M.Tech energy-management


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In the face of an acute shortage of energy resources (both renewable and non-renewable) for the future generations and their inefficient utilization in the present, energy management has come into focus in a big way. Energy management is related to saving energy in businesses, PSUs and homes by the process of monitoring, controlling, and conserving energy.

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M.Tech energy-management

  1. 1. JECRC University OffersMaster of Technology Energy Management
  2. 2. JECRC FoundationThe Foundation is a leading education group with institutes forengineering, management and pure & applied sciences. These are: Jaipur Engineering College & Research Centre (JECRC) JECRC UDML College of Engineering (JECRC UDML) JECRC Business School Mahatma G dhi I i M h Gandhi Institute of A li d Sciences (MGIaS) f Applied S i (MGI S) JECRC University
  3. 3. About us and valuesA good university should empower people and disseminate knowledge by exploring whatthey don’t know; through passionate, dedicated teaching and innovative, world-changingresearch.We believe that the best universities and colleges are not just the privilege of elites but theyare instruments of social reforms providing access and opportunity of higher education to alland generate knowledge in less explored areas.Weve achieved success through our distinctive work which is characterised by the followingapproaches: An inclusive and accessible culture A personal, supportive experience for those who use our services A commitment to high quality, innovation and rigorous academic standards quality A belief that teaching and research are synergistic
  4. 4. R&D at JECRC FoundationMany projects sponsored by AICTE have been executedand a number of d b f projects are ongoing j i at JECRCFoundation. DST sponsored research projects of worthmore than rupees 1.25 crores are in progress at JECRCfoundation. Large number of students of JECRCfoundation are involved in the national level projects &research work. M t active research and d l h k Most ti h d development tcentre in the State.Recently executed p j y projects are: Model of wind energy generation Cable fault detection using GPS technique Design of solar car Design of solar inverter, etc.
  5. 5. Placements at JECRC
  6. 6. Highlights of JECRC University Advanced curriculum Outstanding research infrastructure Highly Hi hl qualified and experienced f lt members lifi d d i d faculty b Foreign collaborations Teaching assistantships for meritorious candidates Scholarships based on B Tech percentage B.Tech
  7. 7. Course curriculumM. Tech. in Energy ManagementThis course is designed to develop energy management skills and to solvethe problems of extracting, collecting and utilising energy resources tosatisfy human needs without disturbing the environment, as the demand ofenergy is increasing and resources are limited.After successful completion of this programme students of mechanical,electrical & civil engineering will be able to estimate energy consumptionpattern in the industry and commercial organisations involving energy auditand energy efficient designs for management of power consumption in suchorganisations. .
  8. 8. Infrastructure State-of-the-art laboratories Design builder & e-Quest building simulation tool MATLAB, AutoCad Rich departmental library IEEE, science-direct journals and periodicals
  9. 9. Future prospects Design and application engineering positions in hi-tech electricity transmission, distribution , generating engineering companies R&D positions in relevant organisations Doctoral programmes Academics industry
  10. 10. Career and Employability Civil & nuclear sector By IBEF, Indian nuclear capacity is expected to be strengthened by 3.8 GW between 2007 & 2012. An addition of 1200 MW is planned for next 5 years. Power transmission & distribution By 2013, the transmission network is expected to be about 60,000 circuit km with a potential demand for 6,30,000 transformers.
  11. 11. CollaborationsMoU signed between JECRC University and University ofAlabama for Exchange of faculty and staff Collaborative research work Joint conferences, workshops and meetings Twinning programmes
  12. 12. Admission process Entry requirement: Minimum 55% in related discipline (Direct/valid GATE score) Apply Online or Download Application Form pp y pp Application fee: Rs.1200 (Credit/Debit card or Demand draft in favor of ‘JECRC University payable at Jaipur) JECRC University’ Issue of admission offer letter: 4 days from application date Fee deposition: As per admission offer letter Tuition fee: Rs.1,00,000 per annum p y p payable in two installments
  13. 13. Scholarship Scholarship based on B.Tech percentage - 65% and above: 40% of tuition fee - 75% and above: 60% of tuition fee d bove: o u o ee - 85% and above: 80% of tuition fee - 90% and above: 100% of t iti fee d b f tuition f Teaching assistantship available for meritorious candidates (subject to performance in interview)
  14. 14. Contact Sandeep Sharma +91 94601 86306, +91 99826 82916 sandeepsharma.ee@jecrc.ac.in d h @j i