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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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  1. 1. Social  network  informa0onéferson MachadoSo#ware  Design
  2. 2. JVM Container
  3. 3. Kresten Krab Thorup
  4. 4. CTO – Responsible for technical strategy, researchingfuture technologies, and JAOO and Qconconferences.
  5. 5. GCC gcjGNU Objective-C Objective-C
  6. 6. Benchmarks
  7. 7. Erlang file consoleFile system
  8. 8. Does it work ?•  It  can  boot  Erlang/OTP  to  the  Eshell  (ej  command).  •  Theres  a  GUI  console  (ejc  command)  which  supports  ^G  and  line  edi0ng.   The  console  s0ll  needs  some  work  [Swing  wizards  welcome  here].  •  Run  Erlang  distribu0on,  tcp/ip,  port  commands  (stdio  to  external   processes).  •  You  can  run  the  compiler  (c(foo)  command  in  the  prompt)  •  It  runs  mnesia  with  distribu0on  across  Erjang/BEAM  nodes.  •  The  HTTP  packet  parsers  are  in  the  tcp/ip  stack,  so  mochiweb  and   webmachine  can  run  (without  crypto  for  now).  •  Larger  systems  like  rabbitmq  and  riak  can  boot;  and  works  for  basic   cases  ...  but  its  not  ready  for  prime  0me  yet.  •  Etc.  etc.  Lots  of  stuff  work.  
  9. 9. BUT!!!•  A  few  BEAM  instruc0on  are  missing  some   run0me  support.    •  There  are  also  BIFs  missing,  or  only  par0ally   implemented;  were  quite  careful  to  throw   @erjang.NotImplemented@  in  BIFs  (or  branches   thereof)  which  are  not  complete.    •  Many  OTP  modules  need  NIFs  or  linked-­‐in  drivers   that  are  en0rely  missing  or  only  partly   implemented.  
  10. 10. References•• based-Erlang-VM••
  11. 11. Questions ???   Social  network  informa0onéferson MachadoSo#ware  Design