World Geothermal Energy Summit


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World Geothermal Energy Summit

  1. 1. The President invites you to thePresident’s Investor Breakfast on ConneCting teChnology, finanCing and9 December 2011 at the Manila regulation toWardS a level playing fieldDiamond Hotel at 10AM. See in geothermal energy advanCement 33% OF 3 DELE F FOR WORLDinside leaf for more info. GATES! !! ge~thermaFully supported by theOffice of the President and thePhilippine Department of Energy ENERGY SUMMIT 7-9 December 2011, Diamond Hotel, Manila, PhilippinesPROGRAMME SCHEDULE DECEMbER 2011, WEDnESDAyPre-Summit Public Outreach Investment and development opportunities forProgramme geothermal energy operators, developers, regulators,• Press Conference• Panel Discussion with University investors and financiers StudentsPre-Summit Workshops KEynOTE SPEECH8 DECEMbER 2011, THURSDAyMain Conference Plenary9 DECEMbER 2011, FRIDAy Hon Jose RenePresident’s Investor breakfast | Almendras0900 - 1200 Secretary of EnergyMakiling-Banahaw (MakBan) Geothermal DEPT OF EnERGyPower Plant PHILIPPInESSite Visit | 1200 - 1700 Melinda Ocampo Takashi HongoMakiling-Banahaw (MakBan) Geothermal President Head of EnvironmentPower Plant PHIL ELECTRIC Finance Engineering FACILITATED by MARKET CORP* JbIC* Atty Fernando Peñarroyo Director InTERnATIOnAL GEOTHERMAL ASSOCIATIOn Jesse Ang Michael Pierce Country Head President Visit the Makiling-Banahaw Geothermal Power InTERnATIOnAL AP REnEWAbLES InC FInAnCE CORP Plant and discover business opportunities andmeaningful relationships. More info on page 5.Organised by Promoted by Prof Eulinia Valdezco Ariel Fronda Dr Herman Darnel Dr Graeme Member, Market Officer-in-Charge- Ibrahim beardsmore Surveillance Committee Division Chief of the Member Technical DirectorSite Visit Sponsors WHOLESALE Geothermal Energy nATIOnAL HOT DRy ROCKS ELECTRICITy SPOT Management EnERGy COUnCIL MARKET DEPT OF EnERGy InDOnESIAMedia Partners Ray Cunningham Dr Frederico Francis benito Francisco Sebastian FVP - Business Macaranas Geothermal Resources Chairman Development Professor Specialist FIRST METRO AbOITIz POWER AIM ASIAn DEVELOPMEnT InVESTMEnT CORP* bAnK *invited bOOK nOW! Call +65 6844 2080 | Fax +65 6844 2060 | Email
  2. 2. WORLD GEOTHERMAL EnERGy SUMMIT 2011 | DIAMOnD HOTEL, MAnILA, PHILIPPInESARE yOU MAxIMISInG yOUR OPPORTUnITIES ATTEnD WORLD GEOTHERMAL EnERGy SUMMIT 2011 AnD bE AbLE TO:WITHIn THIS GROWInG SECTOR? þGain the most up-to-date and in-depth information on the geothermal market. þ Analyze the geothermal energy market on a global scale. þ Identify the key growth technologies and opportunities within the geothermal industry. þ Facilitate decision-making based on strong historic and forecast data. þ Develop strategies based on the latest operational and regulatory events. þ Do deals with an understanding of how competitors are financed, and the mergers and partnerships that have shaped the geothermal market. þ Identify and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the leading geothermal companies. þ Identify key partners and business development opportunities. þ Understand and respond to your competitors’ business structure, strategy and prospects. TO REGISTER, EMAIL US AT GEOTHERMAL@ ARCMEDIAGLObAL.COM OR CALL OUR HOTLInE +65 6844 2080! WHO IS COMInG? Utilities • Regional directors • Power plant managers • Transmission • Technical managers • Distribution and Generation Stakeholders • Geological specialists Managers • Government Ministers • Geothermal project engineers • Metering specialists • Economic officers • Energy and mineral resource [ ] • Engineers, • Utility chairmen engineers • Planning and Technical • International organisation directors officers • CEOs • Mission directors Register 3 delegates and you • Programme managers save up to USD 900: • Utility directors IPPs • Managing directors Call: +65 6844 2080 Finance • Environmental specialists Fax: +65 6844 2060 • Project coordinators • Research and development Email: • Loan officers coordinators Visit: • Investment officers • Geothermal services geothermal AbOUT THE CEnTER FOR EnERGy VEnUE The Center for Energy Sustainability and Economics (Center for Energy) is an industry research centre (IRC) that works to bring top executives together in communities of learning and practice to act as a catalyst for generating high-value energy, mining and natural World Geothermal Energy Summit is going to be held in Manila resources business insight and channel Diamond Hotel, Philippines on 7-9 December 2011. Manila is the top expertise to where the world needs capital and largest city of the Philippines. it most. Reach us at +65 6844 2080 or email cese@ The Philippines gets 17% of its electricity supply from geothermal power plants and is the second largest geothermal energy producer in the world. To meet rising demand on electricity, the Philippines hopes to increase its geothermal energy output to be one of the main sources of the much-needed power capacities needed today. 2 Call +65 6844 2080 | Fax +65 6844 2060 | Email | Visit
  3. 3. MAIn PLEnARy | THURSDAy, 8 DECEMbER 201108:30 COFFEE AnD REGISTRATIOn 12:45 paneldiscussion This session provides an opportunity to debate, ask questions and discuss key considerations on:09:00 keynotespeech FACILITATInG GEOTHERMAL EnERGy PROMOTInG GEOTHERMAL-FRIEnDLy InFRASTRUCTURE In THE REPUbLIC OF THE DEVELOPMEnT: GLObAL REGULATORS MEET PHILIPPInES Following the Fukushima incident and the Arab The Department of Energy hopes to increase the country’s spring, geothermal energy is now at the forefront geothermal capacity by roughly 75 per cent over the next of clean energy options for power generation. In 20 years, with committed and indicative projects in the this panel discussion, you will be able to distill, pipeline estimate at over $5 billion. Proposed projects will engage and align your priorities with important add a total of 1,495 megawatts could be added to the governments that matter to your portfolios. three main grids. • Available government guarantees • Ensuring attractive geothermal purchasing Hon Jose Almendras, Secretary, DEPARTMEnT OF price EnERGy, PHILIPPInES • Dedicated tax holidays and tariff exemptions • Permits for foreign and domestic firms to GLObAL AnD REGIOnAL GEOTHERMAL access projects MARKET AnALySIS AnD TREnDS • Addressing other bottlenecks for development Invited regulators from key countries include:09:45 globalhighlight • Indonesia, Philippines and California/Nevada • Americas: Mexico/El Salvador GLObAL OVERVIEW OF GEOTHERMAL EnERGy • Europe: Iceland/Italy DEVELOPMEnT PROJECTS • Pacific: Japan/New Zealand • Analysis and forecasts of the geothermal power • Africa: Kenya industry • Important technological, market and research and Panel Facilitator: Francis benito, Geothermal development (R and D) trends Resources Specialist (Consultant), ASIAn • Analysis of growth and development of energy DEVELOPMEnT bAnK derived from geothermal power on a global basis 13:15 SPOnSORED nETWORKInG LUnCH Jesse Ang, Resident Representative, InTERnATIOnAL Use this comfortable setting to spend quality time FInAnCE CORPORATIOn with peers in the industry and informally gain maximum ROI out of greenfield amd brownfield 10:15 nationaldevelopments projects. THE ROLE OF WESM In HOnInG GEOTHERMAL EnERGy AnD AFFORDAbLE ELECTRICITy TECHnICAL COnSIDERATIOnS In Melinda Ocampo President, PHILIPPInE ELECTRIC COMMERCIALISInG GEOTHERMAL MARKET CORP* EnERGy10:45 SPOnSORED nAMECARD ExCHAnGE AnD nETWORKInG COFFEE 14:00 EnHAnCED GEOTHERMAL SySTEMS AnD Access inside information on government initiatives OPTIMISInG GEOTHERMAL PRODUCTIOn and incentives that level the playing field for What are technologies and software available that geothermal energy investments. identify critically stressed, permeable fracture faults for optimal well location? • Geothermal electricity generation with REGULATORy FRAMEWORKS, MARKET advanced extraction technology OVERVIEW, DEVELOPMEnT AnD • how to improve the longevity of down hole pumps through maintenance and operations FORECASTS OF KEy COUnTRIES • Resource degradation in geothermal operations to understand how to identify challenges and 11:15 UPDATES FROM InDOnESIA: GEOTHERMAL come up with solutions PLAnT CASE STUDy Next to the U.S., Indonesia holds approximately 40% Dr Graeme beardsmore, Technical Director of the world’s conventional geothermal reserves. HOT DRy ROCKS Find out latest projects, incentives and regulations to expedite geothermal energy development. Dr Herman Darnel Ibrahim, Member 14:45 paneldiscussion This session provides an opportunity to debate, ask nATIOnAL EnERGy COUnCIL InDOnESIA questions and discuss key considerations on: CROSSInG THE TECHnICAL HURDLES In12:00 UPDATES FROM THE PHILIPPInES: GEOTHERMAL EnERGy DEVELOPMEnT GEOTHERMAL PLAnT CASE STUDy Advanced technologies are now available that Updates on geothermal power facility targeted for make geothermal energy an economically viable, commissioning around 2013, the same period when reliable and safe clean energy resource. Securing power supply in the Luzon grid hits precarious level. a sustainable energy future through geothermal projects in general, and ensuring the commercial Michael Pierce, President, AP REnEWAbLES InC Call +65 6844 2080 | Fax +65 6844 2060 | Email | Visit 3
  4. 4. WORLD GEOTHERMAL EnERGy SUMMIT 2011 | DIAMOnD HOTEL, MAnILA, PHILIPPInES PLEnARy | THURSDAy, 24 nOVEMbER 2011 success of any given geothermal project in particular, requires that careful consideration 16:45 question&answer be given from drilling technologies through to This session provides an opportunity to debate, ask designing the plant that fit well with respect to questions and discuss key considerations on: the plant’s reservoir, area surface conditions, and the environment. DISCOVERInG FInAnCInG OPTIOnS FOR GEOTHERMAL EnERGy DEVELOPMEnT It is important that these are understood when design considerations are made to help ensure The capital funding markets for geothermal energy that optimal, sustainable plant operation can projects have changed dramatically in the last two be achieved. years. This sector formerly relied heavily on tax equity investors such as investment banks and insurance In this panel discussion, you will be able to companies. Changing dynamics has led to the decline extract insights from service and technology in the number of these investors available to fund providers about technologies that will ramp up geothermal projects. Government grants and subsidies your development of geothermal energy. are available—but what geothermal producers need most is private venture capital. Use this panel Technology experts will be invited to the discussion to structure a robust case for geothermal panel. energy development. 15:15 Panel Facilitator: Dr Frederico Macaranas, SPOnSORED nETWORKInG AFTERnOOn Executive Director, Policy, ASIAn InSTITUTE OF COFFEE MAnAGEMEnT This is a great time to review your notes for the day, check whether all your objectives have been met and meet the people over coffee who 17:15 EnD OF SUMMIT AnD SPOnSORED COCKTAILS can help you meet them! ECOnOMICALLy SOUnD FUnDInG SOURCE AnD InCEnTIVES FOR yOUR GEOTHERMAL PROJECT AnD EnSURInG RETURnS TO CURREnT Top 6 new reasons why SHAREHOLDERS you must attend WGES 1 15:45 POLICy, ROADMAP AnD InCEnTIVES FOR Access inside information GEOTHERMAL DEVELOPMEnT on government initiatives What are the criteria necessary to encourage and incentives that level the utilities, geothermal developers and investors to invest in geothermal energy development? playing field 2 Ariel Fronda, Officer-in-Charge-Division Gain insights into what Chief of the Geothermal Energy Management, DEPARTMEnT OF EnERGy PHILIPPInES would make funding organisations excited to With license in mechanical engineering and advanced diploma from the United Nations University in Reykjavik, finance your projects 3 Iceland, Ariel handles geothermal contract negotiations, monitoring, and assessment, among handling other specialized areas with the Department of Energy for over Reveal investment risks 15 years. and ways to mitigate them 4 16:15 FInAnCE AnD InVESTMEnT FOR Harness available sites GEOTHERMAL ExPAnSIOn that will drive your How do you economically secure/ debt and/or equity financing for: portfolio growth • geothermal energy plant acquisitions 5 • dry steam project development Discover geothermal • flash steam project development technology • binary cycle project development developments • enhanced geothermal systems • build-out or acquisition of geothermal 6 projects? Benchmark and partner with players in Francisco Sebastian, Chairman FIRST METRO InVESTMEnT CORP* global growth areas4 Call +65 6844 2080 | Fax +65 6844 2060 | Email | Visit
  5. 5. MAIn PLEnARy | THURSDAy, 8 DECEMbER 2011 Pre-Summit Public Outreach Programme Pre-Summit Workshops Wednesday, 7 December 2011 Wednesday, 7 December 2011 Press Conference | 0800 - 0900 Workshop A | 1030 - 1300 This is a great opportunity to set the discussion before the summit and introduce yourselves to the local and OPTIMISInG GEOTHERMAL SITE LOCATIOn AnD international business media representatives invited. All ExPLORATIOn sponsors are invited to join. Discover how to optimise your geothermal exploration activities by finding the best site location in the most efficient way possible, and Panel Discussion with University therefore minimise the needed initial investment for geothermal Students | 0900 - 1000 projects. In partnership with top local universities, e.g. University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila University, etc Engineering, Business, and Geosciences majors will Workshop b | 1400 - 1630 discover the environmental and economic benefits of geothermal energy, as well as potential careers in the MAnAGInG SOLID WASTE AnD CORROSIVE FLUIDS industry, through this interactive panel discussion with executives from geothermal energy developers, energy Overcome environmental and technical challenges by understanding regulators, analysts and investment houses. and implementing global best practices in managing solid wastes and corrosive fluids associated with geothermal operations.PRESIDEnT’S InVESTOR bREAKFAST | POST-SUMMIT SITE VISIT |FRIDAy, 9 DECEMbER 2011 FRIDAy, 9 DECEMbER 2011Manila Diamond Hotel | 1000 - 1130 Site Visit to the Makban Geothermal Power Plant | 1200 - 1800 Join the other summit participants on an exciting field trip to one of the Philippines’ biggest geothermal plants, the 280-MW Makiling-Banahaw (MakBan) Geothermal Power Plant to be hosted by Aboitiz Power Renewables Inc (APRI). After AP Renewables, a subdiary of APC, won the bidding for the facilities in 2009, the company has invested $150 million to rehabilitate and upgrade the Tiwi-MakBan geothermal power The Philippine government has initiated major structural reforms in complex earmarked for 4 to 5 years to bring its capacity up to the geothermal industry sector. The passage of Renewable Energy 330 MW, upon rehabilitation of its 5 and 6 generation units.Act of 2008 and its implementing rules and regulations established the open and competitive selection process for geothermal Discover opportunities from MakBan Geothermal Power Plant, exploration projects. More importantly, geothermal was defined located at Bay, Laguna, approximately 87 kilometers southeast under the law as a mineral resource opening the way for the entry of Manila in the Philippines, harnessing the geothermal energy of 100% foreign-owned corporation in geothermal exploration, located in the Bulalo Field. Chevron Geothermal Philippines development and utilization. Fiscal incentives were enhanced when Holdings, Inc is in charge of the drilling and the steam while the geothermal industry was declared a priority investment sector Aboitiz uses that steam for the turbines that power the that will regularly form part of the Philippine investment priority electricity generators.plan. 12:00 Meet at Hotel VenueJoin the President’s Investor Breakfast. Limited seats available. Call 12:30 Bus Departs for Field Trip and Site Tourus today at +65 6844 2080 or! 14:00 Lunch and Remarks by AP Renewables 15:00 Plant and Field Site Tour 18:00 Bus Departs for Hotel Venue 20:00 Bus arrives in Manila Call +65 6844 2080 | Fax +65 6844 2060 | Email | Visit 5
  6. 6. WORLD GEOTHERMAL EnERGy SUMMIT 2011 | DIAMOnD HOTEL, MAnILA, PHILIPPInESAbOUT OUR SPOnSORSSite Tour Sponsors Aboitiz Power Corporation (AP) is a publicly-owned AP Renewables Inc. is 100%-owned holding company listed with the Philippine Stock subsidiary of Aboitiz Power Corporation. Exchange that, through its subsidiaries and affiliates, It won the competitive bid for the 747 is a leader in the Philippine hydroelectric power megawatt Tiwi-Makban geothermal power generation industry and has interests in some of the plants with an offer price of $447 million. largest privately-owned distribution utilities in the The plants were turned over in May 2009. Philippines. Since its incorporation in 1998, AP has accumulated interests in both hydroelectric power generation facilities and in thermal plants. As a sponsor, you will have the BE A SPONSOR NOW opportunity to demonstrate your credibility and thought leadership. Call us at +65 6844 2080 or email us at for sponsorship opportunities. Call us at +65 6844 2080 or email us at geothermal@ arcmediaglobal.com6 Call +65 6844 2080 | Fax +65 6844 2060 | Email | Visit
  7. 7. World Geothermal Energy Summit 2011 7-9 December 2011, Manila Diamond Hotel, PhilippinesDelegate Registration Form 4 Easy Ways to Register Tel +65 6844 2080 Fax +65 6844 2060 II1 82460 PM Regular Email Web c Standard Package (3 Days) USD 3,497/pax 3 Easy Payment Methods c Workshop Special (Conference + Workshops) USD 2,651/pax Bank Transfer Pay to ARC MEDIA GLOBAL PTE LTD c Conference Day Only USD 2,195/pax Bank DBS Bank Ltd Branch Shenton Way Branch c Site Visit Only USD 1,095/pax Address 6 Shenton Way DBS Building Tower 2, #01-08 Singapore 068809 • Buy 2 Seats, Get 1 More Free Acct No 001 - 905 - 290 - 4 SWIFT DBS SSG SG • Groups larger than 3 and up to 8 from the same company and same invoicing person can avail Crossed Cheque of special discounts, rates on asking Pay to ARC MEDIA GLOBAL PTE LTD Mail to Robinson Road, PO Box 176 • All prices are nett of any government taxes, where applicable. Singapore 900326 Credit Card For bookings of more than 3 delegates, please photocopy this form and fax all forms together to +65 6844 2060 Please debit my credit card for :Delegate 1 c Mr. c Ms. c Mrs. c Dr. c Other USD________________________________________________________ Card No :First Name: Last Name:Job Designation: Department:Telephone: + [ ][ ] Fax: + [ ][ ] Visa MastercardEmail: Expiry Date : _______________________________________(mm/yy)Delegate 2 c Mr. c Ms. c Mrs. c Dr. c Other Name on Card : ____________________________________________First Name: Last Name: CVV/Security Code : _______________________________________Job Designation: Department: Signature : _________________________________________________Telephone: + [ ][ ] Fax: + [ ][ ]Email: Payment Policy: Payment is due in full at the time of registration. Full payment is mandatory for event attendance.Delegate 3 c Mr. c Ms. c Mrs. c Dr. c Other Cancellations and Substitutions: Substitutions will be accepted at any time prior to the event. AMG will not provide refunds for cancellations. For cancellations received in writing more than seven (7)First Name: Last Name: days prior to the conference, you will receive a full credit to be used at another AMG event for up to one year from the date of issuance. For cancellations received seven (7) days or less prior to an eventJob Designation: Department: (including day 7), no credits will be issued. In the event that AMG cancels an event, a full credit will be credited to the delegate for use at another AMG event. This credit is valid for one (1) year from the dateTelephone: + [ ][ ] Fax: + [ ][ ] of issuance. We reserve the right to change the venue and date of the event if required. AMG is not responsible for any loss or damage as a result of a substitution, alteration or cancellation/postponement of anEmail: event. AMG will assume no liability whatsoever in the event this event is cancelled, rescheduled or postponed due to a fortuitous event, Act of God, unforeseen occurrence or any other event that rendersApproving Mgr c Mr. c Ms. c Mrs. c Dr. c Other performance of this event impracticable or impossible. For purpose of this clause, a fortuitous event shall include, but not be limited to: war, fire, labour strike, extreme weather or other emergencies.First Name: Last Name: Programme Change Policy: Please note that speakers and topics were confirmed at the time of publishing; howeverJob Designation: Department: circumstances beyond the control of the organisers may necessitate substitutions, alterations or cancellations of the speakers and/ or topics. As such, AMG reserves the right to alter or modify theTelephone: + [ ][ ] Fax: + [ ][ ] advertised speakers and/or topics if necessary. Any substitutions or alterations will be updated on our web page as soon as possible.Email: Data Protection: Personal data is gathered in accordance to the Data Protection Act of 1984. Your data may be passed to other companies who wish to communicate with you offers related toCompany Name: your business activities. If you do not wish to receive these offers, please inform us by sending an email to Address:Promo Code (if any):Call +65 6844 2080 | Fax +65 6844 2060 | Email | Visit