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Determiners-English Grammar


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This is a ppt on determiners. This ppt is of grade 7, prepared by K.Jaishika of class 7 studying in mount litera zee school.

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Determiners-English Grammar

  1. 1. Determiners Pre- determiners Central- determiners Post- determiners
  2. 2. Pre- determiners multipliers intensifiers Fractional expressions Central- determiners Articles Demonstrators Distributers Interrogatives Possessives Quantifiers Post- determiners Ordinal General ordinals
  3. 3.  Determiners are group of words that determine or limit the meaning of a noun phrase.  Many, much, some and few are indefinite determiners.  This, my, the and those are definite determiners.  No is a negative determiner.
  4. 4. Pre – determiners are those determiners that come in front of a determiner. This class of words includes multipliers like double, twice, four/five times, fractional expressions like one-third etc.; It also includes words both,
  5. 5. Two-thirds of the respondents reported that the work of the government was satisfactory. There is not much time left. All the members are welcome to this special show.
  6. 6. Central determiners are used before nouns. They include : Articles:- The indefinite article (a/an) and the definite article (the) are used as determiners. Example :- The pen he bought is black.
  7. 7.  Demonstrators :- Demonstratives point out the person or thing. Example :- I want to buy these books.  Possessives :- Possessives are those determiners that show someone’s possession. Example :- He told his father about it.
  8. 8.  Quantifiers:- Quantifiers are those determiners that give an indication of amount or quantity. Example:- Few cities retain their old-world charm.  Distributives:- Distributives are those determiners that show distribution. Example:- Every apartment has three bedrooms.
  9. 9.  Interrogatives :- Wh – determiners, what, whose, and which are used to ask questions. Example:- What style did u use in this hand writing?
  10. 10. Post determiners are used after central determiners in a noun phrase to make the reference more precise. They include:-
  11. 11. Cardinal numbers :- one, two, three etc… Example:- Can you distinguish yours from the other four?
  12. 12. Ordinal numbers :- first, second, third Example :- This is the third meeting in this month.
  13. 13. General ordinals :- Next, last, previous, several, subsequent, other, certain, further. Example:- I will meet the other people later.
  14. 14. a. 2 types b. 3 types c. 4 types d. 1 type
  15. 15. a. A b. An c. The d. All of the above e. None of these
  16. 16. a. One b. First c. Next d. One – fifth e. Both a and b f. None of the above
  17. 17. a. Each b. Every c. Either d. Neither e. All of the above f. None of the above
  18. 18. a. Pre – determiners b. Post determiners c. Central determiners d. None of the above