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Sandra Lester_Sustainable Materials


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Sandra Lester from Affecting Change presents a project manager's perspective on identifying evaluating and selecting sustainable materials. Presented to the Toronto CSBA Course

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Sandra Lester_Sustainable Materials

  1. presented by Sandra Lester
  2. Jean Canfield Government of Canada Building, charlottetown
  3. Points are NOTeverything
  4. Life Cycle Assessmentrating systems
  5. is our model for product evaluation
  6. Our library is committed to aLife CycleAssessmentevaluation of products
  7. BEES
  8. All Standards are NOT Created Equal
  9. 1 Green Seal GS 11 Standard2 CA Section 013503 The South Coast Air Quality Standard
  10. 1 The new ANSI/BIFMA Business and Institutional Furniture Sustainability Standard2 Mandates design for remanufacturing, recycling and durability3 Encourages buy-back/take back/lease options
  11. We like third party certifiers that have no direct link to manufacturers
  12. We prefer certifiers thatmeasure and examineall aspects of aproduct, not justone attribute
  13. FSC supports the and helps people lead better lives. Choose FSC certified products and make a difference.
  14. Imagine standards like these!
  15. UltimateSustainableLife CycleApproach
  16. Weighing theTrade Offs
  17. Some healthcareproviders have beensuccessful in removingPVC materials fromhospital environments –specifiers are demandingsafe alternatives
  18. Accept only materialsthat meet our /yourrequirements and asksuppliers to exchangeold product for new whenupdating the library. - Dieter Rams, designer Braun
  19. “Seek constant improvement by sharing of knowledge. Encourage direct and open communication between colleagues, patrons, manufacturers, and users to link long term sustainable considerations with ethical responsibility, and re-establish the integral relationship between natural processes and human activity.”
  20. Today, our productevaluation criteriaare very much intune with:
  21. The Natural Step
  22. TNS Backcasting
  23. What is Sustainability? Sustainability is the ability of natures cycles to run in perpetuity.
  24. Sustainable actions do not…
  25. The Natural Stepincreaseconcentrationsof substancesextracted fromthe earths crust
  26. The Natural Stepincrease the concentrations ofsubstances produced by society
  27. The Natural Stepsubject people toconditions thatsystematicallyundermine theircapacity to meettheir needs
  28. Cradle to Cradle
  29. Cradle to Cradleseeks to create production techniques thatare not just efficient but are essentiallywaste free.
  30. Cradle to Cradle
  31. Cradle to Cradle
  32. The Natural Step
  33. The Natural StepChris Jordan, Cell phones #2, Atlanta 2005 44 x 90"
  34. The Natural StepCertification CriteriaCategories:a Materials;b Material Reutilization/Design for Environment; Energy;c Water;d Social Responsibility
  35. Natural Capitalism
  36. Natural CapitalismInstitutionsto be restorative
  37. Natural Capitalism
  38. GreenSpec
  39. GreenSpecAgricultural waste material Unusual rapidly renewable products
  40. GreenSpec Reduce material use or use material efficientlyNatural or minimallyprocessed products
  41. GreenSpecAlternatives to products madewith brominated fire retardants Avoid Toxic or Other Emissions Alternatives to hazardous products
  42. GreenSpecReduce impacts from construction or demolition Alternatives to ozone-depleting substances
  43. GreenSpec Alternatives to products made with chlorinated hydrocarbons such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC)Nonformaldehyde manufacturedwood products
  44. GreenSpec High Efficiency Dual Flush ToiletsImprove light quality
  45. GreenSpecExceed theEnergy Star® standards Cogeneration equipment Reduce pollution or waste from operationsReduce heatingand cooling loads
  46. GreenSpec Protect indoor air quality Products that remove indoor pollutantsBlock the spread of indoor contaminants
  47. GreenSpecProducts that help control noise
  48. Our Initiatives Beyond LEEDLowest VOC levels possiblefor all products 1 VOC compliance review (SCAQMD Rule and GS-11) after paint products are tinted; 2 VOC compliance for all adhesives in millwork made off-site; 3 Minimum recycled content levels for products. v
  49. Our Initiatives Beyond LEEDEncourage local labourSelect low-maintenancefinishes with proven durabilityConsider that maintenancecould be a job provisionaspect for the community v
  50. Our Initiatives Beyond LEEDDoes itbreak enhance orthe sustainability cycle accordingto The Natural Step?
  51. Our Initiatives Beyond LEED enhance orDoes ithinder theorganization’s capacity forresiliency?
  52. Our Initiatives Beyond LEEDDoes it use thePrinciples of biomimicry?
  53. Our Initiatives Beyond LEEDDoes itconserveresources?
  54. Our Initiatives Beyond LEEDIs itC2C-certified,and to what level?
  55. Our Initiatives Beyond LEEDIs it listed inGreenSpec?