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Hums p19 q2

  1. 1. Taichi Imai 10C<br />Question 1<br />At that time, a war started when Israel invaded Egypt. The war ended it for 10 days, win for Israel. This war was involved Frane and Britain, so it was more than Arab-Israel conflict. The war messaged to international importance in 1956.<br />Anthony Eden scared that Nasser was increasing Egypt’s independence. The new president of Egypt, Gamal Abdel Nasser who took power of Arab in 1950. He wanted to get Palestine back by win against Israel. He also wanted to unite the Arab under Egypt’s leadership. However, they needed to success these goals with wealth and armed strength. He had variety of ways to success his final goal. He talked to the British to give up their military on Suez Canal and he also talked with Kung Hussein to drop off his British support. And he also talked with many Arabs to not support the British military alliance between Egypt, Syria and Saudi Arabia.<br />Nasser wanted to have a new weapons, so he made an agreement with Czechoslovakia to give him new weapons, which were fighter planes, bombers, warships, guns and tanks. Czechoslovakia was member of USSR that means he could get any weapons secretly. <br />Czechoslovakia gave weapons to Nasser secretly, as a result it leaded to a Cold War, which against USA, Britain. As a result, USA and Britain cancelled loans that they had promised to Nasser for building a dam. A dam was very important for Nasser, because it cost 1,400 dollars so Britain and USA provided 70 dollars each. After the both of countries cancelled the project he tried to nationalize the Suez Canal Company. But Eden doesn't trust him at all. He thought he had a plan to get influence to get higher prestige by mounting revolutions of young officers in Arab states.<br />Finally, Anthony Eden worried about when Nasser will deny oil to Western Europe. Nasser wants to take revenge from Israel, because they loans against Israel in 1948 and Eden the British president does not want war. So they are against Nasser and plan to attack Nasser, but failed. The British cancelled their loan for the Aswan dam. It’s because they bought weapons from Czechoslovakia to attack Israel.<br />Question 2 <br />Eden could think the war is not going to be broken out, because after the war, his reputation increases as Arabs leader.<br />Much amount of oil is buried underground of the Middle East. Then it is the most important element thing to increase and keep the economy of the Western World. So if a war is going to be broken, every nation will join the war to protect their economy. <br />Eden doesn't need to feel feared about President Nasser’s plan, even USSR was going to involve in the Nasser’s plan. Because if there is a conflict caused by a involution from USSR, because the Western World could negotiate with USSR to not involve in the Middle East's society each other.<br />