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Devops: The War is over - If you want it


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This presentation is the combination of the talks I gave at ScrumNL about using Scrum in Operations and the talk at Xpdays Benelux 2010.
It tries to highlight both the blurring lines between development operations. Both by the similarities in the tools being used, and the methodologies are used (Scrum, ITIL). It should not be fight about my methodology is better then yours, focus on the common things and work together.

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Devops: The War is over - If you want it

  1. Debois OPSDEV
  2. When I was a young developer
  3. I loved to develop simple applications
  4. I kept my own little server going
  5. Most of the time , the results were fine
  6. Sometimes the applications would crash and I didn’t really know why
  7. But overall my friends seemed to like my work
  8. I learned from the pro’s
  9. Read about software architecture
  10. I even got my Scrum certification
  11. Still I was experiencing the occasional problems
  12. I blamed the operations guys
  13. I decided to leave the cowboys
  14. And make plans of my own
  15. I really wanted to focus on the customer
  16. I had the developers use the coolest programming languages
  17. Use the best frameworks available
  18. We had the DBA’s take care of the database schemas
  19. Explained them that User Interface is important
  20. Up until now we had done only some manual checks.
  21. So we moved to unit tests
  22. Even Behavior Driven Development
  23. We were still experiencing problems with our application servers.
  24. We brought in bigger storage boxes
  25. gave the sysadmins the biggest servers
  26. created virtual machines to create different environments
  27. Used the cloud to solve some scalability problems
  28. Still the customer wasn’t happy
  29. And the IT department was firefighting all the time
  30. Then there was a complete power failure
  31. Nobody had checked the power installation
  32. Leaving the application in an unknown state
  33. Resulting again in a major outage
  34. Our small fixes would not help anymore
  35. All backups were corrupt because we could only backup properly when the application was down
  36. Luckily we had a cold Standby Backup
  37. Time to take a step back
  38. We worked hard on minimizing technical debt in our code
  39. We started to improve our deployment tools
  40. Put monitoring in our development and test environment
  41. Reused it in the production environment
  42. Implemented scaling from the ground up
  43. We made deployment reproducible
  44. Improved the way to collect metrics
  45. To offload some of the appservers we installed a caching system
  46. And loadbalancers solved the webserver scaling problem
  47. Content Delivery Networks
  48. Made our application security proof
  49. Comply to regulations
  50. Integrated backups on the application level
  51. Solved the multi-user problem problem
  52. For some know states We would automatically reset the system Self healing on our database
  53. So you want to be a great agile chef?
  54. Software Infrastructure Presentation Operations Testing Project #1 care for the whole lifecycle #2 look at it from a business perspective #3 work together as a team
  55. It’s not about the software It’s not about the hardware
  56. I like my servers, software steak well done
  57. IT Tooling is changing
  58. Virtualization • kvm • xen • solaris zones • vmware • virtualbox • ...
  59. Cloud showed us how to scale
  60. Abstraction API Adrian Cole @jclouds
  61. Platform as a Service
  62. Hudson as Service
  63. But who will manage your IAAS platform?
  64. First steps of Automation
  65. Cloning
  66. Virtual Sprawl
  67. Configuration Management Chef Pallet hugoduncan/pallet
  68. # tomcat.pp class tomcat { ! package { ! ! "java-1.6.0-sun-compat": ! ! ! ensure => "installed"; ! ! "tomcat6": ! ! ! require => [Package["java-1.6.0-sun-compat"], Package["ntc-tomcat-log4j"]], ! ! ! ensure => "installed"; ! ! "tomcat6-admin-webapps": ! ! ! ensure => "installed"; ! ! "log4j": ! ! ! ensure => "installed"; ! ! "tanukiwrapper": ! ! ! ensure => "installed"; ! ! "mysql-connector-java": ! ! ! ensure => "installed"; ! } ! file { ! ! "/etc/init.d/tomcat6": mode => "0755", owner => "root", group => "root", source => "puppet:///tomcat/tomcat6.init"; } ! user { ! ! "tomcat": ! ! ! ensure => "present", ! ! ! require => Package["tomcat6"]; ! } }! Infrastructure as code
  69. Model Driven Infrastructure
  70. John E.Vincent @lusis Definition of your infrastructure
  71. Version Control
  72. Reusable components
  73. Code/Server Smells Private!Playground The sysadmin uses the system as his toy playground, doesn't clean up. • /tmp & /var/tmp full of old install files • / full of files Gready!Server One server that does every function • combined mail and web and dns and fileshares • all users on the same system Root is the cause of all!evil • last show login all root • no sudo is activated • no sshd keys for logins • nfs share/root? • Chmod 777 • most processes run as root
  74. Sharing Recipes/Code
  75. Automation without tests is
  76. Lindsay Holmwood @auxesis Feature: It should be up And I should be able to search for things Scenario: Searching for things When I visit "" And I fill in "q" with "wikipedia" And I press "Google Search" Then I should see "" $ cucumber-nagios google.feature Critical: 0, Warning: 0, 4 okay | passed=4, failed=0 cucumber-nagios
  77. Lindsay Holmwood @auxesis Scenario: Checking /etc/passwd When I ssh to "" with the following credentials: | username | password | keyfile | | jacob | spifeofstrife | /home/jacob/.ssh/id_dsa | And I run "cat /etc/passwd" Then I should see "jacob" in the output cucumber-ssh
  78. Julian Simpson @builddoctor apache.feature Feature: In order to deploy my application As a systems administrator I want to know that the config files are legal Scenario: Valid Apache config Given a config file template apache2.conf in etc/apache2 When I generate it Then there should be a file called apache2.conf in etc/ap And it should be valid cucumber-apache
  79. Feature: cucumber-puppet In order to run my puppet manifest's test suite As an admin I want the cucumber-puppet gem installed Scenario: Install cucumber-puppet Given a node of class "cucumber-puppet" When I compile the catalog Then gem "cucumber-puppet" should be "installed" cucumber-puppet Nikolay Sturm @nistude
  80. Orchestration @ripienaar@damonedwards
  81. Vagrant Allows an easy way to use the production recipes in your own dev environment Mitchell Hashimoto @mitchellh
  82. IAAS and PAAS blurring Pull in both your recipes and your code
  83. Agile Infrastructure & Agile Sysadmin
  84. Comparing Agile and ITIL Agile ITIL
  85. Certifications
  86. Process Fundamentalism
  87. Manifesto’s for the world Meat Cloud Manifesto Agile Manifesto == Rules == On Infrastructure —————– There is one system, not a collection of systems. The desired state of the system should be a known quantity. The “known quantity” must be machine parseable. The actual state of the system must self-correct to the desired state. The only authoritative source for the actual state of the system is the system The entire system must be deployable using source media and text files. On Buying Software ——————- ..... James White Manifesto
  88. Truck Factor The number of people on your team who have to be hit with a truck before the project is in serious trouble The ability to take a random machine in your infrastructure , drop it from the 10th floor, and be able to restore your infrastructure to working within 5-10 minu 10th floor test
  89. Backlog of items • User Stories • Features • Tickets • Incidents • Problems
  90. Requirements • Login/Logout • Print order • CRUD order • Security • Capacity • Stability • Scalability Functional Non-Functional
  91. BusinessValue Ordered by the value gained Ordered by the value protected Increase Change Avoid Change
  92. Proxy Customers Service Manager Understand what the business wants
  93. Support the team Scrum Manager Service Delivery Manager
  94. Product Owner1 Ideally one product owner Product Owner2 Product Owner3 Development Team Project1 Project 2 Project 3 Operations ManagerScrum Master Operations Team
  95. Outsourcing Call Centers Outsourced Development
  96. Specialist & Generalists Rockstar Mentality Testers UI Designers Frontend Backend Analysts Security Network Storage Sysadmins
  97. Global Ownership It’s the javascript It’s the backend It’s the database It’s the network It’s the server It’s the storage
  98. Sprint Review Meeting Change Advisory Board Approve Changes
  99. Iterations & Flow
  100. Kanban
  101. 1day sprints Operations
  102. Sprint Velocity Service Levels Team Approved Estimate Improves over time Story Points Uptime 99%
  103. Continuous Improvement Lean Thinking Lean ITIL Lean Software Development
  104. Value Stream Mapping
  105. Technical waste
  106. What’s new? I know all that
  107. The map is not the territory Alfred Korzybski
  108. Systems Thinking Optimize the whole not just the individual parts
  109. People make it happen
  110. Culture & Mindset
  111. Collaboration Testers Analysts Developers Security Architects UI Designers Network Sysadmins not only when things go wrong
  112. No rock star mentality Mine are bigger then yours
  113. Craftsmanship
  114. Trust
  115. It’s about customer value
  116. Interesting Books
  117. Want to know more? #devops on twitter & irc devops googlegroup devops-toolchain googlegroup
  118. The End