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Preparing Used Concrete Equipment For Sale


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JED Alliance buys, renovates, and sells used concrete pumps and cement mixer trucks. In this presentation, they share key parts of their business processes. Whether you are in the market for buying concrete equipment to use or to resale, it is important to understand how to spot a quality machine that will hold its value.

Visit the JED Alliance blog at for more detailed information on refurbishing concrete pumps.

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Preparing Used Concrete Equipment For Sale

  1. 1. Purchasing, Refurbishing, and Marketing
  2. 2. JED Alliance Group Presentation
  3. 3.  Always in Demand  Cost and Capital Outlay Concerns in a Challenging Economy  Sole Proprietor Concrete Pumpers  Even for Mid-Size Concrete Pumping Companies in a Construction Project Upswing Often Seek Used Concrete Pumps or Trucks for Value and For Inexpensive Backup Equipment  High Quality Brands Hold Value:  Schwing, Putzmeister, Mayco, Reed  Mack
  4. 4.  Buy Used Concrete Pumps and Trucks that Have Remaining Life but Need Work  Lower Hours  Repairs Mostly Wearable Parts  Good Machine with Bad Paint  Buy Only High Quality Brands  Build Relationships with Customers and Prospective Customers Because They Could Become Suppliers of Used Equipment to Refurbish
  5. 5.  Develop Standard Inspection and Repair Checklists for all Types of Pumps and Mixer Trucks to Ensure a Thorough Renovation  Replace All Wearable Parts with New  Thoroughly Test all Systems of the Machine  Sandblast and Prime Pump or Truck Body  Refresh with Original Manufacturer Paint Color and Fresh Decals
  6. 6.  Accurately list the make, model, and style of pump  Pictures, Pictures, Pictures  Show off the new paint job  Show engine and gages up close  Demonstrate the mixer truck or concrete pump working in a video (Another example video is on the next slide!)  Provide a detailed description of the work completed and key information such as hours on the machine  Provide accurate contact information with 2 or 3 options like phone, email, and texting.
  7. 7.  Never make untrue claims and own up quickly to mistakes made in descriptions of the used equipment.  Customers are not always right, but you have to make them think they are!  Losing some profit on a sale where a mistake was made (by either side) usually pays off with future business and referrals….always keep the relationship in mind.
  8. 8. For examples of concrete equipment that sells well and listings that meet customer needs see our: • Used concrete pumps for sale • Used concrete mixer trucks for sale JED Alliance Group, Inc. 2441 Harbor Town Drive Kissimmee, FL 34744 US Phone: 321-251-4844