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5 years of Devops - Devops in the enterprise - Serena Webinar


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This is a webinar done together with Serena where:
- I go through the history of devops
- I briefly explain the devops model
- I expand on enterprise tips

Published in: Engineering, Technology
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5 years of Devops - Devops in the enterprise - Serena Webinar

  1. 5 years of Devops Patrick Debois Thursday 28 August 14
  2. Organizer Since 2009 Europe Organizer 2010 First Europe Training 2010 Speaker Monitoring Chapter Technical Reviewer Co-Author Veewee / Sahara / Mccloud Freelance consultant Engineer Mass Interactions for Big Audiences Libvirt - Fog Blog: - Twitter: @patrickdebois - #devops Thursday 28 August 14
  3. devops for networks promise theory Devops cookbook A #devops meme Map devops enterprise hiring devops empathy obama devops hangops more Deming monitoringlove infracoders v-shaped people @devopsborat more devopsdays Devops Café Devops Certification Trademark attempt noops choose your own adventure Devops Weekly devops is a scam Devopsdays Ghent 2009 10 deploys a day - Velocity Continuous Delivery CAMS KanbanOps Gartner 451 group # devops company acquisitions rugged devops Phoenix Project antifragility Lean Startup Agile Infrastructure as code Cloud Cloud 4 steps to Epiphany opsschool itskeptic myopic devops lordcope blogpost “what is devops” in search of incertainty Thursday 28 August 14
  4. Devops Edition Thursday 28 August 14
  5. Devops Manifesto Devops Thursday 28 August 14
  6. Devops Methodology C.A.M.S. Thursday 28 August 14
  7. Area 1: Extend delivery to production DEV OPS Area 2: Extend operations feedback to project Area 4: Embed Operations knowledge into Project Area 3: Embed Project knowledge into Operations Thursday 28 August 14
  8. “Layers per Area” Think ‘tags’ of things you do in an area Tools Can you ‘technically’ do it Process Should you do it People Will you do it (culture) Area X Thursday 28 August 14
  9. “Area Maturity Level” a way to quantify your progress Thursday 28 August 14
  10. CMMI - Maturity Levels (Process centric) Initial Unpredictable poorly controlled and reactive Managed Focused on project, often and reactive Defined Focused on organization and proactive Quantitatively Managed Measured and controlled Optimizing Focus on Improvement Thursday 28 August 14
  11. Alternative Maturity Levels (cfr. Continuous Integration Model) Intro Using Source Control ... Novice Builds Triggered by Commit ... Intermediate Automated Deployment to Testing ... Advanced Automated Functional Testing ... Insane Continuous Deployment to Prod ... Thursday 28 August 14
  12. Name Area Provision dev/test and prod from the same src DEV delivery to Prod Embed Project knowledge Embed Operations knowledge feedback from Prod OPS Layer Tools Level Intro Practice: Use a configuration mangement system like chef/puppet to provision dev,test and prod from the same source Pattern: Automation, reuse of code Principles: By reusing the code it gets tested more && often more frequent/earlier feedback Thursday 28 August 14
  13. Different places where we can improve Production Dev, Test, QA Business EndUser Components (architecture) People (process) Andrew Schaefer Thursday 28 August 14
  14. Thursday 28 August 14
  15. Devops as Job Title Thursday 28 August 14
  16. Devops Certification Thursday 28 August 14
  17. A Devops Team Thursday 28 August 14
  18. Thursday 28 August 14
  19. Enterprise Devops Thursday 28 August 14
  20. VP of Devops Thursday 28 August 14
  21. Thursday 28 August 14
  22. devops Thursday 28 August 14
  23. Thursday 28 August 14
  24. 5th Anniversary - Ghent, Belgium - 27 & 28 October 2014 Thursday 28 August 14
  25. Questions? Thursday 28 August 14