Shetty significance and innovation


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Shetty Significance and Innovation

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Shetty significance and innovation

  1. 1. 12/11/2013 1 R-Grants|Significance & Innovation 1 WRITE TO EXCITE 2
  2. 2. 12/11/2013 2 .….. 1.5 pages Research Strategy • Significance WRITE .…… 0.5 pages .…… 10 pages EXCITE • Innovation • Approach 3 Significance InnovationProblem Solution • Going to the video store is a pain. People don't like traveling back and f h d h • Innovative video compression and streaming technology. TO EXCITE forth just to rent a movie and they hate paying late fees even more! • Impacts over 90 million Americans. • Dependent on store hours. • Expense. • 240 million Americans have broadband. • Consumer-Centric Game changer! • Asynchronous • ↓ Expense 4 • Large carbon footprint. • Alternate approaches are limited. • Mailing DVDs • Kiosks p • ↓ Carbon footprint • Cross-cutting potential. • Gaming • Social Media
  3. 3. 12/11/2013 3 Problem Solution • What is the problem? • Wh ? • What advance has happened to make l i i ll lik l What’s new and different about your solution? NIH Institute } TO EXCITE • Why is it important? • Whom does it impact? • Why are current approaches lacking? • What makes you feel you have a solution? your solution potentially likely to work? • What new enabling ideas or technologies does it use? • What unique resources have you NIH Institute  Focus} 5 • Why is your team qualified to solve the problem? • How will your work improve health through science? developed or have access to? • What is the value-add of your research? Writing the Significance Section. “Obesity is a growing problem in the United States, with much of the population overweight or obese……. • Level of detail will extend and validate TO EXCITE much of the population overweight or obese……. And estimates are that the problem will get worse ….. Obesity increases the risk for many problems……. extend and validate what was written in the Specific Aims section. • Provide a compelling 6 In poignant fact, what kills most obese patients is pneumococcal infection….. Provide a compelling narrative for a timely and important health problem. Principal Investigators Association |
  4. 4. 12/11/2013 4 Writing the Significance Section. • Hit significance hard by describing an approach In this application we describe an approach that will overcome the difficult challenges described above….. TO EXCITE describing an approach that will overcome current challenges. • Focus on how your work will cure the illness/ Indeed, preliminary data presented later in this application are strongly supportive that our approach will be successful…... 7 will cure the illness/ lessen its consequences/ prevent its sequelae. Principal Investigators Association | Writing the Significance Section. • Emphasize the Results from this study will be significant not only in TO EXCITE significance of the research in a broader context. • Describe the positive advancing the development of new generations of treatments for ….. , but also will provide fundamental new knowledge regarding the nature of ……. Viewed through the prism of the “Research Impact 8 impact your research will have. Principal Investigators Association | g p p Framework” (Kuruvilla et al. 2006), our research has the potential for ……..
  5. 5. 12/11/2013 5 Writing the Innovation Section. k h “This work is innovative because it will characterize the microparticles in plasma of pregnant women in a rigorous TO EXCITE Do not make the reviewer guess where the novelty is, and do not be afraid to use the word “innovative.” way that will lead to new methods to diagnose abnormal pregnancies.” “An innovative combination of multi-disciplinary expertise ….. that will lead to new transdisciplinary solutions”. “The proposed study is distinctive in its ability to test a 9 p p y y singular cohort of individuals after …….. and collect longitudinal clinical, physiological and biomarker data in a sample also at risk for the development of …...” Writing the Innovation Section. An invention is the creation of something new It’s only when an TO EXCITE An invention is the creation of something new. It s only when an invention becomes valuable or useful to others that it becomes an innovation. Innovation is all about creating VALUE. R Robert Buhrke 10
  6. 6. 12/11/2013 6 Significance + Innovation ≠ Impact • Significance = importance of a project if every specific aim were completed successfully TO EXCITE completed successfully. • Impact = What is the likelihood that this project conducted by these investigators in their environment, with this level of innovation and the proposed approaches, will have a sustained 11 and powerful influence on the field? (Significance + Innovation + Can they actually do it + Are they the right p p people to do it?) IT’S ALL ABUT ALL ABOUT IMPACT 12
  7. 7. 12/11/2013 7 Questions?