An Introduction to the Flash Platform


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An Introduction to the Flash Platform

  1. 1. An introduction to the flash platform Jeethu Karthik J PixelKraft Media Solutions
  2. 2. Agenda Rich Internet Applications RIA Development platforms Things to consider when building RIAs The Flash Platform Flash through the ages Flash Platform in your field Benefits of the Flash Platform Adobe Flex Flex Builder & Flex SDK Demo (Retrieve data from a REST based service and implement an application) Adobe AIR Resources
  3. 3. Rich Internet Applications Macromedia coined the term rich Internet application (RIA) back in 2002. RIAs combine the flexibility, responsiveness, and ease of use of desktop applications with the broad reach of the web. Rich Internet applications (RIAs) offer a rich, engaging experience that improves user satisfaction and increases productivity.
  4. 4. RIA Development platforms Flash/Flex/AIR Silverlight JavaFx OpenLazzlo AJAX
  5. 5. Things to consider when building RIAs Richness Reach Productivity
  6. 6. Things to consider when building RIAs Richness Do the clients include support for multimedia industry standards like H.264 video or Advanced Audio Coding (AAC)? Does the development framework include a rich set of user interface components? Is there support for managing large volume and real-time data?
  7. 7. Things to consider when building RIAs Reach Do all of your potential users have the required client technology? Does the technology allow you to develop solutions that consistently reach the browser and desktop across all major operating systems?
  8. 8. Things to consider when building RIAs Productivity Do the tools allow designers and developers to work together? Do the development frameworks allow for rapid development, testing, and deployment of applications? Is there a open community of designers and developers working with the technologies?
  9. 9. Flash through the ages 2003 2009 2008 2005 2007
  10. 10. The Flash Platform Flash, AIR, Flex, Flash Catalyst, Flash Media Server, Blaze DS
  11. 11. Flash Platform in your field Building enterprise applications Building applications on a SaaS platform Rich media/content delivery systems Websites/ Web applications
  12. 12. Benefits of the Flash Platform 99% user base. Flash player 9 has 99% user base. Flash player 10 has 56% user base. AIR has 10 million downloads. Familiarity with developers Complete integration with the creative suite.
  13. 13. Adobe Flex “ Adobe Flex is a complete, powerful application development solution for creating and delivering cross-platform rich Internet applications (RIAs) within the enterprise and across the web. It enables the creation of expressive and interactive web applications that can reach virtually anyone on any platform. ”
  14. 14. Jargon buster
  15. 15. How flex is different from flash?
  16. 16. How Flex works ? Flex will work with nearly any HTTP or socket based server: • ASCII text (POST,GET,REST Headers Supported) • XML (POST,GET,REST Headers Supported) • Server side languages: .NET, RUBY, PYTHON, JAVA, PHP, PERL, XML, etc • SOAP direct to the server • Binary AMF (Optimized data serialization format for remoting, paging) • Real-time exchange using 2 way push over XML Socket and Binary Socket.
  17. 17. How Flex works ?
  18. 18. Flex Builder Eclipse Plugin. Code hinting, debugging WYSIWYG Design view Memory and performance profilers Charting components, advanced datagrid. Testing Support
  19. 19. Flex Frameworks and Tools Development Framework Testing Building
  20. 20. Flex Frameworks and Tools - Development Flex Builder (Eclipse Plugin) Flex Beans (Net Beans Plugin) Amethyst Professional (Visual Studio Plugin) FlashDevelop (freeware) Or just code in Notepad and use the opensource Flex SDK
  21. 21. Flex Frameworks and Tools - Framework PureMVC Lightweight framework - based upon the classic Model, View and Controller concept. Cairngorm http://opensource.adobe. com/wiki/display/cairngorm/Cairngorm Lightweight micro-architecture - a collaboration of recognized design patterns Maté Mate is a tag-based, event-driven Flex framework.
  22. 22. Flex Frameworks and Tools - Testing FlexUnit (
  23. 23. Flex SDK Open source - Mozilla Public License, version 1.1 (MPL) Project hosted at
  24. 24. Demo Consume a REST based service (Y! BOSS) and implement an application.
  25. 25. Adobe AIR “The Adobe AIR runtime lets developers use proven web technologies to build rich Internet applications that run outside the browser on multiple operating systems.”
  26. 26. Developing AIR apps Cross OS Runtime Menuing Web developers can Online/Offline build desktop apps Chrome Control Supports: Flash, Flex, Local Storage HTML, JavaScript System Notifications OS Level APIs Auto Updates File I/O SQL Lite Database Native Windowing Its free !! Processes
  27. 27. AIR Demo
  28. 28. RIAs in action
  29. 29. Flex Builder Educational License Free Professional edition with Charting. Available for both students and teachers alike.
  30. 30. Resources & Links Flex Developer Network Skinning Component Explorer http://examples.adobe. com/flex3/componentexplorer/explorer.html Style Explorer http://examples.adobe. com/flex3/consulting/styleexplorer/Flex3StyleExplorer.html Charting Explorer html
  31. 31. Communities FlexCoders Group Flex India Chennai Flex User Group
  32. 32. Thank you