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Focused Sustainability Power Point Linkedin

  1. 1. Sustainability is Smart Business Copyright © 2012 Focused Sustainability Consulting Group
  2. 2. Focused Sustainability Consulting Group, LLC.We are Sustainability Experts. We work with organizations of all sizes and industries to evaluate and improve theinefficiencies associated with operational waste streams, energy and water usage. Copyright © 2012 Focused Sustainability Consulting Group
  3. 3. About Focused Sustainability Consulting Group, LLC Our Mission: Help organizations improve their bottom line and reduceenvironment impact through sustainability development and implementation Founded in 2005 Eco Partner with NH Sustainable Lodging and Restaurant Program Privately Held NH Businesses for Social Profitable Responsibility Sustainability Committee Member Copyright © 2012 Focused Sustainability Consulting Group
  4. 4. Sustainability-Definitions1987 Brundtland Commission:• “Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”2005 World Summit• [sustainability]…requires the reconciliation of environmental, social and economic demands - the "three pillars" of sustainability Copyright © 2012 Focused Sustainability Consulting Group
  5. 5. Three Pillars=Triple Bottom Line Social Environmental Economic People Planet Profit Fair and Minimize Turn liabilities beneficial environmental into assets business impact practices Streamline Life Cycle operations and Reciprocal Assessment of improverelationship with product productivity community and manufacture, society distribution and use Copyright © 2012 Focused Sustainability Consulting Group
  6. 6. Three Pillars-Necessary Integration Environment (planet) Social (people) Economic (efficiency/ profit) Copyright © 2012 Focused Sustainability Consulting Group
  7. 7. Sustainability Maturity Model Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 • Reactive • Managing Risk • Established • Integrated Strategy Strategy • Little or No • Control Direct Response Costs • Stakeholder • Competitive Collaboration Advantage • Heard or Thinking • Active Service About It Provider • “Operationalize” • Achieved TBL Management SustainabilityWhat stage is your company in? We can help you get there. Copyright © 2012 Focused Sustainability Consulting Group
  8. 8. Sustainability is a Business ImperativeRisk Management• Legal and Regulatory Compliance• Investor/Stakeholder ConfidenceOperational Efficiency• Streamline Business Process and Increase Productivity & EfficienciesCorporate Social Responsibility• Integrate the Three Pillars in everything we doBrand/Marketing• Enhance Brand Value• Top Line Value – Attract New Clients Copyright © 2012 Focused Sustainability Consulting Group
  9. 9. Our Process • Review your current operations • Assess current waste management practices & energy utilization • Identify operational inefficiencies and cost saving opportunities Assess • Establish benchmark of current costs • Develop action plan designed to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and promote sustainability • Provide a financial impact statement showing the projected savings and results of our proposed plan Develop • Leader/stakeholder buy-in and support • Implement action plan to control direct costsImplement • Monitor execution of action plan • Monthly Waste Savings Summary (WSS) showing actual results • Invoice and vendor managementMeasure • Cost-benefit analysis of future solutions and technology Copyright © 2012 Focused Sustainability Consulting Group
  10. 10. Sustainability Solutions Waste Consulting - System & Process Design Services• Operational Waste Stream Assessment• Optimize Efficiencies Throughout the Waste Management Handling Process – Enhance Recycling Programs to Offset Costs and Generate Revenue(s) Technologies• Solar/Wind/Waste to Energy (Gasification with Energy Recovery) Organics Recycling/Composting:• Both on and off site (potential heat recovery for on-site) Energy Efficiency Programs• Wholesale Power, Lighting Analysis, LED Lighting. Educational Based Programs in Waste Reduction, Composting and Recycling Systems• Training Workshops, Program Development & Implementation Sustainability Marketing• Internal marketing and communications Copyright © 2012 Focused Sustainability Consulting Group
  11. 11. Focused Sustainability ResultsOur waste management clients achieve an average of 40% reduction on monthly costs! Sustainability Savings Total Costs Before FS After FS Copyright © 2012 Focused Sustainability Consulting Group
  12. 12. What Our Clients Say We work with a variety of clients across a spectrum of industries including, but not limited to: healthcare, food processing, hospitality, manufacturing and distribution."As the Chief Operating Officer of a catalog distribution company, I am always striving to find ways to increase efficiencies while reducingcosts. In the twelve months since engaging Focused Sustainability Consulting Group, they have helped us divert over 66 tons of materialsaway from being land-filled into a revenue producing recycling stream. Our average gross monthly savings has been over 90% sincetheir assessment and subsequent recommendations and implementation. The entire experience has been seamless and nothing short ofprofessional- I would highly recommend Focused Sustainability Consulting Group to any organization looking to reduce costs and increaseefficiencies while reducing their environmental impact."COO- Catalog Distribution Company, Greater Boston AreaAs the Facilities and Safety Manager for a national brand food processing company, I am constantly looking for ways to reduce costs andour environmental impact. Focused Sustainability Consulting Group has helped us divert over 390 tons of materials into a revenueproducing recycling stream and out of landfills. The Cost-Avoidance component of redirecting these materials has saved us tens-of-thousands of dollars plus the positive environmental benefit of this diversion has helped our company move closer towards our goal tobecome more socially responsible! I would not hesitate to recommend Focused Sustainability Consulting Group.Facilities and Safety Manager-National Brand Food Processing Company, Boston, MA Copyright © 2012 Focused Sustainability Consulting Group
  13. 13. Sustainability is good business Contact info: John Clifford 603-686-5367 Copyright © 2012 Focused Sustainability Consulting Group