some great examples from 2011 Goodhue County Results Give to the Max DayRed Wing Community NonprofitsIn 2010, two local Red Wing foundations 2009 2010 2011partnered with GiveMNto offer a training $ Raised $33,928 $132,290 $177,408event and matching grants to those # of 37 79 77organizations which raised at least $550 Organizationsduring the 2010 Give to the Max Day event. Most organizations reported new donors.Organizations in Goodhue County—thecounty where Red Wing resides—raised$132,000 during the. Goodhue Country raised 6xBased on this success, the entire community as much as the averagecollaborated for the 2011 Give to the Max Greater MN countyDay. They organized communications and acommunity giving day at the YMCA featuring40 local nonprofits, giving kiosks and fungiving promotions. Collectively, they raised$177,000!
    39. 39. Connect with us Facebook.com/givemn Twitter.com/givemn YouTube.com/givemn Blog.givemn.org Email: info@givemn.org Sign up for the GiveMN Nonprofit Admin eNewsletter (The sign up link is at the bottom of our homepage) 39