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  1. 1. InnovatingSomething OldSomething NewSomething BorrowedSomething BlueJeff Eddings
  2. 2. Jeff Eddings Loves Innovating
  3. 3. Something Blue Something New Something OldSomething Borrowed
  4. 4. Something OldExisting Existing Innovation
  5. 5. Something New New Innovation
  6. 6. Something BorrowedExisting New Innovation
  7. 7. Something BlueWhatever FAIL
  8. 8. So what didI learn?
  9. 9. Two Kinds of Advice: Good and Free Do what matters Keep it simple Shorten the cycle Build for one, scale for one million Bring everyone to the table
  10. 10. Two Kinds of Advice: Good and Free Become an expert Hypothetical is the enemy of the actual Know your strengths, delegate your weaknesses Work hard at being lazy Hunches are good, data is better
  11. 11. Two Kinds of Advice: Good and Free Find your style and optimize Own it and solve it Climb a tree once in a while to see the forest Have the guts to say "no" When tossing, be both kind and ruthless
  12. 12.