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English language and communication


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Published in: Education, Technology
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English language and communication

  1. 1. Name : Sandip Murari Stream : BCA Sem : 2nd Roll : 38
  2. 2. Content Slide NO. Project Summary 4 What Is Communication 5 Why communication Is Needed 6 Communication In Various Fields 7 Technology 8 Communication And Technology 9 History 9 Development Of Technology 10 Mobile 11 WWW And Social Websites 12 Internet For Income And Education 13 TV And Media 14 Conclusion And Acknowledgement 15
  3. 3.  The project is about how the communication and technology is connected with each other. The world is now based on technology . The contribution of technology in today's world is immense. So we will discus on this project how communication and technology are depending on each other.
  4. 4.  " COMMUNICATION " , it is a "BIG" "LITTLE" word. Communication means the activity of conveying information between two or more . Communication needs sender, receiver and message and it is complete when receiver understands the message. All of us need communication with each other to stay alive . The used method may differ for different animals, some use expressions , some make noise to show their intension. As we have developed from apes to human we have started to use wordings instead of just noise.
  5. 5.  Communication is needed to convey our message to others. As we have grown up and developed ourselves, the world around us also has developed. We have been much cleverer and our needs and deeds have also grown up. In the past human used to just collect food, then they learned to grow them and used to exchange them with each other, but they soon came to know that everyone cant do the same job. Soon the money came to the market. As a result the new works have been created where from singing to teaching, every work can earn you money. Cant..
  6. 6. That's why the earning of a man is not limited to a few person nor a little area. Today we earn from a lot of fields, from many parts of the world and from many people. That's why the connectivity and communication are very important.  Communication is needed in all the aspects, education, business, service, friendship. Nothing can be grown up without communication.
  7. 7.  Technology is the base of modern day world. If we take a look around us we shall see that technology is surrounding us , moreover than not we shall not be able to walk a step without technology. Our life has been easier and prettier with the help of technology. Technology is helping us in many ways, in various fields, from doctor to education, from banking to connection, from fliets to trains and many more. Even the fighters are now taking the help of technology, for fighting, for planning. So, the blessings of technology in modern world is immeasurable.
  8. 8.  The level of technology is flying in modern day. The world today we are living in was a sort of dream world quite a years before. Since the technology was created the whole world started madly to develop it. And above all it has the biggest impact on communication world. Technology started to get involved with communication in the midst of 19th century when the telephone was created, after that all is story. All the mind blowing machines were being created line by line. The telephone helped the people to communicate with people from long distance, then the camera, then the video movies and projectors, the revolutionary creation, " The
  9. 9. Television ". Then media was created. As a result world wide communication was built.  As soon as the creation happened, the development started to take place. The scientists started to investigate how can the machine be developed, how can new features be given to it. Sooner than later they found the path also. Like they developed the phone, they make it smaller, the revolutionary part of mobile was getting wireless, the world started to move forward from then. Another thing was computer, day by day computer was being developed, was being made more easier, cheaper, compact, and now we get the pc, laptops, netbooks and now touchpads. And the computer technology came into play with the computer technology.
  10. 10.  Today the most common medium of communication is mobile phones. Almost all the people use mobile phones today. In the past when only land line was available ,lower middle class people could not afford to use phones. But the mobile phones have been very cheap, the connection also does cost much. It really has been very useful for the world, we can connect to anyone anytime immediately, if we want to inform someone immediately, we can do that easily.
  11. 11.  The World Wide Web has a big impact on modern day. Many websites have come up with many things. There are many search engines like google, yahoo where people can search about things what they want. Here people can have their own email address, just like mobile phone number every person has different email id ( like, two different persons cannot have same email-id. Through email id we can send important emails, files, pictures, documents, letters to each other. We can also get job letters through emails.
  12. 12. Many companies have created their own websites. They also put their adds on many other websites, people also get attracted to that adds. People also download songs, films from the internet. The most popular websites are now the social websites like facebook , google+, orkut, twitter, here they can talk with many friends, they also make some new friends here, here they can share their feelings, pictures with many in a very short time, they also get commented on their post, all in all they have fun in there. As it has been very popular new mobiles are also coming with the internet feature. It is all methods of communication.
  13. 13.  Internet has been greatly handful for education, especially distance education. With the help of internet students can get their lessons online whenever they want or need. It is very useful for the students who are involved in a job. It is also the viceversa. Students who are taking their education but need money, internet provides the opportunity to them to make some money. Some companies provide the opportunity to do the job online and submit their work via emails or so.
  14. 14.  The TV and the media have a big impact on the mindset of common people. TV is the greatest medium to communicate with the common people. The general men don’t have the direct information of the upper division people. They have to rely on the media. So, what the media says is believed by the common people. That’s why media has the power to prove someone bad or good even bads as goods and goods as bads. The multinational and international companies also take the help of media and TV to make their companies and products famous, and try to attract people. That’s why TV has been a great part in our day to day life.
  15. 15.  Day by day the world is changing, there is no comparison between the world of today and the world of 200 years before. The world is now based on the communication with the help of latest technology. The world is moving fast and we hope that new and more developed technology will come soon which will help in communication more and more.  I have come to know about many things while completing this project and I am really thankful to all the respected technical staffs and my teacher without whom my project would have been incomplete and imperfect.