Digital Strategy 101

CEO at 10up
May. 6, 2012

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Digital Strategy 101

  1. Digital Strategy John Eckman @jeckman 1
  2. Who am I? • Digital Strategist at ISITE Design • Mythbuster at CMS Myth • Blogger (, • Founding Organizer, WordCamp Boston • Open Source Developer: WordPress, Drupal • Webmaster for the Boston Vegan Association • Volunteer at Design 4 Drupal, BarCamp Boston, PodCamp Boston, etc.
  3. What is Digital Strategy? “Helping organizations effectively leverage digital technology & apply (limited) resources to achieve their mission” 2
  4. Strategy • Goals • Audiences • Digital Channels • Resources
  5. Awareness • Of an issue? • Of your organization? Action • Contribute • Volunteer • Share Service • Direct • Indirect
  6. Audiences General Public • Segments • Local / National Volunteers / Donors • Current • Prospective Press • Professional photos-classic-knowing-your-audience-fail/ • Local / National Note: You probably have different goals with different audiences
  7. Digital Channels • Website • Social • Facebook • Twitter • ? • Mobile • Email How many can you sustain? Which help you meet goals?
  8. (Limited) Resources Money • Where will it be most effective to buy? • What can we simply not do ourselves? Time / People Knowledge
  9. Content Strategy • Content Inventory • Recency • Frequency • Clarity • Potential for Re-use • Message Hierarchy • Core messages • Tone / Voice • Creation / Curation • Editorial Calendar
  10. Responsive Design “an emergent discipline called ‘responsive architecture’ has begun asking how physical spaces can respond to the presence of people passing through them. . . . rather than creating immutable, unchanging spaces that define a particular experience, they suggest inhabitant and structure can—and should—mutually influence each other”
  11. Mobile First 1. Mobile is Exploding 2. Mobile Forces Focus 3. Mobile Extends Capabilities
  12. Analytics • How will you know if you are successful? • What data can be easily gathered which will show trends over time? everything-that-can-be-counted-counts/ Many organizations spend more time collected data than turning it into insight – don’t gather what you don’t use!
  13. Take-Aways 1. Your website is not a project 2. Focus is better than breadth 3. Build only what you can sustain 4. “Keep Everything” is not a content strategy 5. Optimize continuously 6. Crawl -> Walk -> Run -> Fly
  14. WordCamp Boston July 13, 14, 15th Boston University D4D Boston MIT Stata Site TBA June 30-July 1
  15. Questions & Answers John Eckman @jeckman

Editor's Notes

  1. Set goals, identify audiences, identify what digital channels you’ll use to address those audiences, and then look at what resources you have available.
  2. Goals – what are you trying to accomplish?Are you trying to raise awareness? Of a problem/issue? Of a solution? Of your organization’s way of providing a solution?Are you trying to solicit volunteers? Contributions? Are you trying to provide a service directly using digital channels, or does the digital just support your goals?
  3. Audiences – General Public? Local? Professionals? Prospect volunteers & contributors?To accomplish your goals, what audiences do you need to reach?What audiences are trying to find you today and may not know you exist?
  4. Digital Channels – web, social, email,
  5. Resources – they are limited.
  6. Campaigns, Goals, Segments – what’s the baseline against which you will measure?