Progress Report 2011


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Progress Report to Instructional Cabinet January 7, 2011. Indian Prairie School District 204

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Progress Report 2011

  1. 1. @IPSD Instructional Cabinet January 7, 2011 Jeffrey L. Hunt, Ed.D. ( Indian Prairie School District 204 Presentation available: Online Learning: Progress Report
  2. 2. Today’s Overview @IPSD The National Scope of Online Learning Promising Practices Profile of the 204 high school e-learner Course Design Course Demo
  3. 3. Definitions @IPSD Web Facilitated (<30%) Traditional (0% Online) Blended/Hybrid (30%-79%) Online (80-100%)
  4. 4. Trends in online learning @IPSD 2009, 1.5 million (est.) students enrolled online in K-12. K-12 on-line growing at 30% per year. 70% of school districts offer at least one course online.
  5. 5. State Virtual Schools 09-10 @IPSD Source:
  6. 6. District Virtual Schools 09-10 @IPSD Source:
  7. 7. Trends in On-Line Learning @IPSD In Higher Education In 2009, 5.6 million students enrolled on-line, 21% Increase over previous year, yet overall enrollment increased by 1.2%
  8. 8. Trends in On-line Learning @IPSD In Higher Education Nearly 30% of all students in higher education taking courses in fall 2009.
  9. 9. Estimate of Adoption @IPSD If rate of adoption follows the classic disruptive innovation model, by 2018, 50% of all high school courses will be online. --Clayton M. Christensen
  10. 10. PROMISING PRACTICES Delivering an Engaging and Challenging Course. @IPSD Image Credit
  11. 11. PROMISING PRACTICES Using the same course outlines, major assessments and courses examinations as face-to-face courses. @IPSD Image Credit
  12. 12. PROMISING PRACTICES Proctoring major assessments and final exams. @IPSD Image Credit
  13. 13. PROMISING PRACTICES Using live virtual sessions with software like Elluminate or Wimba Classroom. @IPSD Image Credit
  14. 14. PROMISING PRACTICES Requiring students have interactivity with the teacher and other students. @IPSD Image Credit
  15. 15. PROMISING PRACTICES Requiring weekly, purposeful communication between the teacher and individual students. @IPSD ImageCredit
  16. 16. PROMISING PRACTICES Adding oral exams at milestone points in the course to check for understanding. @IPSD Image Credit
  17. 17. PROMISING PRACTICES Challenging problems for accelerated (gifted) students. @IPSD Image Credit
  18. 18. PROMISING PRACTICES Regular formative assessments, followed by periodic formal evaluations by outside reviewers. @IPSD
  19. 19. Research: Who can be successful? @IPSD Achievement and Self-Esteem Beliefs – Students require a high degree of self-motivation, and [they] must perceive that their success depends on their own contributions, rather than those of the course or teacher. Responsibility/Risk Taking – Students have to take the initiative [to] complete tasks, even when all the information may not be given and the correct way to proceed may not be clear. Technology Skills and Access – Students in on-line courses not only must be skilled at using on-line resources but also should have better-than-average access to them. Organization and Self-Regulation – Even more than other academic activities, on-line environments seem to require students to have excellent organization and study skills. Roblyer, M.D. and Marshall, J. (2002). Prediction success of virtual high school students: Preliminary results from an educational success prediction instrument.
  20. 20. Course Menu Astronomy Consumer Economics English IV: 20th Century Literature English IV: AP Health U.S. History Middle School Math Course 3 @IPSD
  21. 21. Who is the 204 High School E-Learner? @IPSD Female (White, 47%; Asian, 6%) Pass course with “A,” “B” or “C” – 93% Completes work at home during traditional homework hours. Enjoys flexibility and pacing. Seeks quiet to study. Understands the self-discipline requirements. Based on 6 semesters of participation data
  22. 22. Course Design -- Navigation Astronomy Consumer Economics Health
  23. 23. Course Design -- Visual
  24. 24. Course Design -- Organization Unit Cover Page Internal Navigation Graphics Video Podcast Preview Unit Goals
  25. 25. Course Design – More Organization Consumer Economics Astronomy Unit ToC Checklist Study Guide Recorded Session Content Assessments For Further Understanding
  26. 26. Course Design -- Lesson Colorful Text in Large Font Attractive Graphics Appropriate Citations Audio & Video Content Consistent with Traditional Curriculum
  27. 27. Applying Online Learning to your world @IPSD This will be part of our students’ futures in higher education, business, or military. Let’s prepare for our students their future opportunities.