Economic empowerment of Muslims (beyond Sachar)


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This was presented at the Two Circles's - TCN annual award ceremony that was held on December 17th, 2011 at Hotel Taj President, Mumbai, India

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Economic empowerment of Muslims (beyond Sachar)

  1. 1. Threshold IndiaFor life, liberty and pursuit of entrepreneurship Presented at: Towards economic empowerment of Muslims (Beyond Sachar) Hotel Taj President, Cuff Parade, Mumbai December 17th, 2011 Shahid Parvez Sayed, MBA, MSCE (USA) Email:
  2. 2. What is Threshold India?Threshold India on youtube:
  3. 3. The Muslim Story• MJ Akbar says Allah has assured the survival of Muslims by either giving them Oil or a majority Hindu population• Examples: The Indian constitution, Democracy, and recently Sachar Committee• Time to look beyond reservations• Example: Let’s accept: Without the Hindus there would not have been a functioning democracy in India, however corrupted it may be.
  4. 4. Who we are?• Piyul Mukherjee – Entrepreneur and philanthropist• Pia Verbic - Market Research entrepreneur from Denmark• Rashmi Bansal – Best selling author• Dipti Panchmatia – Entrepreneur• Manoj Nayak - Entrepreneur• Shahid Sayed – Entrepreneur• (Ps: Notice something amiss? How many Muslims in the list?)
  5. 5. What we try to do• Inculcate a culture of curiosity aka entrepreneurship• Get in touch with your God Gifted Talents• Display Ethical behavior at all times• No Lemmings allowed• Give permission to Fail• Encourage teamwork• Follow family schedules while participating in our programs – no rebellion here
  6. 6. Experiences so far…• The Good: Mostly with students• Example: (a few student businesses grew out of TI workshops)• The Bad: Mostly with administrators• (Example: Could you bring Shabana Azmi as the chief guest?(Bollywood freaks are in plenty)• The Ugly: Banias masquerading as administrators / “Poorane Chawal”!• Example: (Anna Hazare would love this Principal of a College who demanded money for giving me permission)
  7. 7. Let’s Face it…5 ways to make money!• Inherit• Win a lottery• Be a renowned artist• Marry a rich spouse• Start a business• (Ps: In our youth we are so idiots, that we don’t think marrying a rich spouse is even an option!!) 
  8. 8. Required…• Entrepreneurial eco-system• Culture of Curiosity (COC) and ijtihad• Volunteerism• A facility with computer rooms, conference rooms and library devoted entirely for business• Some pro bono attorneys for licensing and registration requirements• The brave hearts
  9. 9. And off course Money?• Many routes• VC Funds• No interest Govt. loans• Friends and Family• Qarze Hasna
  10. 10. The hurdles…• Self imposed poverty• (Example: Delay in having Sharia compliant stock trading in India – missed opportunities)• Allah hates rich people• (Listen to some speakers and you will develop hatred for your taxes paid bank balance + a lingering guilty feeling)• The Mughal Mindset• (Example: Days and Nights in Muslim mohallah – Aurengzeb still rules Dilli. Their day begins at 1 in the afternoon and ends past mid night. Mughal Durbar used to start at the almost the same time….
  11. 11. Its been a pleasure – Thank You!