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About Me  My Name:  Jedalyn Brizo Salvador The Name I wish I had: Alicia My Top Nickname: Jeda My Birthday: December 28,1991
THE MEMBERS OF MY FAMILY Mom: Nelia B. Salvador 48 years old She is a businesswoman Motto: God is Good all the time Dad: J...
Siblings <ul>Mary Jannelle Salvador HRM from Lyceum of the Philippines manila  <li>Jo-anne Salvador </li></ul>Food Technol...
Automotive From Samson College of Science and Technology  </li></ul>
FAVORITES... <ul><li>COLOR:  rainbow
HANGOUTS:  mall,food stalls
GET UP:plain tee shirt pair with jeans and sneakers
FOODS: breads,takoyaki,fries, bake mac,taho,puto bumbong
MOVIES: marley and me,remember me,
ACTRESS HOLLYWOOD: Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston
ACTOR HOLLYWOOD: Brad pitt </li></ul>
I Absolutely love... <ul>Singers: beyonce,rihanna,alicia keys,ne-yo,lea salonga, sarah geronimo,kyla SONGS: christian song...
My Personality <ul><li>Good organizational skills
Neat & tidy
Strong work ethic
Materialistic tendencies
Conventional Respects authority
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Salvador all about me


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Salvador all about me

  1. 2. Jedalyn
  2. 3. About Me My Name: Jedalyn Brizo Salvador The Name I wish I had: Alicia My Top Nickname: Jeda My Birthday: December 28,1991
  3. 4. THE MEMBERS OF MY FAMILY Mom: Nelia B. Salvador 48 years old She is a businesswoman Motto: God is Good all the time Dad: Jose S. Salvador Jr. 50 years old He is a businessman Motto: no pain no gain
  4. 5. Siblings <ul>Mary Jannelle Salvador HRM from Lyceum of the Philippines manila <li>Jo-anne Salvador </li></ul>Food Technology and Nutrition from Technological University of the Philippines manila <ul><li>Baldwin Salvador
  5. 6. Automotive From Samson College of Science and Technology </li></ul>
  6. 7. FAVORITES... <ul><li>COLOR: rainbow
  7. 8. HANGOUTS: mall,food stalls
  8. 9. GET UP:plain tee shirt pair with jeans and sneakers
  9. 10. FOODS: breads,takoyaki,fries, bake mac,taho,puto bumbong
  10. 11. CARTOON CHARACTER: Spongebob
  11. 12. MOVIES: marley and me,remember me,
  12. 13. ACTRESS HOLLYWOOD: Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston
  13. 14. ACTOR HOLLYWOOD: Brad pitt </li></ul>
  14. 15. I Absolutely love... <ul>Singers: beyonce,rihanna,alicia keys,ne-yo,lea salonga, sarah geronimo,kyla SONGS: christian songs, rnb,pop,acoustic HOBBIES: surfing in the net, reading magazines Sports: basketball, badminton </ul>
  15. 16. My Personality <ul><li>Good organizational skills
  16. 17. Neat & tidy
  17. 18. Practical
  18. 19. Realistic
  19. 20. Strong work ethic
  20. 21. Materialistic tendencies
  21. 22. Conventional Respects authority
  22. 23. Egotism
  23. 24. Cruel taskmaster
  24. 25. Servility
  25. 26. Excessive perfectionism </li></ul>
  26. 27. Likes and Dislikes <ul>Simple food </ul>Antiques History Responsibility Not being pressured Unconditional love Privacy Elitism Family · Untidiness Disorder Being teased Familiarity Surprises New ideas & paths Loneliness Being useless Public embarrassment
  27. 28. In three Words I'd describe myself as.... Lives Loves Laughs
  28. 29. Hopes And Dreams
  29. 30. Dream Job My dream job would be to work at the United Nations. I would like to work there because I could work in a very multi-cultural environment and I would be allowed to travel a lot and experience many different types of countries and lifestyles
  30. 31. Dream Day A chronological compilation of places that, if I had tons of money to spend and a wide-open schedule, would make up my perfect day, in order from waking up to falling asleep (or most likely passing out): Morning coffee, Shop, Pamper, Lunch, Afternoon Coffee, Museum, Shop, Shop, Shop, Cocktails, Dinner, Dancing.
  31. 32. Most Recent Dream Businesswoman?! Until now, I have never thought about it. So, how can I answer that?. The choice of a career is always a hard task because our future depends on it. Being a famous businessman can be a good option, but in my opinion what really matters is liking what we do. Many teens are obsessed with their future and they are becoming more and more focused on their marks. Lots of them became a king of &quot;nerds&quot; and they quit everything to it. Socializing, playing, going out with friends, enjoying their lives, LIVING... That's all I want to avoid. Since I was a child I've always wanted to help other people in a way that nobody knows. Maybe, neither do I. But, like any other teen I'd like to follow a career that could give me prestige, security and money. That's why I'm working hard to get a job that suits my interests and make me feel fulfilled. Being a businessman must be an interesting and quite rewarding job, since I could earn lots of money, expand my horizons about the business world and also feel useful to the society. Indeed, I could help the country's development and create many jobs, as well. On the other hand, I wouldn't have much time for my family and I'd have to devote much of my time to my job, which could be quite stressful and even upsetting sometimes. But that's the price we've got to pay for success and it happens with all the good jobs, I think. Therefore, I'd say that every job is good if you really like it and if you feel fulfilled with it.
  32. 33. Weirdest Dream I have many weird dreams, the most memorable one: I dream t that I was thrown overboard from a Pirate ship with two of my friends. Then, the sea turned Red, and suddenly a red cloth floats over the top of the sea and attempts to smoother me and my friends. I told my friends to swim right to the edge of the cloth, where the rocks are, to grab some air. Then, I decided to fight the pirates in the pirate ship. I swam to the bottom of the ship, opened the Hatch, and climb into the ship. There Barbarossa was there (I was hooked on Pirates then), there I fought with him with the swords, I climb up the decks, and continued fighting… then, I almost lost the fight…. I grabbed two packs of Chinese Crackers on the deck, and then held onto the rope and fell into the sea…. and I passed my friends the crackers… Then my friends told me, to grab another few more, to save up on food… and I went up and fought my way again to grab the crackers…. i woke up…. finding the whole thing so silly.
  33. 34. Dream Superpower At first I wish to know my own future or change my past. However, life will be just very boring since you knew everything. So I just wish to have the power of releasing pain and suffering. I also want to stop my age and remain an 6TH grade student forever. ...AND.... SECOND wish that i had the super power of making all things right and keeping everyone happy Because like this nothing will go wrong in this world and there will be no sin too
  34. 35. Dream I'd like to have again I had an intense dream once when I was child. It was like Transformers. There was one white semi-truck that would hound us. He would yell at us that he would enjoy killing us. We couldn't do much because he was a freak in Transformer and would just obliterate us anyways. So the next day comes. And in my dream, I wake up hearing the sound of slightly mechanized amplified laughter. I run to the second story landing and look outside. This white Transformer (I'm assuming he was a Deception) opens his trailer (like the one that Optimus hauled around). There's a massive energy rail gun on it and blasts the house with it. He only hits the far, far side. It doesn't topple down, but there's enough for a good part to be exposed. I run down stairs and I hear gunshots as I'm doing so. My dad is shooting at the Deception There's another louder, deeper machine gun fire. My mom screams, only stops abruptly as a loud THUD comes from the Deception crushing my mom with his hand. This is all happening fast. I only manage to reach the middle of the stairs as a swipe of his hand rakes through the house, barely missing me. I duck naturally, and as his arm clears away, I jump down and he sticks his gun barrel on me and shoots me. It was so fun to have that dream. It always changed how the deception killed us, but the outcome was always the same. We all died as he laughed hysterically.
  35. 36. I wish that I have a... <ul>Collection of luxurious bags collection of luxury shoes I wish I have a robot to do all my task I wish I have a castle I wish I have a beautiful voice </ul>
  36. 37. I hate being teased about... I hate to tease me of being too tall , having a big hands and having a shoe size 9. because for me its too personal to make fun. (Nobody's perfect!)
  37. 38. Totally Embarrassing!! <ul>&quot;At our annual New Year's Eve party, we had a bunch of people spending the night, so my mom and I had to sleep in my sister's room. Well, I forgot that, and went into my room at around 4 a.m. and kissed someone on the cheek who I thought was my mom and said goodnight. That's when I realized I was in my room and was kissing one of my mom's friends who was a complete stranger to me! Of course she had to tell everyone when she woke up the next day! How embarrassing!&quot; </ul>
  38. 39. To make me laugh... Life is actually full of humor small practical jokes that don't hurt anyone are sweet to me.. Our house is one of laughter..when this is lost a great deal is lost.. Television does provide much humor of course..but for me real life humor is the best..often subtle ..sometimes missed..but so valuable... Laughter is a real tonic . . . to laugh literally lifts the spirits . . . many things make me laugh . . . I have laughed so hard that I have been in tears and thought I could laugh no more and then been taken beyond . . . you’ve heard of the phrase “wet yourself with laughter” . . . I’ll say no more! :wink: I find all sorts of things amusing . . . usually those things that I don’t see coming, rather than a joke with an obvious punchline . . . perhaps a comment that can be taken in a way that it was not originally intended . . . and I love comedy films. I often find that something tickles me so much I am giggling away for hours about the same thing! I think it is something to do with having a good imagination!
  39. 40. Motto: Life is not about finding your self!! ITS ABOUT CREATING YOUR SELF..