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The map is not the territory


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Explaining the clash between operations and project using the 7 personal levels

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The map is not the territory

  1. 1. “The map is not the territory” clashes within the IT Enterprise BARCAMP 2007 - December 1 - Great Minds Sync Alike
  2. 2. Introduction • • Independent Consultant • Projects & operations • Technical & Human Factor • Try to get the FUN back in working
  3. 3. But now for something completely different
  4. 4. But now for something completely different
  5. 5. Does this look like an ordinary day at work?
  6. 6. Is Operations blocking your project?
  7. 7. Have you tried different tactics?
  8. 8. Your ‘battle’ never seems too stop?
  9. 9. Sometimes it works
  10. 10. But you keep having major problems
  11. 11. It’s just a matter of time!
  12. 12. Your Developers
  13. 13. Your Operations
  14. 14. But now for something completely different
  15. 15. But now for something completely different
  16. 16. Experiment 1 • I need 3 volunteers to leave the room
  17. 17. Mission • Project: Sort my backpack • Deadline: 1 minute • No questions asked
  18. 18. Results • Same Mission • Different results
  19. 19. Example 2 • What do you see: • Old or young Lady?
  20. 20. Example 3 Project Company (Local) (Global)
  21. 21. Example 3 Project Company (Local) (Global)
  22. 22. How does this relate to YOUR organization?
  23. 23. Map versus Territory • Alfred Korzybski • Every person has its own view/map on reality • Every person = • Developers • Operations • Managers • Even Collegues
  24. 24. We Belgians are experts
  25. 25. What do we do now?
  26. 26. Neurological Levels • Robert Dilts • Neuro-Linguistic Programming • A model for behavior, learning and communication
  27. 27. Neuro-Logical Levels ✓What is my Intention? Vision ✓Who am I to be? Identity ✓What are my values? Values ✓What are my beliefs? Beliefs ✓What am I capable of? Skills ✓What am I able to do? Behavior ✓Where does it happen? Context
  28. 28. Corporate: Context Vision Identity “It’s not MY fault” Values •We need a new server Beliefs •My boss is stupid Skills •This place is a mess Behavior Context
  29. 29. Corporate: Behavior “I do something, but I don’t Vision know why” Identity •We always do it like this Values •Usually when I do this, it Beliefs works Skills •I just use it, i don’t know Behavior any details Context
  30. 30. Corporate: Skills Vision Identity “If I learn to do this Values better I will succeed” •certifications Beliefs •trainings Skills •people vs. technical Behavior Context
  31. 31. Corporate: Beliefs “I strongly believe that” •project success=on time •project success=on budget Vision •project success=no bugs Identity •other people are stupid Values •they will never change Beliefs •it will never happen Skills •there is nothing I can do Behavior Context
  32. 32. Corporate: Values “What do I value most” Vision •functionality Identity •stability Values •user friendly Beliefs •technological coolness Skills Behavior Context
  33. 33. Corporate: Identity We have multiple identities •family member Vision •employee Identity •coporate role Values Beliefs Skills Different per identity •As a father I value ... Behavior •As a manager I value ... Context
  34. 34. Solving problems ✓Solve problems at a higher level ✓Align actions at all levels Vision Identity ✓For technical people Values skills != identity Beliefs Skills ✓Good candidate != ∑ skill Behavior Context
  35. 35. So now you know
  36. 36. Enterprise Version The Game of the Enterprise 2.0 Features Managers Developers Operations So play a different game now.
  37. 37. Who will rule the company? Enterprise Version Battle with Operations Sink new Projects Remember! “The Map is not the territory”
  38. 38. Any Questions?
  39. 39. References • • • • •
  40. 40. Thank YOU!