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Dubinnet k to r (Dec 2013)


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Dubinnet k to r (Dec 2013)

  1. 1. Steven Dubinett, MD Director, Clinical and Translational Science Institute Associate Vice Chancellor and Senior Associate Dean, Translational Research K to R workshop December 12, 2013 1   UCLA CTSI Clinical and Translational Science Institute
  2. 2. NIH CTSA Consortium
  3. 3. UCLA CTSI Governance ASSOCIATE DIRECTORS MATERNAL & CHILD HEALTH EVAL & TRACKING BIOSTAT PILOT INFORMATICS COMMUNITY CLINICAL RESEARCH INVESTIGATOR SERVICES TECHNOLOGY CORES EDUCATION & CAREER DEVELOPMENT Program Area Leaders Internal Advisory Board (IAB) A.E. Washington J.S. Economou Chancellor, UCLA G. Block Institutional Steering Committee (ISC) External Advisory Board (EAB) National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) CTSI Program Director Associate Vice Chancellor S. Dubinett 3  
  4. 4. 4   1.  Clinical and Community Research Resources 2.  Biomedical Informatics Program 3.  Community Engagement in Research Program 4.  Pilot Translational and Clinical Studies Programs 5.  Research Education and Career Development Program 6.  Biostatistics and Computational Biology Program 7.  Center for Translational Technologies 8.  Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health 9.  Regulatory Knowledge, Industry Relations and Research Ethics Program 10.  Evaluation & Tracking Program Areas
  5. 5. 5   •  For highly qualified, new investigators conducting interdisciplinary and translational research •  Supports research and career development across the spectrum of translational science •  UCLA CTSI institutions (CDU, Cedars-Sinai, Harbor-UCLA, and UCLA Westwood) are invited to apply •  Up to $75,000 from the CTSI up to a maximum of 12 months (Recipients may receive funding until receipt of an NIH R01 grant) •  This award requires an equal amount of matching funds from their home institution(s)/departments(s) –  Example: if an investigator is requesting $75K from the CTSI, his/her home department must also contribute $75K for a total award of $150K. •  Note: this program is limited to New Investigator R01 submissions that are likely to be funded during the next year. Applications to other funding mechanisms are not eligible. •  Applications anticipated to be due in February 2014 Questions? Contact Lisa Chan, Coming Soon: R Bridge Grant