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Jeff kaller -real_estate_coach


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To Make career in real estate. Learn online tips by real estate expert master
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Jeff kaller -real_estate_coach

  1. 1. Jeff kaller Real Estate Coaching Program- Jeff Kaller Do Deals Online FREE Real Estate Investing Series: Top Real Estate Coach Reveals TOP FIVE Leverage Points to Guarantee Your Financial Freedom Flipping Homes Scrutinize any successful cause-driven entrepreneur and you will find the secret to their success comes from learning to master leverage in all they do. They approach opportunities based on the amount of personal time and energy spent to generate the return. They choose opportunities expected to solve a problem in a unique way. Richard Branson is a great example: he pledged to commit $3 billon or all the profits from his travel firms toward global warming. He has donated to educational charities in Africa. Branson started his first charity “Student Valley Centre “at age 17. He persuaded Elton John to sing “Candle in the Wind” at Princess Diana’s funeral. He is founder of the Virgin Group, one of the world’s most respected and recognized brands with its sister companies employing approximately 50,000 people in 30 countries. Clearly he understands leverage and has mastered the ability to create good for others and multiple streams of income for himself. You can use the following leverage points in Real Estate to practically guarantee your success. In this article you will be shown how each point can add a new dimension of less work, less competition and a lower learning curve. In a moment you will understand all the essential elements on leverage. If you are willing to embrace the unknown then we have the right FREE training and the right Real Estate Coach ready to speak to you one-on-one to get you pointed in the right direction. In one conversation we can show you
  2. 2. how to master the unfamiliar and embrace the safest investing strategies to get some very predictable results. To demonstrate this we will examine these top reasons to invest in real estate, unveiling the real untapped points of leverage of which many investors are not aware. With FREE training and the right coach any wanna-be Real Estate Investor can understand the relation of leverage points in flipping houses. You can become your own mini-Branson of sorts. Here are OUR TOP FIVE… Contrasting mainstream investors to enlightened investors 1. Appreciation Despite the carefully manufactured housing bubbles, you can slip in and out of this contrived reality and make money from what these Too Big to Jail Wall Street Banks continue to perpetuate. If you study the reports from RealtyTrac, the facts prove beyond the shadow of a doubt the housing market recovery is a complete and utter fraud. Corporate mainstream media do their usual spin job on the report by focusing on the fact foreclosures in 2013 were the lowest since 2007. Focusing on this meaningless fact Criminal Banks have delayed foreclosures as part of their conspiracy to keep prices rising. This is to convince the willfully ignorant masses the housing market is back to normal. Mainstream investors: Are listening to the mainstream media always saying “This is the best time to buy”
  3. 3. Be careful! When we are informed that 42%Of All U.S. Residential Sales are Cash Purchases we must stop and ponder for a moment. In a normal healthy real estate market, all-cash sales would be on the order of 4% to 5%. All-cash sales means that Wall Street investors are using the Fed’s easy money to buy up real estate on the cheap and drive up prices to make the suckers believe that the housing boom is back so they can flip the deal in a few months and walk away with a tidy profit before this manufactured bubble explodes. As it always does. Enlightened Investors: A jujitsu master uses the momentum of his opponent to keep from getting taken down. The momentum is housing pricing on the rise. They locate a house that has little equity, or a price driven seller. These properties are everywhere. The Strategy: Understanding that what goes up must come down, instead of buying, holding and waiting for the appreciation, why not create it yourself? You can locate any number of properties where the seller is willing to sell within 95-100% of retail (that’s a real tough one). If the seller has moved and the house is vacant (also everywhere), ask if they would lease it for 12-24 months to cover their payments. Offer the house to a credit-challenged buyer who is willing to pay 10-15% over market. This allows you to create the future appreciation now and capture that upside immediately. Because this buyer is closing on the house in 24 months, he is really just signing a purchase today of a predicted price in the future. Follow me here, this is where it gets fun. Assign the contract you created with that new buyer back to the original seller, keep 75% of the collected deposit as your earned fee!! You have manufactured the benefit of the appreciation without waiting for the appreciation. Does this make sence? If it does then we want to talk to you. We are looking for partners just like in this video. We are willing to train you for free first to see if it’s a good fit. Then you will be assigned a coach who will interview you: 2. Passive Income - The traditional manner of investing in real estate is locating a property that can be purchased at a discount. Maybe a fixer or rehab, either way it generally requires 10-20% of the price skin in the game. The down payment is the assurance most private lenders require to make sure you don’t buy the house then ride off into the sunset. Holding real estate can be a very passive
  4. 4. investment that provides returns higher than stocks and bonds. With the ability to outsource property management, investors can still make good returns while playing a very hands-off roll. There are artificial cycles that are created. When the bubble bursts, consumer confidence drops, inventory increases and rents drop. The undesired side effect is when the property is overleveraged it makes the rental income less than the payment, taxes and expenses. There is a different way to leverage. Remember we are on our way to becoming a mini-Branson  Enlightened Investors: Although our free training shows you many unique variations, one of these is how to make passive money on vacation rentals. These are houses in resort-like settings such as Park City Utah, Silver Springs Florida, the Florida Keys, Mount Shasta and all the really great places that you would want to go spend a week when the house doesn’t have a renter. The strategy: Can you lease-purchase the house and instead of renting by the month, rent by the week? Could you structure a private investor to put up the down payment and get seller financing? Yes you can, and by doing so you are getting the benefits by taking over debt that has a better interest rate. Then turn it over to the management company to do the rest. The house covers the payments for a year during the season, and you take it month to-month during the off season. When the house is vacant, you go down to the beach and spend a week contemplating, relaxing and time with the family. Learn how to put passive income on steroids and do it in a way that keeps your investing recession and bubble proof: 3. High Leverage - With Real estate investing leverage is everything. You cannot finance stocks and bonds with a loan, but you can with real estate. Most leverage today is done by using the smaller down payment as collateral to get the rest. Let’s use a 100k house example: By having a lender, be it private or institutional, you can put up $10-$20k to get another $80k. The strategy: What if you have no money down and you still want to play the leverage game to get into real estate? Can you become your own private lender? Necessity is the mother of invention and using leverage in a whole new way can put you in a position to become your own bank. Do you think Branson used money from his personal bank account to start Virgin Airlines
  5. 5. or did he lever the power of OPM? (Other People’s Money). Using this lesson we look to leverage the homeowner who has already put up the money to buy the house and now wants to sell it. The Enlightened Investor: The homeowner who has purchased the house has had to carry the burden of repairs, taxes, insurance, and the down payment at the time of purchase. When you are able to control a house through equitable interest, you use a contract document as the down payment. We teach you through the free training and our real estate coach that you can use a flex option on a price with the seller. In this case seller wants $85,000 and the house is worth $100,000. When you locate a buyer by running a few Craig’s list ads and locate a buyer willing to pay $95,000 you get to keep anything above $85,000 as earned fee! The road to becoming your own bank is contracting and selling about one of these little 10k deals per month over the course of a year. You have earned around $100,000 and are able to go the traditional route and put up the 10-20% on houses that you wish to buy for rehab or to be able to rent. Or…you never go the traditional route and keep all the money in your own account at Hip National Bank. Does this make more since to you? 4. High ROI Investors measure their Rate of Investment as a profitability ratio, to divide net profit by total assets. In economic terms investors are looking at ROI in relation to capital invested. Using any of the examples we have discussed and all of the ones we teach, we do not invest any of our own money. Yet we control an asset that someone else who has followed the traditional way of investing. For example, he is coming up with the down payment, the monthly carry and maintenance responsibility, i.e. all the outgo. The strategy: You come waltzing along and get a flex option to sell via lease- purchase, owner-finance, an option or assignment allowing you to locate a buyer for a fee. This constitutes an investment of time not hard money. Is this a good rate of investment? It certainly is. I think they call this infinity. Do you believe you can do this? All you need is a little training and a coach to walk you through any questions: 5. Retirement Income -
  6. 6. Once you follow the steps that we teach, it leads to a land of opportunity. This means creating a future with a predictable financial ending. Who knows, maybe someday you may be ready to stop working, start traveling, or spending your time doing non-income producing activities. Does this sound like a fairy tale? During the course of taking care of your monthly cash flow needs, there will be times when you can close a deal and put the money in the bank to earn interest, right? No way! This is the traditional mindset. The strategy: Open a self directed ROTH IRA and make the contribution of a few hundred bucks. Now use that IRA to make the earnest money deposit for a deal using the strategies we have discussed. Your assignment deal closes and there is a profit check of $10,000. That is a directed investment and it stays in your IRA ready to be directed TAX DEFERRED to the next investment. Enlightened Investors do things that allow them to break away from the traditional “Matrix” of real estate investing. We use strategies that do not require personal liability, or using lenders and having to play by their rules. By unplugging from the system itself we are free from market manipulation. We don’t have to speculate because we are not playing by the traditional rules. Where do you want to see your investing future: as a card carrying member of the “orthodox” real estate investing, subject to risk, and volatile fluctuations? Or are you a Richard Branson subject only to your own free will of creative real estate investing? The good news is that you get to choose how fast and how far you want to take this. About the Author: Jeff Kaller is a real estate investor looking for partners. He is offering a free real estate training video tutorial series, and real estate coaching that show you how to locate, evaluate, control and flip properties that are free and clear, have partial equity, no equity, overleveraged or properties in default. For more information: