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Apexcon Brochure

  1. 1. Apex Info Consultancy Company Brochure Apex Info Consultancy is most organised "Placement Consulting – Company", engaged into Short – listing, Selecting & Positioning the candidates into client companies to ensure that the delivery of the profitable propositions for the client companies is achieved as per their workforce requirements. We have a dedicated staff working on head hunting of the right candidate for the right job. We are having our services rendered in Automobile, Engineering, Financial Services, Pharma, IT, BPO, Insurance, Medical, Infrastructure....by conducting pre-interview at our end to asses the core competency of the candidate. We help the the client companies to fulfill their requirements at the right time with exact match.
  2. 2. Our Vision & Mission To be one of the Most Preferred Consultants in the Country by the year 2016 & Overseas by 2025. The Vision shall be achieved through the application of Ethical, Transparent Business & Societal Principles.About Us & Our Services Having a Right Talent for The Right Job is a boon to the company. To maintain the equilibrium in the company, maintaining a right skill & attitude in the employee is a must. Apex Info Consultancy is a “Placement Consulting/ Recruitment – Company”, engaged into Short–listing, Selecting & Positioning the candidates into client companies to ensure that the delivery of the profitable propositions for the client companies is achieved as per their workforce requirements. We believe that today’s highly competitive & quality conscious business requirements have created a need to recruit manpower synchronizing with the actual business needs. Located with its registered office in Gulbarga - Karnataka (India). we have representations at Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune & Haridwar. Our team of experienced consultants, based in the above locations have diverse industry & Human Resource experience to judge the exact staffing requirement. We deal with Indian and Multi National Companies (MNC) from diverse sectors like Automobile, Engineering, Financial Services, IT & Software, Pharma, IT, BPO, Insurance, Medical, Infrastructure, Telecom, FMCG etc.Our Guiding Principles Following ethical business practices will pave way for a trusting professional relationship with clients. Delivering the requirements of the clients at the committed time & with quality consciousness will create a mutually beneficial & professional relationship with clients.
  3. 3. Only recruiting people without proper judgment, will put the things in ruin. This will lead to client as well as employee – dissatisfaction. This is achieved by using the diverse team strengths involved in the process.Strong Business Strong Professional & Commitment To Punctuality Teamwork Ethics Integrated Relationships Quality Service Our Approach We engage into the following four step process in helping client companies get their staffing requirements satisfied. Step I: Scanning the employment market & creating a repository of candidates & segregate them into the classes of Junior Management, Middle Management & Senior Management, depending upon the calibre of the candidate. This is done through our huge database available from diverse industries. Step II: Assessing the Staffing Requirement of the client through continuous interactions. Step III: Fulfilling the Staffing Requirement for the client company by selecting the candidate & ascertaining the job – fit as per the role requirement. Step IV: Continuous Interactions with client for satisfying further requirements Step 1: Step 2: Strong Business Ethics Assessing Staffing Requirements Of Client Step 3: Step 4: Fulfilling Staffing Continuous Interactions Requirements of Client With Client
  4. 4. Advantages Of Our Services We adhere to our SLA (Service Level Agreements) & our Business Ethics is our first priority. The Service Level Agreements shall be signed from both the sides for smooth execution of our Professional Understandings. Our diverse team strengths due to vast experience in Industry will ensure that the complete Recruitment – Cycle is taken care of. The Recruitment – Cycle consists of the entire span & process of the recruitment, viz: Scanning Market Assessing Customer’s Real Need Short listing, Selecting, Placing The Candidate Pre – Interviewing The Candidate In Your Company…. Continuous & Negotiating Salary (as required) Interactions For Further Requirements Our diverse team skills will serve as a good strength to help you in the entire Recruitment – Cycle. We can take up responsibility for providing permanent as well as your contractual staffing requirements. You will benefit from our strategy of providing you with a single – point – of – contact. This will avoid any confusions & ensure satisfaction with respect to all the processes of the Recruitment – Cycle.