Augmented Reality and Gaming in Education


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This is the presentation from #reinventingeducation ( where I showcase programs to enhance education and "gamification" of education.

Links from Reinventing the Classroom Presentation May 1, 2014

London Tube System AR
DAQRI (4D System)
Anatomy 4D
Element Cubes
Avatar Reality (
Crytek Engine (
AR Flashcards
AR Solar System (cost)

AR Sightseeing

Avatar Reality Program Videos

Learn AR

GE Wind and Turbine AR

Iron Man Mask AR

BMW AR System

AR History Program

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  • Guesses?
  • New Media Consortium (2010 Horizon Report) says that simple augmented reality is “just two to three years away from having a significant impact on education. reality can be delivered using different devices – both in and beyond a classroom setting. Let’s look at some examples.
  • New iPhone App (Yelp)
  • LOCATIVE capabilities cont.:London Subway stations: could these VR and locative capabilities be levereged for VR “quests”, problem solving, higher level thinking and engagement? LOOK for an explosion of mobile VR possibilities coming SOON! How will YOU use mobile VR?Directional London Subway
  • Nightvision
  • Tracking AccuracyOptical vs. VideoOptical – High Resolution/FoV. Synching/Delay issues, brightness issuesVideo – safety: camera vs. eye offsetRegistration Problemslocationlag in renderingWeight/Battery LifeInteractionTechniquesPhysical objects
  • Minjuan offers an interesting peek into what China is doing with mobile learning. There are implications for U.S. educators! (See: mLearning_WantMJ_class.pptx)
  • Why Mobile Learning for K12?(Need slide for why mobile – learning characteristics)
  • to 73% of those in poverty have cell phones (and use to access internet). Government subsidies are one factor.Students already have and use this technology. It is accessible to a large percentage of of the student population. The only “hitch” is classroom access….
  • Q: Has anyone used any sort of mobile learning activity with their students?
  • graphic from, shows several types of mobile learning we might consider
  • iTunes app: American Museum of Natural History Explorer App Allows learners to customize museum experience and choose items of most interest, route, visit length, “favorites”, share on social media sites.From website: The Museum has been newly outfitted with indoor Wi-Fi, and users can use the app to pinpoint their location and receive turn-by-turn directions through the 45 permanent exhibition halls, theaters, restrooms, cafes and shops. In addition, the app can be used to access customized visual and audio tours, a fossil treasure hunt, and further information about more than 140 specimens and objects on display — all of which can easily be shared to e-mail, Facebook or Twitter.How could this type of experience change how your students learn? How would YOU use something like this? (Brainstorm) This URL also links to other global museum examples.
  • LOCATIVE capabilities:Archeology example: sightseeing and history:
  •  Augmented Reality for Schools     Augmatic, British Company started in 2008    Founded by James Alliban    Combining the real world with virtual content using a web cam
  • Car Promo & Jerry’s, Nissan and many others are beginning to use this VR as a gimmick… Which means that our learners will be pre-exposed to the technology.Physics Example for simple rapid prototyping, trial & error, problem solving … building virtual bridges!
  • Augmented Reality and Gaming in Education

    1. 1. Jeff Piontek
    2. 2. What exactly is Augmented Reality?
    3. 3. Blending (augmenting) virtual data — information, rich media, and even live action — with what we see in the real world, for the purpose of enhancing the information we can perceive with our senses mple-augmented-reality/
    4. 4. Milgram’s Reality-Virtuality Continuum
    5. 5. Mixed Reality Continuum • Mixed reality includes augmented reality, augmented virtuality, and other mixed configurations. Mixed Reality (MR) Augmented Reality (AR) Augmented Virtuality (AV) Reality-Virtuality (RV) Continuum Real Environment (RE) Virtual Environment (VE) Mixed Reality (MR)
    6. 6. AR Examples
    7. 7. • Medical • Scientific Visualization • Expert/Technician 7 Scenarios
    8. 8. • Medical • Scientific Visualization • Expert/Technician 8 Scenarios
    9. 9. Scenarios • Medical • Scientific Visualization • Expert/Technician 9
    10. 10. Navigation
    11. 11. Augmented Reality: Mobile
    12. 12. Commercial
    13. 13. Night Vision
    14. 14. Military
    15. 15. General Problems
    16. 16. Mobile Learning and Augmented RealityTrends for K12
    17. 17. AR in Education
    18. 18. Using AR in Mobile Learning Let’s Look At China …
    19. 19. Learn Mandarin in Yuan Ming Yuan
    20. 20. Talk and Role Play with Teachers in Beijing
    21. 21. Why is this Important?
    22. 22. Pew Internet: Wealthy have laptops Poor have Cell Phones obile-Access-2010.aspx
    23. 23. What are some K12 ideas?
    24. 24. mobile_learning_demand1-e1280413173331.jpg
    25. 25. “Apps”: Museum 2.0
    26. 26. Augmented Reality: Mobile (Berlin Historical Buildings)
    27. 27. What about: -The USA
    28. 28. Kids Build Worlds for Others to Explore Currently with Bishop Museum…
    29. 29. Kids Build Worlds for Others to Explore Kids Build Worlds for Others to Explore
    30. 30. LearnARCase Study
    31. 31. Start using Augmented reality right now! Android: Go to Android Marketplace, search and download "Barcode Scanner" Blackberry: Go to App World, search and download "Scanlife Barcode Reader" iPhone: Go to Apps Store, search "QR Code Reader"
    32. 32. Other Applications of AR • GE – Plug into the smart grid • Ironman • BMW • LEGO
    33. 33. Tourism and Augmented Reality • Want to study abroad and/or just travel? • Wikitude voted number 1 augmented reality travel app by CNN • Only works for iPhone and Android • Many "worlds" to use ex: Starbucks • Itactius (European cultural project) o History and architect through your phone o itacitus video
    34. 34. Potential Future Shopping Applications
    35. 35. Social Networking AR? source: 5magazine
    36. 36. References • SportVision site: • Human PacMan article: • How Stuff Works – Augmented Reality: • Online definitions of words: • Arvika – industrial AR: • You are Cyborg: Donna Haraway way_pr.html • Why life as a cyborg is better yborb.ap/index.html • Augmented Reality & Computer Augmented Environments
    37. 37. Images - Films • reality-hud.jpg • age/mug989.jpg • 0605123230.jpg • Films YouTube Augmented Reality