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Sm Capabilities11 08

  1. 1. Strategic Marketing Capabilities 1. Marketing planning: includes a comprehensive marketing, advertising, public and community relations strategy, implementation schedule and line item budget. The marketing plan examines the competitive environment and advises detailed responses to both the competition and the market conditions in general. We strongly encourage that all companies participate in a strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats evaluation as part of the initial marketing development process. Strategic Marketing is experienced and available to conduct SWOT sessions for our clients. 2. Advertising: we are a full service advertising agency, which means we are skilled in media planning, both in the trade media and in the mass media. We also schedule, place, and track media schedules and confirm that the billing is correct and that the schedule runs as ordered. 3. Creative: we are experienced in the creation of all forms of advertising, including television, video and radio commercial production, print advertising, web design and implementation, and message development. 4. Public relations: our experience also encompasses development of news stories for submission to all forms of print and broadcast media, as well as the follow up required to obtain coverage in the media. 5. Trade shows: our firm has designed and executed numerous very effective trade show displays. Further, we handle the scheduling of shows, and work to get our clients on the agenda to speak at various venues. 6. Collateral materials: our services extend to the writing, design, layout, photography and all other elements required for the creation and production of brochures, flyers, mailers, hand outs, etc. 7. General consultation: we are available to consult with our clients on a regular basis and schedule both telephone conferences and face-to-face meetings for this purpose. In these meetings we cover what has been accomplished, plans in the works and work in progress. Further, we handle any marketing related concerns or issues raised by the client. 2289 Cornwall • Germantown, Tennessee• 38138 • 901.753.8441• Fax 901.753.5104
  2. 2. 8. Meeting and Planning Services: full service meeting and business event planning committed to finding solutions in the areas of team building, training, education and motivation. We do not engage in planning and producing purely social events such as parties and weddings. At the same time, when a business meeting calls for a social event as part of achieving the client’s overall goals, we are experienced with and happy to plan and execute such events. 9. Philosophy: our philosophy is to provide an extended, in-depth level of customer service and attention to each client. We act as your “marketing department” and stand ready to act on your behalf in any area that is communications related, even if the specific area is not covered in this overview of our services. Clients are provided with proofs of all materials prior to production for their approval/feedback/changes, and advertising schedules, quotes, etc. are implemented only upon client approval. 2289 Cornwall • Germantown, Tennessee• 38138 • 901.753.8441• Fax 901.753.5104