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Chemistry of paint: Where does paint come from?


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Chemistry of paint: Where does paint come from?

Adaptable for High School or University level.

Deliver this short lecture midway through an "Intro to Painting" lesson.

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Chemistry of paint: Where does paint come from?

  1. 1. What’s inside this paint?What gives paint its color?
  2. 2. If you wanted to make your own paint, what would you need?
  3. 3. First, an ingredient to give the paint colour. This is called a pigment.
  4. 4. Some pigments start as minerals orgems, and are ground into powder. (This is true cobalt blue, which comes from an expensive gemstone in Africa. 4 oz. of cobalt powder costs $215 USD, or $250 SGD)
  5. 5. Some pigments start as rocks or clays. (This is burnt sienna, which comes from a certain soil in Italy. You bake it in a furnace, hence BURNT sienna, and you grind it up.)
  6. 6. Some pigments come from ground-upplants (or even juices from animals).(This is sap green, which comes from ripebuckthorn berries. Sap green is common, cheap,and has been around for hundreds of years.)
  7. 7. Some pigments are made in a laboratoryfrom chemicals. These are the newestpigments.(This is cadmium red, which comes from amixture of cadmium sulfide and cadmiumselenium. Scientists have been making thisartificial colour in labs since the 1920s.)
  8. 8. These pigments can make oil, acrylic,or watercolor paints, but they can also make pastels or colored pencils.
  9. 9. Also, these pigments are never exactly red, blue, or yellow.Instead, a pigment might be a dull reddish orange or a greyishblue-green, or a bright blue-violet.
  10. 10. Do you recognize any of the colours here?If you start with a few, you should be able to mix the rest.
  11. 11. So to make paints, the firstingredient you need is a pigment.
  12. 12. the first ingredient you need is a pigment The other ingredient you need is called a binder, or vehicle.
  13. 13. Linseed oil + Pigment = Oil paint
  14. 14. Acrylic Binder + Pigment = Acrylic paint
  15. 15. Review from last week: Do you remember the threedifferences between oil and acrylic paints?