Who Are Your SOUL Clients? How To Get Clear On Your Niche


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I know that you’re probably doing everything you’ve learned to do & your frustrated with trying to find your next Mr. or Ms. Right Client(s). I know that the idea of picking a “target market” makes you feel queasy. I know you want to help everyone, but dearest you know you can’t, and besides everyone is NOT your Soul-Client! Learn how to get clear on who they are.

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Who Are Your SOUL Clients? How To Get Clear On Your Niche

  1. 1. Who Are Your SOUL-Clients? How To Get Clear On Your Niche by JeeJee Saafir JeeJeeSaafir.com
  2. 2. What the heck is a Niche? Your niche is the combination of the people you serve, and the specific problem you solve for them. Niche = Who You Serve, and What You Do
  3. 3. You Don’t Have To Be Perfect While you don’t have to choose the “Perfect” niche this minute to start getting clients, you need to at least have some clarity around who you’re here to serve at the present time.
  4. 4. Problem With An Unclear Niche When you’re trying to appeal to everyone, and everyone is a potential client, you dilute your marketing message and no one really hears it. You don’t connect with their hearts and minds because you’re not speaking their language. Your communication is fuzzy and your signal isn’t clear.
  5. 5. Don’t Panic… Granted your niche may change a bit over the years but you don’t want to jump in and work with everybody with a frickin’ pulse. However… if you need to get your feet wet with a few “less than Prince Charming’s” at first, fine… but move on from that quickly, because…
  6. 6. Everyone Is NOT Your SOUL Client Would you just date random people all the time hoping one might be the one, or would you date people who have the qualities you’re seeking who could potentially end up being your soulmate? Being clear about the clients you want to work with is no different. Your SOUL clients do exist.
  7. 7. Are You Being Too General? Does your website or marketing materials say that you’re a Relationship Coach, Sexuality Coach, Life Coach, or even… All Of The Above and then some i.e., a Health Coach, Career Coach… I could go on! You’re wearin’ too many damn hats!
  8. 8. Being Too General Doesn’t Work If I was considering getting a Relationship Coach would I really be thinking, “Ooh here’s one, they’re a Relationship Coach and it looks like they’ll coach anyone, I’m having a relationship, SWEET… that means they can coach me, YES!” Yea, not so much!
  9. 9. It’s Beautiful, But Not Helpful Let’s say you’re a life coach. It’s wonderful that you to want to change people’s lives through your holistic approach. Wanting to help them create balance and fulfillment, but balance and fulfillment doesn’t really SELL. You won’t attract enough people to buy your services.
  10. 10. It’s Not Where Their Minds Are At People aren’t losing sleep at night worrying over finding balance and fulfillment (those may be backseat thoughts) but they aren’t at the forefront of their minds. It’s not what they’re hungering for. Good news is, when you give them what they THINK they want, they will usually get the things you know they need anyway.
  11. 11. What Do They REALLY Want? This is your job to find out. You need to uncover their biggest challenges, stuck points, pain in the ass problems, juicy dreams & deepest desires. You need to know their “Secret Psychology” But before you can tap into their hearts and minds you have to be clear on who you serve. Let’s look at the benefits.
  12. 12. The Benefits of Getting Clear on Your Niche • You’ll market less and make more money • You’ll know where your SOUL clients are hangin’ out (online and offline) • You’ll build visibility and credibility • Your coaching programs will be easier to create • You’ll get better at coaching much faster • You’ll be able to create marketing copy that really speaks to you’re ideal clients More…
  13. 13. More Benefits • You’ll be able to talk about “what you do” with greater confidence • You’ll be able to command higher fees • You’ll become an expert in your field • You’ll create multiple streams of income much easier • You’ll get more referrals • You’ll save time • You’ll have more fun because you “get them” and they “get you,” and dammit you just VIBE together.
  14. 14. Bottom Line When you specialize, you’ll grow your business much faster and in a way that feels good to you. You’re signal will be clear and strong about who you want to attract and that signal will go out and law of attraction will guide your perfect tribe to you and you to them.
  15. 15. Added Bonus Benefits of Being Clear • You’ll be energized • You’ll be excited about your work • You’ll be passionate about what you’re doing • You’ll do your best work • You’ll be eager to play with your SOUL Clients and they will benefit immensely And… • Your clients will become your biggest supporters and cheerleaders! WOOHOO!
  16. 16. Here’s One More Reason The top 10% of coaches with six figure incomes market to a specific group of people. The other 90% of coaches (many of whom are just being general) are making less than $20,000 annually. They may be fantastic at what they do, but they aren’t reaping the rewards they deserve.
  17. 17. Making Money Is Your Spiritual Birthright • You’re in this to share your gifts, • You’re in this to make a difference for others (clients, children, spouses, friends, causes you support, etc.) • You’re in this so you can live the abundant lifestyle you deserve (vacationing, eating great food, buying nice things, investing in new programs, etc.) • You’re in this to make a difference for yourself (to grow spiritually, mentally & financially) • You’re in this because your heart and spirit call you to it • You’re in this to HAVE FUN!! And… you should be paid beautifully!
  18. 18. How To Get Clear on Who You Serve 1. Look to your own life experiences. Consider what challenges and problems you’ve had in the past and have moved on from. Clients want to work with someone who has walked in their shoes. BUT…Don’t think you have to have a perfect life now or know every damn thing before you can help others. No one does. Life is always a continual work/play in progress.
  19. 19. Don’t Discount Who You Are Don’t discount your life experiences and personal stories in your marketing, it’s what clients want most. They want to know that you “get them” cause you’ve “been there.” You’ve walked in their shoes in one way or another. You’d be surprised how many coaches go through some of the same life/business hiccups at one time or another. You’re not alone.
  20. 20. How To Get Clear on Who You Serve cont… 2. Don’t paddle upstream, go with the flow Time to brainstorm: • Are there groups already investing to solve a particular challenge that you could specialize in? • Are their ideas or services already present within a group of people you’re considering? • Are they already investing money in the type of services you’re offering? Trying to change people’s minds in your marketing is like paddling upstream, get into the flow of the mindset that already exists.
  21. 21. How To Get Clear on Who You Serve cont… 3. Get clear on the things that you require in order to be fulfilled in your work. This might mean that you have a time requirement, such as not working on the weekends, or having set office hours. Do you hold to your hours for people in other time zones or countries, or do you work all hours of the day? Yikes! Use these and other factors to help you determine what, and with whom you want to connect. Be honest with yourself about what you want, you can have it your way, so don’t be afraid to be really specific.
  22. 22. “Niching” Mistake One mistake coaches make is not drilling down enough into their niche and then they find that the clients they are serving, or attempting to serve, are not a true energetic match for them. Can you say “headache.”
  23. 23. How To Get Clear on Who You Serve cont… 4. Get into action The only true way to know if you have a profitable niche you actually really LOVE is to TEST it out. Get out there and get a client or two! See how it feels, roll around in it for a little while. It’s like going on a few dates to see if you really like each other. See if it feels like a fit. And be yourself, be playful about it, and not so damn serious, sheesh! Seriously, nobody likes a desperate, phony baloney!
  24. 24. The Great News You don’t have to wait around until you have a website or a big list. You simply need to create a short program on your topic and tap into the opportunity to connect with your potential SOUL Clients. Hint: When I say “tap” I mean you don’t “find” the opportunity as much as you “become aware of it” and say yes to it.
  25. 25. The Great News Cont… Tip: Outlining your program, connecting with potential clients, and having conversations will tell you so much more about your potential niche than you could ever find out on your own.
  26. 26. Above All, Get Support It can be really hard trying to hone in on your perfect niche, especially if you’ve been struggling with it for a long time or you’ve been pretty resistant to making a choice. Get the support of a coach or mentor who can be your “fresh” eyes. Your “Hitch” of Niche Clarity
  27. 27. Why Is Getting Support Important? When you get support you’ll quickly move through the angst and confusion of choosing a niche, and you’ll finally be able to get to the fun part – workin’ your magic, doin’ your thing, for the people who love you and will pay you beautifully for it! And the added bonus of getting support is…
  28. 28. Why Is Getting Support Important Cont… Once you’ve got help to cut through the confusion and you’re able to make your niche clear to yourself, you’ll be freed up to use your mind and your energy to align yourself with success in this niche. You’ll have a clear purpose for yourself and your business, that will allow you to attract success with greater ease!
  29. 29. Your Next Step Get help cracking the code on your ideal niche with a Virtual VIP Day with Me Get the details here: Niche Marketing Breakthrough
  30. 30. Enjoyed this? Like & Share with friends and colleagues so they may benefit as well. We need thriving coaches like you. You thriving means you’re helping a lot more people. You rock! Visit me again at JeeJeeSaafir.com