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The Role of Eye Safety Instruction

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The Role of Eye Safety Instruction

  1. 1.  Jeff Davis of Long Beach, California, has a great deal of experience working as a safety instructor in the petrochemical industry. Providing employees with guidelines for eye injury prevention is among Jeff Davis’s job duties as an instructor. Eye injuries are very common in workplaces. In fact, as many as 1,000 eye-related workplace injuries occur in the United States each day. In addition to the high personal toll these types of injuries take on employees and their families, eye injuries cost employers more than $300 million each year in medical expenses, financial compensation to injured workers, and other related costs.
  2. 2.  Taking steps to educate workers on the importance of eye safety and then ensuring they follow proper safety guidelines is of utmost importance. In particular, safety instructors should provide employees with clear instruction to wear eye protection while performing certain on-the-job activities. To avoid the occurrence of injuries from inadequate eye protection, such as safety sunglasses with no side shields when side shields would have blocked small particles from entering the eye, it is important to make sure safety guidelines are very specific about the required types of eye protection and when to use.