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The future of Devops - Austin devopsdays 2013


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The future of Devops - Austin devopsdays 2013

  1. 1. The future of#devopsPatrick Debois - #devopsdays Austin 2013
  2. 2. I’m not gonna talk ...“Technology is a wordthat describes somethingthat doesnt work yet”Douglas Adams
  3. 3. Culture - Automation - Measurement - Sharing
  4. 4. Dateversion control FTW!#devops v0.1 ,v0.2 ,....(daily)
  5. 5. git commit -m “a bit of culture”
  6. 6. measure culture
  7. 7. Datedevopsstages of societies(primitive -> civilized)
  8. 8. Datedevopsthe future of humanity
  9. 9. the “origin” of speciesCharles Darwin
  10. 10. (the real) genes
  11. 11. (the real) memesA meme (pron.: /ˈmiːm/; meem) is "an idea,behavior, or style that spreads from person toperson within a cultureRichard Dawkins - The selfish Gene
  12. 12. (the real) memesA meme is a unit of cultural transmissionRichard Dawkins
  13. 13. Memeplexes comprise groups of memesthat replicate together and coadapt
  14. 14. 1.replication
  15. 15. 2.variation
  16. 16. 3.Adapt to changes
  17. 17. DEVOPS as a MEME(plex)
  18. 18. A #devopsmeme MapDevopsdays Ghent 200910 deploys a day -VelocityContinuous DeliveryDevops WeeklyDevops Cafémore devopsdaysnoopsmonitoringloveinfracodersCAMSKanbanOpsGartner451 group# devopscompanyacquisitionsrugged devopsPhoenix ProjectDevops cookbookantifragilityLean StartupAgileCloudCloudmore Deming4 steps to EpiphanyInfrastructure as codedevops is a scamopsschoolobama devopsitskepticmyopic devopslordcope blogpost “what is devops”hiring devopshangops@devopsboratchoose yourown adventurev-shaped peopleDevops CertificationTrademark attempt
  19. 19. TEMES = 3rd replicator- for technology
  20. 20. it behaves like a virus--that moves through a population,taking hold in each person it infects
  21. 21. parasites, whose presence lowers the fitness of their host;commensals, whose presence is neutral (though, as theetymology reminds us, they "share the same table");and mutualists, whose presence enhances the fitness of bothhost and guest
  22. 22. Drive Evolutionof (devops) ideasEncourage diversityCollaborationStrategic flexibility
  23. 23. share within your siloshare beyond your siloshare across your company
  24. 24. #devops branches aregoodfor diversity
  25. 25. Adapt #devopsto your contextor you might notsurvive