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Front Cover Analysis

  1. 1. Analysis Of Magazine Front Covers
  3. 3. THE MASTHEAD THE HEADERThe masthead NME is in block FRONT COVER ANALYSIS The header provides information of content in the magazine and specialcapitals to catch to the information in the issue. The writingaudiences attention as the is in capital letters and in bold tomasthead is only 3 letters it is show its importance and catch thealigned to the left instead of audiences eye.being central this saves spaceso there can be more sell lines. THE SELL LINES/COVER LINESUSE OF A FLASHER The sell lines are in block capitals toThe use of a flasher is providing the audience show importance they are placedwith the latest and exciting news. The flasher next to the masthead so they will bestands out because the background of the one of the first things the audienceflasher is all in red and the background is will see when they pick up themainly white but the red colour still goes with magazine.the NME theme of white, red and black. THE MAIN IMAGEBACKGROUND The main image dominates the whole ofThe background is full of graffiti the cover and will definitely be the firstand is very colourful which is thing you see when looking at thistrying to represent Dizzee’s magazine. The shot of Dizzee is a longbusy life. shot and it is very chaotic because he is shown at a angle this can represent his hip hop background and also his busy life.USE OF A PULL QUOTE THE MAIN COVER LINEThe pull quote provides the audience withwhat the main article is about and why The main cover line is placed on top of theDizzee has been placed on the cover of the image showing that this weeks edition ismagazine this week. This also draws the Barcode- about Dizzeeaudience in and gives them a view of whatsin this week’s issue. date/issue/price THE FOOTER The barcode is placed in theRULE OF THIRDS The footer provides added information of corner of the magazine because itThe left third has been used for the is not the main attraction. The what else is in this weeks issue of date, issue and price are placedmasthead which has been NME,.this can also try and change the on the barcode. The barcode ispositioned there so there is the sell readers mind about buying the magazine if important for selling purposes oflines can be placed on the right. they are not satisfied by the cover or if the magazine producers and theAlso the left third has been mainly they are considering buying another shop selling the magazineused for information such as the pull magazine. because sales can be analysedquote and the flasher.
  4. 4. TARGET AUDIENCE OF THIS MAGAZINETarget audience Profile Methods used toThe magazines target audience is Attract Targetmainly trying to attract men between Audience17 and 30 but the average age of thetarget audience is 25. 73% of the Dizzee Rascal has been used on thereaders are male and 27% are cover because the magazine is tryingfemale. The magazine will try to to target a young audience betweentarget the younger generation of 17 and 30 and because he is a hippeople mainly aged between 17 and hop artist he has been used, also this30 this can The magazine is mainly magazine is trying to target men andtrying to attract people in the ABC1 so he is also suitable for that targetsocial class. The magazine is priced market. The use of a graffitiat £2.20 as this magazine targets background and the angled long shotthe ABC1 social class this is going to of Dizzee provides a hectic andbe an affordable price for them. messy cover which will leave the consumer confused and they will not know where to look. This gives the Key Facts magazine a jam-packed feeling so the consumer will feel they are Price - £2.20 getting a lot for there money. Frequency - Weekly Circulation - 56,284 Readership - 411,000 Launch Date -1952 Male - 73% Female - 27% Average Age - 25 ABC1- 73% Target Market - Men 17-30
  5. 5. Q MAGAZINE
  6. 6. FRONT COVER ANALYSIS THE MASTHEAD USE OF A FLASHER The masthead is very similar to The flasher provides added information the NME it is aligned to the left the colour blends in with the background colour masthead consists of 1 letter of the magazine the wording is coloured in Q because this is the name of black but some of it is in red to show it is the magazine the letter Q is important and exciting. coloured white so it can stand out on the red background. The sell line is trying to win readers THE MAIN IMAGE over from competing The main is dominating the magazine and magazines. will attract the audience very quickly . The shot used is close up shot and this shows the that the musician in the cover has BACKGROUND attitude. The background of the THE SELL magazine is white/silver colour it is quite plain so the cover lines LINES/COVER LINES and main image can stand out. The sell lines are placed around the domination cover image so they are also dominating to the audience. The sell line lines are coloured mainly in black and red so the audience can easily distinguish theUSE OF A PULL QUOTE magazine if viewing from a distance.The Pull Quote provides shock informationabout an artist or situation and is placed on Barcode-the cover for the audience so they date/issue/priceimmediately want to purchase the magazineand read the article. The pull quote also The barcode is placed in theprovides information on the main image and THE MAIN COVER LINE corner of the magazine because itthe readers can assemble a story from the is not the main attraction. The The cover line is large and gives a good date, issue and price are placedquote and the main image. insight into what this weeks issue is about on the barcode. The barcode is and also gives us information on what the important for selling purposes of image is trying to show us. the magazine producers and the shop selling the magazine because sales can be analysed
  8. 8. THE HEADER FRONT COVER ANALYSIS The header provides information ofTHE MASTHEAD content in the magazine and specialThe masthead Kerrang is information in the issue. The writingspread across the top of the is in capital letters and in bold tocover and stands out because show its importance and catch theit is in blocked capitals. The audiences eye. Two differentmasthead has a smashed colours have been used yellow andeffect giving the masthead a white which is the main colourelectrical guitar feel. The scheme of the magazine thisaudience will instantly know it highlights the main a Rock magazine. THE MAIN IMAGE The main image straight away gives theTHE SELL reader the genre of the magazine hisLINES/COVER LINES expression shows he has attitude and we stereotypically sense the genre is rock.The main sell line “back to blow your The image which is a medium shotmind” is in block capitals the sell line dominates the cover because his red shirtis slanted to they are bad and does not match the colour scheme of therebellious. The cover line above magazine which is white and yellow. The“Foo Fighters” is also in block main cover line is placed on top of himcapitals but is much bigger and which reads “Foo Fighters” we then cansuggests that the man in the main figure out that he is the lead singer.cover image is involved with thisband. Barcode-RULE OF THIRDS date/issue/priceThe right third of the magazine has The barcode is placed in themainly been used for the main THE FOOTER corner of the magazine because itimage and the left third has been is not the main attraction. Theused for information such as sell The footer provides added information of date, issue and price are placedlines which are trying to advertise what else is in this weeks issue of Kerrang on the barcode. The barcode isthe magazine and the 8 page it has been put in a list to show the important for selling purposes ofspecial which also tries and magazine has a lot of articles and material the magazine producers and thepersuades the audience to buy. to keep the reader occupied. shop selling the magazine because sales can be analysed