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The monsters dinner, by Juan and Pablo (5ºA)


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Published in: Education
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The monsters dinner, by Juan and Pablo (5ºA)

  1. 1. Juan y Pablo 5ºA
  3. 3. This is Jack, he is a monster. One day Jack decides to invite his friends from Monsterland (Mummy, Frankestein and the witch) to have dinner in his house.
  4. 4. It was the day of dinner ; the mummy is late to the dinner, but Frankenstein is late too.
  5. 5. Mummy and Frankestein decide to call Jack and Jack goes to pick them up with his UFO.
  6. 6. Finally everyone arrives to the house and they can have a quiet dinner with tomatoes, mushrooms, sweetcorn salad, onions and lettuce.
  7. 7. THE END